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Topic: Workplace

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Business as Ministry: Is my business really my ministry, or have I just missed God's calling? [Proverbs 16:11].

Jesus Confronting Sinners: Do you think that Jesus would have confronted and corrected sinners when they were being inappropriate, or would He have removed Himself from them? [John 3:16-17, I Corinthians 5:12].

Pastors receiving a Salary: Should pastors receive a salary? [Matthew 10]

Monetary Tips: Is it godly to give tips in restaurants?

LGBT/Homosexuality: Concerned about losing her job for not affirming LGBT at the school she works at.

Vocational Guidance: How do I know what career God is calling me to?

Vocational or NonVocational Pastors: Should pastors have a 9-5 job in addition to their pastoral duties?

Becoming Financially Independent: Providing for one's household. [Matthew 6:19-33, 1 Timothy 5:8]

Don't Work, Don't Eat: Those that do not work shall not eat, but I'm on disability, but they said that's still not godly. [2 Thessalonians 3:10]

Christians Shouldn't Work: When I look at some scripture I see we as Christians shouldn't hold a job. What do you think of that? [Matthew 6:24, Romans 6:16, Luke 14:33, 2 Thessalonians 3:10, Proverbs 21:25]?

501c3's & Churches endorsing Politicians: Pastors not wanting to endorse candidates because of the 501c3 forbids it.
Obama doing a whole bunch of bad stuff on last few days of employment: Does what Obama did in the last few days of his reign parallel to what the unjust steward did in the parable? [Luke 16:1-13]

9 to 5 Job affecting musical gift: I'm wondering what I should do about having a door close on me of being able to expound on my musical gift, & having to get a steady job instead. Should I just go back on tour because the goal was to serve my home community?

Follow-up to playing Christian Music: Caller wanted to encourage the caller who called about playing Christian music at his business to continue doing it.

Christian Music at a Business Establishment: Christian Music in a Business Setting offending others & the caller is worried about it.

Whistle Blowing at Work: What obligation does an employee has to tell on somebody who is hurting the company?

Pastoral Income: How should Pastors derive at their income? Should they all make tents like Paul did?

Ministry workers having jobs: So do you people who work in the ministry have to have separate jobs?

Calvinism - The Elect - Work Ethic: Did Calvinist develop a Work Ethnic to make sure they were part of the Elect, & is it what prompted Capitalism in this country?

"In" the World or "Of" the World: Caller is concerned about working for a public company that gets subsidized by taxes, what he calls legalized theft, & wondering if he should quit because his conscience is somewhat against it.

Jobs because of Sin: What are all the occupations going to be in the New World since a lot of the jobs rely on things that are a result of sin?

Earning a Living & Sharing the Gospel: Aren't we supposed to be earning a living & sharing the gospel at the same time?

Joy of the Lord: Joy of the Lord amidst turmoil.
Meteorology: Can people help support my short program for meteorology so I can make a living? I have to make more than my social security.

Studying Early Church: Studying Early Church History is so beneficial.
Forgiveness: Supervisor has a shady character. How do you deal w/ somebody who is very questionable?

Sabbatical Year: What did the farmers do during the 7th year when they let the land rest? [Leviticus 25]

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