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Topic: Pilate (Pontius)

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"The Good Confession" before Pilate: What was "the good confession" Jesus gave before Pilate? [I Timothy 6:13].

Jesus' Earthly Father, Joseph: How did Joseph, Jesus' father, die?
Pontius Pilate: Is the Pilate in Luke 13, the same one that helped to crucify Jesus? [Luke 13].
Pontius Pilate: Was Pilate a really bad guy, and did he commit suicide a few years after the death of Jesus?

Give us Caesar: Did the Jews break the Old Covenant when they wanted Pilate to give them Caesar as their king? [John 19:15, Matthew 21:37].

Pilate's Wife: Why do you suppose that the Holy Spirit revealed to Matthew, the background of Pilate's wife's dream? [Matthew 27:19, Luke 13].

Pontius Pilate: Did Pontius Pilate ever become a follower of Jesus?

Apocryphal Letter: Is the letter from Pontius Pilate authentic?

Pilate's Wedding: a callers comments about it possibly being about Pilate's wedding., (i personally couldn't make heads or tails out of it.)

Open Theism: Open Theism, free will, God's omniscience & caller tries to link john 19:11 with free will. [John 19:11]

Pilate's Wife dream: When Pilate's had a dream about warning Pilate not to have anything to do in the role of Jesus' death/trial, why would God be the one trying to warn her since He's the one who wanted it done, since that is why Jesus cane down here?

Pilate's Wife, Claudia: Claudia told Pilate to have nothing to do w/ Jesus' trial because of a troubling dream. Was she a secret follower of Jesus?

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