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Topic: Murray (Arnold)

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Baptism: Can Christians baptize one another? And what scripture can I use at a ceremony? [Acts 8:26-40]
Annihilation in Hell: What do you think of Arnold Murray's teaching about annihilation in hell?

Cults & Arnold Murray, Shepherd's Chapel: What do you think about the ministry of Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel (Modalism or Oneness, Serpent Seed doctrine)? What is a cult?

Apologetics: What does apologetics mean?
Dispensationalism: What does Dispensationalism mean?
Second Earth Age: What does Arnold Murray mean by the second earth age?

Serpent Seed Doctrine: I heard that Cain & Abel were twins, that Cain was conceived by Satan, that Abel was conceived by Adam, & that Cain's race made it on to the Noah's Ark.

Serpent Seed Doctrine, Arnold Murray: People w/ strange doctrine, & yet they seem so right on in some places, & make their patrons fall for them.

Serpent Seed Doctrine: There are 2 seeds, a seed of God, or a seed of the devil, Jacob have I loved & Esau have I hated. [Matthew 13:38 Romans 9:13].

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