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Topic: Allah

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God Hears the Prayers of Muslims: Does God hear the prayers of the Muslims? [Acts 17:23].

Same God (Allah) for Muslims & Christians: What do you think of this premise; the God that Christians pray to, is the same God that Muslims pray to? [John 8:54].

666 & Allah: Are you familiar with the idea that the 666 refers to Allah?

Allah: Allah or the unknown god. Islam & Muslim.

Allah: Allah being God.

Unknown Name: Ignorantly worshipping an unknown God. [Acts 17]
The Man Job: Was Job a righteous man? If he was, what was he repenting for? [Job 42:3-6]

Allah: Who is Allah? Is he/He the same God?

Arabic God Allah (followup): Caller wanted to followup w/ what he had just heard about Allah.

Islam, Allah, & Muhammed: Knowing how to respond to Islam & calling God Allah, & Muhammed picking that one because of the worship of "moon gods". What is Steve's take on that comment?

The Remnant: Only a Remnant will be saved, not an ethnic group, including Israel.
Allah: Caller comments on the name "Allah", that it applied to God. For a long time Allah was a name for God, Theos, but now it is used as the Arabic name for God. But the English word for God is pagan, which means, "pouring out libations".
Taking up your Cross daily: Trying to explain the analogy of plucking out your eye & cutting off your arm, taking up your cross daily just means the spiritual issues are the most important to do, to follow the narrow path daily. But doesn't "entering into life" mean entering into it now? [Matthew 16:24, 18:8-9]

Allah: Does the name "Allah" mean, "submission"?

Jesus' Name is Yeshua: A Messianic Jew minister told the caller that the name "Jesus" is useless, that He needed to be called "Yeshua".
Jesus being Allah in Africa: Jesus not being the Son of God in African countries but is just called, "Allah", has Steve heard anything about this?

Elohim - Elohiym: Is the word "Elohim" plural, & is it referring to the Trinity?
Shama: The Lord God is one & your God alone, can you explain this about? He's only one? [Deuteronomy 6:4, 1 Corinthians 8:5]
Allah: Is the word, "Allah" referring to the same God as the Judeo-Christian God?
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