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Topic: Tower of Babel

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Tower of Babel Produced Many Languages: Could you explain how the events at the Tower of Babel produced so many languages? [Genesis 11].

The Earth Was Divided: Does "the earth was divided" refer to the division of the people at Babel? [Genesis 10:15].
Value of a Man in Shekels: What does setting the value of a man with shekels mean in the last chapter of Leviticus? [Leviticus 27].

Tower of Babel & God's Fears: What was the thing that God was afraid people would do when they were building the Tower of Babel? [Genesis 11:3-4, Genesis 9:1].

Tower of Babel: Would you comment on the events surrounding the building of the Tower of Babel? [Genesis 9:1, 10:6, 10, Genesis 11].

Tower of Babel: Would you comment on the building of the Tower of Babel? [Genesis 11:3-6, 9:1, 10:9-10].
Turn the other cheek and self defense: What does it mean to turn the other cheek relative to self-defense? [Matthew 5:38-48].

Races Starting at Tower of Babel: Caller responding to the caller of the previous show talking about races. He wants to know, what about at the Tower of Babel?

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