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Topic: Gnostic Gospels

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Elisha & the Children Eaten by Bears: Would you talk about the children who were eaten by the bears because they were making fun of Elisha? [2 Kings 2:23-25].
John Addressing Gnostics or Christians in 1 John: Who was John addressing in the first epistle of John? [1 John 1:9, I John 3:14, I John 2:12-14, I John 2:7].

Gnosticism: Why are Gnostics considered heretics?

Gnostic Gospels of Thomas & Jasher: What is the background and relevance of the Gospels of Thomas & Jasher? How does one contrast them to our accepted gospels?

Gnosticism: Were the Gnostic Gospels around at the same time as New Testament writers (1st century)?
Defining "Sin": Can you offer fuller meaning to the word and concept of "sin"? [Romans 3:23, Romans 7, Romans 8:2]

Gnostic Gospels: what is the Gnostic gospel?
Epistle of Barnabus: What is the gospel (actually epistle) of Barnabus?

Apocrypha: The Books of Jasher & Thomas, how come they are not in the Bible?

Gnostic Gospels: What are the Gnostic Gospels & why are they not included in the New Testament?

Book of Enoch: Is the Book of Enoch of today the same book that is mentioned in the bible? Is it dangerous to read? Is it true?

Jesus & Reincarnation: Didn't Jesus seem to teach re-incarnation? [Galatians 6:7-8]
Book of Enoch: How are the other books any different? Caller doesn't think it should've been taken out, & it's a good source to prove that Reincarnation & Karma is taught in the Bible.
Gnostic Gospels, Gospel of Thomas or Magdalene: What about all these other Gnostic gospels such as the Gospel of Thomas & Mary Magdalene?

Canonicity of Scripture & Peter: Do you believe Peter wrote the 2nd epistle of Peter?
The Nag Hammadi Library - Chenoboskion Manuscripts: Was this just a collection gnostic books or books of the Bible also?
James & Jude & Hebrews: Authorship of James, Jude & Hebrews, & how do we know to accept those books?

Gnostic Gospels - Gospel of Thomas: A lengthy discussion about the Gnostics gospels, inspired by a previous call.
Dead Sea Scrolls: What about the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Gnostic Gospels: Caller has people telling him that he needs to believe in the gnostic gospels. What does Steve think about them?

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