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Topic: Canon of Scripture

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Missing Books of the Bible: Why would the books, such as the Books of Enoch and Jasher, not be in the Bible, but are quoted in scripture?

Origins of the Bible: Did The New American Bible come from the Catholics?
Easy-to-Read Bible: What is an easy-to-read Bible?

Gift of Prophecy Today: If the canon of scripture is complete, then how can there be a gift of prophecy today? If so, what does it look like? [Acts 21].
Gift of Prophecy Defined: Is the gift of prophecy about making predictions? [I Corinthians 14:29, I Thessalonians 5:20-21, I John 4:4].

Bible Books Removed from the Bible: Could you talk about when some of books of the Bible was removed?

Bible Compilation: How did the books of the Bible get selected? Why do Catholics have the additional books of the Apocrypha?

Inerrancy & Authority of Scripture: Would you clarify the concept of "inerrancy of scripture"? What does this mean in terms of human fallibility and the authority of scripture? [Numbers 25:9 & I Corinthians 10:8, I Corinthians 1:14-16].
Variation in Manuscripts: What about the parts of the Bible that are not in some manuscripts? [John 7:53-8:12, Job 42:7-17]."

All Scripture Given By Inspiration: All the word of God is inspired, does that mean they were told word for word what to write, "auto-writing"? [2 Timothy 3:16]

Bible Incomplete: People say that the Bible is incomplete. Do you have anything I can listen to about that?

Sola Scripture: Is sola scriptura wrong because the Bible was compiled according to tradition?

Disbelief: Is disbelief in Christianity indefensible?
Compilation of Bible: Was the Bible miraculously compiled?

Books of the Bible: How can we be sure the ones who determined what to include in the New Testament didn't make mistakes, determining what was going to be in canon of Scripture?

Doubts the Inerrancy of Scripture: Can a person who doubts the inerrancy Word of God be considered a Christian?

Celebrating Christmas: Should Christians be celebrating Christmas? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
Missing Books of the Bible: Are there books not in the Bible that should be?

Bible Completion: When was the Bible completed & compiled?
Apologetics & Mormonism: Have you ever heard of Norman Geisler? He says there's NO WAY Mormons/LDS can be Christians when they go against so much of Christianity & tell Christians to join them, so don't you think that is true?

Canon of Scripture: There are apparently more books that should've been added to the canon of scripture. What do you think?

Not Add or Subtract to the Bible & the Letter "J": Is it adding or subtracting to scripture by using a J, such as in jesus' name? [Revelation 22:18-19, Proverbs 30:5-6, Deuteronomy 12:29-32]

Letters of New Testament Complete: When were all the writings of the New Testament complete?
70 Years: Is the year 70 AD Destruction of Jerusalem of any significance to 70 year captivity in Babylon?

Paul's Writing Above all other's Writings: Have you ever heard that Paul's writings are elevated above anyone else's, including Jesus' own words?

Adding Additional Apostolic Book of the Bible: Could we add more apostolic writings, if genuine ones were located?

Canon of Scripture: So the canon of scripture was organized by the catholic church?

Missing Books of the Bible: Are there any books that are missing from the canon of Scripture?

Canon of Scripture: Were books left out of the Bible that should've been there?

400 Years of Silence: Between the Old Testament & the New Testament there are 400 years of silence, an Intertestamental period, & are we now living in such a silent period again?

Books of Maccabees & Esther: What's more special about the Esther that it's included in the canon of Scriprure but Maccabees is not?

The Shepherd of Hermas: How much credence do you think we should give "The Shepherd of Hermas"?

"Throw it all out": Doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible that if a portion of the Bible is bad to throw it all out?
Mormonism & Fallacy of the Bible: That's what the Mormons say, that some of the Bible is wrong, because, for example, it says "repented" of the evil He was going to do to the Israelites for worshipping other gods. [Exodus 32:14]

The Inspiration of Scripture: Paul was only talking about the OT Scriptures when he said 1 Timothy 3:16, about all the Scripture is given by inspiration, but did he have foresight & knew that the NT would be Scripture too? [2 Timothy 3:16]

Disagreement about Canon of Bible: Little convoluted in what his actual disagreement w/ Steve was on the Canon of Scripture....slavery, & other stuff.

James Authorship: Who wrote the book of James, & when was it added to the Canon of Scirpture?

Book of Enoch: What does Steve think of the Book of Enoch & how come it's not included in our canon of Scripture?

Canon of the NT: When was the Canon of the New Testament put together? What about the Old Testament?

Divorce & Remarriage Concern: Caller is concerned if his 2nd marriage is valid or not.
Canonization of Scripture: "All Scripture is God-breathed", does that include the books of the Apocrypha? [2 Timothy 3:16]

The Book of Revelation: I have a friend I debate w/, sharing w/ him partial preterism, but he's suggesting I'm adding or taking from the book. [Revelation 22:19]

Canon of Scripture & its 66 Books: How would defend the Canon of Scripture as it stands today?
Apocrypha Books: What do you think of Apocrypha Books of the Bible, such as the Epistle of Barnabas?

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