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Topic: Judas (Iscariot)

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Judas Iscariot Knowing Jesus as a Child: Do you think that Judas Iscariot knew Jesus as a child?

Judas at the Last Supper: What do you think of the theory that the seating of Judas at the last supper may have had to do with Jesus putting Judas on the spot?
Judas' Betrayal: Do you think it was possible that Judas betrayed Jesus in order to force Jesus' hand to become the military King Messiah that they were expecting? [Luke 22:3-6, Matthew 16:23].

Peter Did or Didn't Know Who Betrayed Jesus?: Did Peter not know that Judas was the one who betrayed him, and could he have been suspicious of John? [John 22:20].

Judas Dipping the Bread at the Table: If they were warned that the betrayer would be the one who dipped the bread, why didn't the other disciples look at who it was? [John 13:26].

Judas' Death: Could you talk about the various accounts of Judas and his death? [Matthew 27, Acts 1:8].

Judas-Good or Bad: What about Judas? Some people say that he was still a hero after what he did.

Samson's Repentance & Salvation: Would Samson's salvation have been in jeopardy had he not repented? [Judges 16:28, Hebrews 11].
Judas One of the Twelve to Judge on the Thrones in Heaven: Would Judas have been one of the 12 that was to be sitting on thrones in heaven judging the tribes? [I Corinthians 15:5, Acts, Matthew 19:28, Galatians 2].

Judas' Repentance: Do you think that had Judas repented, he would've been forgiven?
Mind, Consciousness, Spirit: Do you think that the mind or consciousness is the same as our spirit? [Hebrews 4:12].

The Many "James" in the New Testament: Could you help me sort out the various "James" (the less, Adelphos, brother of Jesus, etc.) in the New Testament, and the relationships of His cousins or brothers? [Genesis 13:8, Luke 2:7, Matthew 1:27].

A Repentant Judas Hanged Himself : Could you clarify the circumstances of Judas seeing that Jesus was condemned and then hangs himself. [Matthew 27:3-10, 2 Corinthians 7:10].

The Twelve Disciples: Regarding the disciples of Christ, who would be 12th, after Judas died? [Acts 1:26, Acts 2, Acts 4].

Apostles of Jesus: Did either of the ones up for replacing Judas have contact with Jesus? Isn't personal contact with Jesus a requirement for apostleship? [Acts 1:21-22, Luke 10]

Judas's Betrayal of Jesus: Why did the other disciples not stop Judas when Jesus revealed the betrayer at the Last Supper?

Satan entering Judas: When Jesus was washing all the feet of His disciples, He said, "not all of you are clean", when did satan enter Judas? [John 13]

Jesus Inaccurate about 12 Thrones: Was Jesus wrong about "the faithful sitting on the 12 thrones" because of Judas? [Matthew 19:28]

Judas Iscariot: Was Judas predestined to betray Jesus? [John 17:12]

Church of Christ: The Church of Christ will baptize you without having to join their church.
Satan entering Judas: Satan entering Judas Iscariot, was it preordained for Judas to betray Jesus? [Psalm 41:9, John 13:21]

Can't Lose Your Salvation: I don't believe you can REALLY lose your salvation, it's eternal & everlasting. Judas, the caller thinks, is a good example of not being a true follower of Christ. [John 17:12]

Judas Iscariot: Was Judas Iscariot born the purpose of betraying Jesus? Did he repent? [Matthew 27:3]

Judas Iscariot a Genuine Follower of Christ: I tend to think that Judas Iscariot was a true apostle, & wasn't a fraud like most thought, but let satan enter him later

Son of Perdition & Man of Lawlessness: Son of Perdition & Man of Lawlessness, are these the same or 2 different people? [2 Thessalonians 2, John 17:12]
Man of Lawlessness the anti-Christ: Is this "Man of Lawlessness" the anti-Christ? [1 John, 2 John]

Judas Iscariot: Judas Iscariot had to betray Jesus in order to fulfill prophecy, so how come his is culpable for doing what prophecy said he'd do?

Son of Perdition & Judas: What do you think about Jesus calling Judas Iscariot the Son of Perdition? [john 6:70, Acts 1:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:3]

Hell: Jesus said about Judas it would've been better that he had never been born (presumably because of what is going to happen to him in hell), so doesn't that give a good case for Eternal Torment?

The Book of Judas: Judas was actually a supporter of Jesus, but wanted Him to go the way he wanted Him to go, just trying to speed things up.

Judas Iscariot & Eternal Life: Could Judas have possibly had eternal life since Jesus said that they all had been kept by Him? Where do you suppose he started his transition of losing his faith? [John 17:3,12, john 12:1-8]

Waters of Shiloah: Who refused the waters of Shiloah, & who's rejoicing over what will happen to the kings? [Isaiah 8:1-6]
Curds & Honey: What does this mean, that the Messiah would eat Curds & Honey? He was also talking to Judah right then & there, but who is this talking about? [Isaiah 7:13-25]

The Jefferson Lies by David Barton This is a followup call to calls about Thomas Jefferson.
Bible Contradiction: Matthew quotes from Jeremiah that 30 pieces of Silver would be used to betray Jesus, but it's actually from Zechariah 11. [Matthew 27:9, Zechariah 11]

Martin Luther: Comments regarding a previous call about Martin Luther.
Communion (the Last Supper) & Judas Iscariot: Was Judas Iscariot in attendance at the Lord's Supper? [Matthew 26:14-29, John 13:1-30, Luke 22:7-30]

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