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Topic: Samaria (Samaritan)

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Calling Jesus a Samaritan: What was meant, and was there anything behind it, when they called Jesus a Samaritan? [John 8].

Samaritans as a Rejected People: Since the Jewish race was never really pure, why were the Samaritans so disrespected because of the lack of their pureness? [John 4].
Communion-Refraining from Participating: Regarding "open" or "closed" communion, If one knows that some are in serious doctrinal error, should they continue to take communion with them?

Samaritan Pentateuch & Evidence for Faith: Caller suggest Haley's handbook for information about the Samaritan's Pentateuch and responds to previous caller who is doubting his faith.

Samaritan's Only Had the Pentateuch: Did the Samaritan's only have access to the Pentateuch? [John 4]

The Good Samaritan: I'm going through a program called, "Rooted" w/ my church, & we are currently studying about the Good Samaritan, & they are saying that the person who was left behind was a Jew. Is there any more sources that says that it was?

The Samaritan Text & the Dead Sea Scrolls: Is the Samaritan Text even real & did it proceed the dead sea scrolls?

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