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Topic: Elohim

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Michael Heizer & the Divine Council: Do you think that Michael Heizer may be leading folks to polytheism with his understanding of the verse in Genesis about the word "us" in the creation story referring to the "Divine Council"? [Genesis 1:26, Daniel 10:13-20].

Eternal Council of Gods (Elohim): Can you clarify the reference to the "eternal council of gods" (Elohim) or Him sitting in the "congregation of the gods", referred to in Psalms? [Psalm 82:1-8, Genesis 1:1, I Corinthians 10:7, Deuteronomy 32:17, John 10:34, Exodus 21:6, Exodus 22:8, Exodus 7:1].

Yahweh & Elohim: What is the difference between Yahweh and Elohim? [Genesis 1:1].

Calling God by His Actual Name: Caller suggests that one needs to address God by His actual name, and because we are not doing so, we may be seeing His spirit departing from us.

Elohim & Nephilim: Caller comments on "Elohim" & Nephilim. [Genesis 6:1-4]

Sons of God, Divine Counsel, and the Watchers: Why doesn't the church today talk about the sons of God, the Divine Counsel, and the watchers, as does Michael Heiser does? [Deuteronomy 32:8, Psalm 82:6].

"The Unseen Realm" by Michael Heizer: What do you think of the book, "The Unseen Realm", by Michael Heizer? [Psalms 82].
Meaning of Elohim: What do you think of his interpretation of the word, Elohim, meaning a class of gods, rather than God the father? [Genesis 1:1, Psalm 82:1-6].

Hearing and Audible Voice of God: Did the Old Testament characters (Joshua, Gideon, Abraham, etc.) audibly hear God?
Melchizedek Isn't Melchizadek actually God?

Elohim-gods: Could you shed light on the passage Psalm 82:1 and those He called gods (elohim)? [Psalm 82:1,6]

Elohim - Elohiym: Is the word "Elohim" plural, & is it referring to the Trinity?
Shama: The Lord God is one & your God alone, can you explain this about? He's only one? [Deuteronomy 6:4, 1 Corinthians 8:5]
Allah: Is the word, "Allah" referring to the same God as the Judeo-Christian God?
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