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Topic: Concubines

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Queen Esther Pleased King Ahasuerus: What does it mean when scripture indicates that that Ahasuerus was "pleased" most by Esther in comparing the candidates (concubines) for queen? Does it mean he had sex with all of them? [Esther 2:9].

Method of Baptism: Is there only a certain way Baptism should be done?
Abraham's Sons: How was able to have more sons after Isaac if it was such a miracle to have Isaac?

Concubines: Why did they allow concubines in the Old Testament? [Genesis 16:2].

Concubines: Why did God allow for concubines? [Genesis 36:12, Acts 17:30].
Genealogies in the Bible: Why do translators include all the genealogies in the Bible?

Abraham & Keturah: How old was Keturah? She was called a concubine. Was the miracle for Abraham & Sarah also about rejuvenation of their bodies? [Genesis 21, I Chronicles 1:32]

Narrow Path Lectures missing in Genesis: There seems to be some missing chapters being talked about in Genesis.
Solomon & His 700 wives & 300 Concubines: Why did Solomon have concubines in the Bible? Was the purpose of a concubine for childbearing?

Polygamy: Why did God allow polygamy in the Old Testament?

After Death: Where do you go after you die?
Dismembering a Body: Why did the husband dismember one of his concubines body & send it to different places after she was gang-raped & killed? [Judges 19:24]

Polygamy & Concubines: Was polygamy & concubines encouraged in the Old Testament?

Vashti of Esther: Concerning Vashti of Esther, what happens to divorced queens?

"Jacob Have I loved, but Esau have I Hated": If God can hate Esau, why can't we hate people? [Malachi 1:2-3, Romans 9:13]
Solomon: Why is Solomon in the Bible since he had so many concubines?

King David - Polygamy: The other day caller heard Steve saying how there was no commandment against Polygamy in the Old Testament, but he cites this passage [Deuteronomy 17:16-17]

Polygamy: Comment about the call about polygamy that had happened recently, & Jacob was never called a polygamous.

King David's Concubines: Did David have concubines & if he did isn't that adultery? So how come he's not considered an adulterous?

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