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Topic: Shepherd(s)

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Imagery in Psalms: Could you help me with the imagery in the 23rd Psalm, particularly the rod & staff and being anointed with oil? {Psalm 23].

How to Study the Bible: What is the best way to get familiar with and study the Bible (rec: go through the Bible at
Responsibility of the Overseers: What does Acts 20:28 mean regarding the responsibility of the overseers for the church? [Acts 20:28, Matthew 20:25-27, Matthew 23:8-9].

The Gatekeeper: Who is the gatekeeper in scripture? [John 10:3].

Shepherds of the Flock & Thieves: Regarding the shepherds of the flock, who are the thieves and robbers referred to in John 10? [John 10:8, Ezekiel 34].

Jesus the Good Shepherd: Jesus was referred to as the Good Shepherd, but why would He want to be called that since they had such a low status in society? [Genesis 46:34, Matthew 11:29]

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