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Topic: Bondservant

Episode Topic Audio

Breaking Chains: Where does it talk in the Bible about breaking chains & becoming free from sin such as addictions?

Complaints about Christianity: Do you love everything dealing w/ Christianity?

Slave or Friend: Are we a slave or a friend of Jesus?

Slavery Good or Bad: Was slavery good or bad in the Bible? Caller discusses again her view about how bad she feels slavery is. (follow up)

Slavery: (followup) slavery was actually a good thing in old times, & God or Bible writers refer to terms of slavery all the time, like being a slave to righteousness.

Slavery: (followup) A discussion about slavery. (audio is not very good.)

Slavery: Why didn't God just say slavery was evil? (cont after break)

Slaves & Servants: Is there a difference between Slaves & Servants? Were they really any slaves in jesus' time?

Claiming Jesus' Power: Bill Johnson, in his book, "When Heaven Invades Earth", says that Jesus performed the miracles by being in right communion w/ God, not because He WAS God, & since there's no cancer in heaven we can say no cancer down here as well, & what does it mean that He emptied Himself? [Philippians 2:5-8]

Slavery: Slavery in the New Testament was different, more positive, than what we think as slavery today, isn't that right? Indentured servitude [Matthew 6:24, Luke 6:13]

Never in Bondage to any man: What did the Jews mean when they told Jesus that they were never in bondage? [John 8:33]

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant: What was the purpose of the Parable about the Unforgiven Servant?

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