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Topic: Full Preterism

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Full Preterism & Don Preston: Is it possible that Don Preston is correct about Full-Preterism?
Jesus Really Coming Back: Do you really believe that Jesus is going to come back and establish a new heavens and earth?

Full Preterists Don't Believe in Jesus Return: Do some preterists believe that Jesus will not be coming back?

Guest, Sam Frost, former Full-Preterist discusses the Second Coming and the Enthronement of Christ: Guest, Sam Frost, former Full-Preterist, and author of "The Parousia of the Son of Man", talks with Steve about eschatology, the timing and kingship of the return of Christ. [Daniel 2, Daniel 7:13, Matthew 24, Acts 4:25, Psalm 2:6].

Full & Partial Preterism: Would you help me understand the basic differences between Full & Partial Preterism? [Luke 19].
What Prophesy is Yet to Come?: What prophesy do you think is yet to come?

Dispensationalism & Dual Covenants: Do Dispensationalists believe that Jews will be saved outside of Christ? [Hebrews 8:13, Zechariah 12:10].].
Full-Preterism: Who could I read that would present the case for Full Preterism? [Revelation 11].

Preterists & the Second Coming: What do Preterists believe about the future events surrounding the second coming?
Church of Christ; Full Preterism & Baptism: What do you think about those in the Church of Christ who believe in Full Preterism and that baptism being required for Salvation?

Full-Preterist View of "No More Pain": Can you help clarify the belief that the Full-Preterist view that all has been fulfilled already, suggesting that we are in the age where there is no more pain, etc.? [Revelation 21:4].
Signs Yet to be Fulfilled: What passages of scripture give prophetic signs that you think are yet to be fulfilled? [Matthew 24:34, Hebrews 6:1-6].

Full-Preterism: Do you disagree with the Full-Preterist view? How do you refute some of their claims about the end of the age, and the judgment on Jerusalem? [Matthew 24, 24:3].

Second Coming & A.D.70: If Jude was written after A.D.70, would it prove that the second coming came in A.D.70? [John 21:21f].

Full Preterism & Heresy: Is Full Preterism a heresy?

Full-Preterist View: How do those that adhere to a "Full-Preterist" view see events unfolding in the future? [Matthew 24:2f, Luke 19:10, Romans 8, 2 Peter 3, Revelation 21].

Full-Preterist & Don Preston: Would you talk a little bit about Don Preston, your debate with him, and Full-Preterism? Do you think it is a heresy? [Revelation 21, Matthew 24].

Full Preterism: Are you familiar with Ed Stevens and how he differs with other Full Preterists in regard to the literalness of certain events (rapture, resurrection, etc.) described in the Bible?

Full Preterist Shunned at Church: As a Full Preterist, how does one handle churches who can't tolerate this difference of opinion?

Two Ages in the Bible? What is Don Preston's (a full-preterist) view of the resurrection? Are there only two ages? [Acts 2:7-9] neither marry or given in marriage/ Luke 20:34

Full Preterism: What about the differences between full preterism (Don Preston) and partial preterism?

Full & Partial Preterism: What does partial preterism mean, full preterism?

Full Preterism & Partial Preterism: I am reading a book by a Brian Godawa called, "End Times Bible Prophecy: It's Not What They Told You", & he's a Full Preterist, & wondering what you can say about the "New Heaven & the New Earth" found in 2 Peter 3:10-13]

Full Preterist Call: There are parallel verses & end times verses, it says that His coming, the end of the world, would come in His generation, doesn't it? [Matthew 16:27-28, Revelation 22:12]

Full Preterism & Only Israel: Only Israel will be being saved.

Preterism timeline: What is the timeline of a preterist? You still believe in the Second Coming of Jesus & the resurrection?

Full Preterism & the Resurrection: A lengthy discussion about the Resurrection with a full preterist.

Full Preterism: Caller thinks in 70 AD the resurrection happened also. (carries back after the break as well.)

Preterism Lectures: Do you have anything on Preterism, any lectures?
Partial Preterism vs Full Preterism: Why are you a partial preterist as opposed to a full preterist?

Preterism: Can you please define preterism?
Calamity & Catastrophe: What about world wide disasters?

The Lecture on 4 Views of Revelation: Caller appreciated his book &/or lectures on the 4 views of revelation.
Applying Partial Preterism to parts of Revelation: Partial preterism, which parts of Revelation does Steve think is still to come?

Jesus Second Coming already: What is the strongest support that Jesus did NOT come back yet?
Full Preterism: What makes Full Preterism even a possibility?

Matthew 24 Being Fulfilled: Is reading a book by john l bray called, Matthew 24 fulfilled beneficial? Isn't he a full preterist?
Johann Blumhardt: Discussion about Johann Blumhardt & the exorcism he performed of a girl who was demon-possessed.

70 AD & Partial Preterism (Debate): Preterism - 70 ad, 70 ad - preterism, all stemming around 70 ad! (little bit of a debate) (follow up)

Partial Preterism: will you please tell me what preterism is?

Full Preterism: No Resurrection with full preterism, inclusivism;
Rabbis thinking: Rabbis rejecting Jesus; 1000 year future millennium

Full Preterism & No Hell: someone who is a full preterist told me there is no hell (universalism, inclusionist)

Full & Partial Preterism: Full & partial preterist discussion, "all who hear His voice will come forth", is the resurrection for everyone? [Daniel 12]

Preterism: What is preterism? What does it mean?
More & More Evil: What about Jesus said it will become more & more evil & prosecution will happen. Gender-neutral Bathrooms.

Previous Eschatological Views: When you believed your former positions in Eschatology, did you actually teach them or just believe them at that point?
Full Preterism: Do you consider Full Preterism to be heretical?
Dispensationalism: If Dispensationalism is false, doesn't that give people false hope for a 2nd chance where there is none?

Full Preterism: Caller believes in Full Preterism & wants to dialogue w/ Steve about it.

Partial preterist & Full Preterism: What are the differences between Partial Preterism & Full Preterism?
Dispensationalism/Premillennialism & Historical Premillennialism: What is the difference between Dispensationalism & HISTORICAL Premillennialism?

Partial Preterism: Time Indicators, "soon", "short", have to apply to the WHOLE book of Revelation, & not just apply it whenever you want, saying some things really are short & some things are a long time off. [Revelation 1:1, 22:6]

Hyper Preterism: Is full Preterism a Heresy?

The Parousia (Full Preterism): Caller has been reading the book, Parousia by J Stuart Russell, & that there was a "dead zone" after 70 AD, & people were resurrected/raptured then.

Wicked staying or going: i know you think that wicked are the ones that are "taken away" & the righteous are the ones that remain on the earth, but then in Revelation, when talking about the 2 witnesses, it says that the wicked remain as they are watching the righteous go up. How do you harmonize these? [Luke 17:34-37, Revelation 11]
Full Preterists & the Last Day: What do full Preterists say the "Last Day" was?

Full Preterism: What verses prevents you from going into Full Preterism, since you are a preterist? [Revelation 21:1-4, Matthew 22:30, 1 Corinthians 15:53-55, Romans 8:18-25]

Preterism View: How early did the Preterist View come about? How did it come to be as it is now?

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