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Topic: Septuagint

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Babies & Avengers in Psalms: Who are the babies and the avengers in this verse? [Psalm 8:2, 2 Samuel 5:6, 2 Chronicles 20, Matthew 11:25, Luke 19:40].

The Septuagint: Should not The Septuagint have a more prominent position in the Christian world?

Word differences in two verses: Could you clarify the relationship & differences between these two verse in Ephesians & Psalms? [Ephesians 4:8 & Psalm 68:18].

Hebrew Test & The Septuagint: Can you give me an overview of the differences between translations of the words in the Hebrew text and the Septuagint?

Sleep Paralysis: I, too, like felt a Sleep Paralysis, felt a force leave me.
Baptizing in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost The term God the Father , The Son & the Holy Spirit, to use for Baptism, is not even in the Septuagint.

The Septuagint: Is the Septuagint reliable?
Divorcer Still a Christian: Is a woman who left her husband for no cause a true Christian?

Septuagint & the Vulgate: Caller wants to know if his facts about Septuagint & the Vulgate are right or not.

Masoretic & Septuagint Text: The ages of people's lives seem different in the Septuagint vs the Masoretic text. Do you know anything about that, & why it would be? [Genesis 5]

Jesus Coming or Going: Did Jesus say He wasn't going, or wasn't going yet? It seems to be saying contradictory things depending on which translation of the Bible you are using. [John 6:6-9]
Septuagint: What can you tell me about the Septuagint Bible? (A Bible that was translated to Greek the Hebrew language of the Old Testament.)

Ekklesia/Ecclesia in the Septuagint: Caller was listening to a debate Steve had w/ Tommy Bertoli, & wondered if Steve studied the word Ekklesia in the Septuagint. Were they deliberately using this word that applied to Israel before?

Septuagint & Masoretic Texts: In your honest opinion, what is your opinion on the Septuagint & Masoretic Texts, which one is more useful?

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