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Topic: Copeland (Kenneth)

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Word of Faith Brothers: How does one relate and handle those who are deeply involved in the "Word of Faith" movement as to not mistreat a brother in the faith? Recommended Lecture; Word of Faith.

Word of Faith and Wealthy Ministers: What is wrong with the Word of Faith (Name it and Claim it, Health & Wealth) ministers making a lot of money, like Benny Hinn, and Kenneth Copeland, etc.? [Luke 12:48, I Timothy 6, Acts 3:6].

Profiting from Ministry & Prosperity Doctrine: Do Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland make money off the Bible, and is that a sin? [2 Peter 2:1-3, I Timothy 6:5-10]. 09
Creatures in Heaven: What are the creatures in heaven & under the sea in Revelation 5? [Revelation 5:13, Psalm 19:1-6].

Word of Faith: What do we do if the college our daughter has chosen is one we don't approve of, because it is affiliated with "Word of Faith" and Kenneth Copeland?

Word of Faith: What do you think of the Word of Faith preachers) Kenneth Hagan, Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes, & so on)?

Disagreeing w/ the Disagreement: Caller disagrees w/ the previous disagreement that Steve just got done reading.
Rodney Howard-Browne & Kenneth Copeland Speaking in Tongues: What do you think of Rodney Howard-Browne & Kenneth Copeland speaking in tongues to each other?

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland: What can you tell me about Kenneth Copeland?
Creating your own Reality: So you can't have faith that you have something even before you have it to sort've show you have faith that you will get it?

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