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Topic: Restitution

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God's Forgiveness as Opposed to the State's: If someone had killed someone, and the law didn't know who did it, would that now repentant believer be required to turn himself in?
Church Responsibility Regarding Injustice: If a church recognizes and acknowledges injustices (as with racial and economic), what is their responsibility? [Micah 6:8, I Corinthians 5:12].

Making Amends: Is Jesus talking about making amends in this life, or the next life? [Luke 12:58-59, Matthew 5:23-24].

Sin vs Iniquity: What is the difference between sin & iniquity? [I John 3:4]
Repentance & Restitution: Does one have to go back and publicly confess and renounce sin, and make restitution for every sin of your past?

Restitution: If Jesus paid it all on our behalf, do we still have to make restitution? [Luke 19, Matthew 5:25-26].

Repentance and Restitution: If one has hurt others in their past, how should one handle trying to make it up to them and make restitution?

Marriage, Divorce, Adultery & Repentance: What happens after a divorce & remarriage, & then repent? What about restitution?

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