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Topic: Gospel of Philip

Episode Topic Audio

Jesus & Mary Having Children: Could you tell me about Mary Magdalene and Jesus having children?

Philip's transport: What do you think about the story of Philip being transported to another location in the story of he and the Ethiopian eunuch? [Acts 8:26].

Phillips: Was there more than one Phillip? [John 1, Acts 6]

Awesome Radio Show: Your view is out of the box! I've never heard someone like you on the radio!
Philip: Was Philip one of the original 12 apostles? Why couldn't the Holy Spirit come as a result of Philip's work? Why did he have to call on some of the original 12 apostles in order for the Holy Spirit to move? [Acts 8]

Transported Body or Out-of-Body Experiences: The Holy Spirit transported Philip? or Out of body experiences of Paul. [Acts 8, 2 Corinthians 12:1-4]

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