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Topic: Appreciation Comments

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Compliments to Steve: Caller just compliments Steve and indicates he will call again in the future with questions about the brain, and Isaiah 28.

Compliments to Steve Gregg: Compliments to Steve regarding The Narrow Path's outreach.
Saul & the Witch of Endor: Could you clarify why Saul summoned the "Witch of Endor" because it was strictly forbidden, and was it a sin? [I Chronicles 10:13, Leviticus 19:31, 20:21, Deuteronomy 18:11].

Thank You to Steve for His Show: Thank you for teaching outside the common theological box.
Ezekiel - Type of Christ: Was Ezekiel a type of Christ because of the frequency of the use of "the son of man" when he was referred to? [Psalm 8:4].

Ex-Mormon's Testimony: Mike extends gratitude to Steve for helping to lead him out of Mormonism, while maintaining strong faith in Christ, instead of becoming an atheist, agnostic, or embracing other errors of the faith.

Unequally Yoked in Church to Unbelievers: How does "unequally yoked" work if we are asked to bring unsaved people to church? [I Corinthians 14, 2 Corinthians 6:14].
The Kingdom of God: I love your lecture "Beholding the Glory", I wish everyone could hear it! Do you think you will write about "The Kingdom of God"?

Thank You Steve Gregg: Caller thanks Steve from Maui.

Caller Appreciation: Caller just shared his appreciation for Steve and his ministry.

Thank you: Caller just wanted to thank Steve for his faithfulness in service to God.

Personal comment to Steve: Caller just offers his condolences for Steve's loss of his wife, nearly 40 years ago.

4 Hebrews in Book of Daniel: Shouldn't the 4 Hbrews of Daniel go by their Hebrews name instead of their Babylonian names?
Former Dispensationalist because of Narrow Path: I'm no longer Dispensationalism as a result of listening to your work. I appreciate it.
Refuse to be Offended Lectures: Can't seem to burn CD's of your lecture of, "Refuse to be Offended". Why can't I?

Steve's Education: I'm very impressed w/ your knowledge, so I'm curious your background, are you self-taught?

Appreciation for the Narrow Path: Caller praises Steve's show! And tells people to invite him to their town

Calvinism: If calvinists believe in once saved always saved, or they are predestined to be saved, what is the point in evangelizing?
Appreciation Comment: Caller just wanted to say Thank you for Steve Gregg & his radio show.

The Narrow Path Ministry: I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your ministry!

Thankful for Steve Gregg & the Narrow Path: I really appreciate the way The Narrow Path has helped me get a deeper understanding of the Word & God

Thankful for the Narrow Path Ministry: I just wanted to thank you for The Narrow Path & how important it is to me.

Thankful for the Narrow Path Ministry: Caller want to thank Steve for his ministry. (Audio not very good.)

Testimonial on Stage 4 Cancer Survivor: Caller calls to testify that they were cured of stage 4 cancer.

Thank You Call: Caller just wanted to say thank you to Steve.

Jewish nation: What was the purpose for the Jewish nation in the Old Testament in the first place? Why did God form it?
Kingdom of God Lectures: I'm really enjoying all your lectures, especially about the Kingdom of God.

Appreciating Steve's Show: Jewish caller calls to let Steve know how much he likes the show.
Jesus' Birth: It doesn't matter what day Jesus' actual birthday is.

Skeptical at first, but now a Solid Listener: Caller who was at first skeptical of the radio program has found Steve to be very educational & is appreciative of him.

Appreciates the Narrow Path: Caller appreciates the Narrow Path.
Abomination of Desolation: What is the Abomination of Desolation. (no time for answer)
Signs of the Cosmic Apocalypse: Have you ever heard of the signs of the Apocalypse, the Sun going dark, the moon becoming dark? (Again, no time to answer.)

The Lecture on 4 Views of Revelation: Caller appreciated his book &/or lectures on the 4 views of revelation.
Applying Partial Preterism to parts of Revelation: Partial preterism, which parts of Revelation does Steve think is still to come?

Pastor Appreciates the Narrow Path Show: Caller is a pastor & he & his associates really appreciate Steve Gregg's program, The Narrow Path.

Appreciation Call: Just wanted to say thank you for your good answers, especially the last one.

Appreciates what Steve said about Pastors & Teachers: Caller appreciative what Steve just said about false teacher & Prophets.
The Massacre in Las Vegas: Caller thinks we should never forget what happened in Las Vegas.

Agreeing with Steve Gregg: Just calling you to tell you that I agree w/ you, that you know the truth! [John 14:6]

Biblical Gardens: Biblical Gardens.

Commenting on Atheist Listeners: The caller appreciated the information about the atheists.
Jesus Rebuking but Being for Christians: "I have this against you," Jesus said to several churches in Revelation, but then Jesus says He's for us. [Revelation 2, Romans 8:31]

Reading a Letter from an Atheist: Steve Gregg reads a letter from yet another Atheist, who also donated to the show!

Appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Program: I REALLY appreciate your program, & I just want you to know that!

Best of Programs: Caller really likes the "Best Of" programs, because they really are the best of the questions!
Immortality of Soul: Most people believe in the inherent immortality of the soul, so what scriptures are there for only having a mortal soul?

Appreciating Lectures: Being a bond servant of Christ, just listening to some of your lectures, & just letting you know I appreciated that point

The Narrow Path Format: I commend you on the way you do the format of your show, not being prepared in advance.
Laying on Hands of the Holy Spirit by Philip: You just fielded a question about Philip not being able to lay hands on people for the Holy Spirit except when he got some of the original 12 Apostles. I'd like to explain a theory of why: That Peter has the Keys to the Kingdom. [Matthew 16:19]

Awesome Radio Show: Your view is out of the box! I've never heard someone like you on the radio!
Philip: Was Philip one of the original 12 apostles? Why couldn't the Holy Spirit come as a result of Philip's work? Why did he have to call on some of the original 12 apostles in order for the Holy Spirit to move? [Acts 8]

Answer to Prayer: Call is appreciative of prayers, & thinks it was answered to prayer?

Loving our Fellow Man: Caller think this verse is a good verse about loving your fellow man. [Isaiah 55:8-9]

Lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change" Caller talks about a series of lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change", about how much he liked it.
LGBT Community: What should the church do w/ the LGBT community?

General Questions about the Narrow Path Ministry: Questions about how to donate, is it okay to pay his tithe to his ministry, & how thankful he is for Steve's ministry.

Same-sex marriage & Homosexuality: Caller likes Steve's lectures on the biblical reasons why homosexuality & same-sex marriage are wrong.
Teaching, traveling, lectures: Caller appreciates Steve's ministry, his ability to be able to teach across the country, have lectures that are the perfect length, etc.

Prophecy fulfilled: Caller wants to know what he was hearing at the tail end of a conversation about the end times being all fulfilled.

Appreciates Steve's Program: Caller was wondering if Steve was still going to be in Hawaii when he got there, & wanted to say he appreciates Steve's show.

Growing in the faith: Caller loves Steve for his encouragement, & his ministry, enabling her to develop deeper roots in her faith.

Original Sin & Total Depravity Lecture: Listener really enjoys all the websites, & some of the lectures he's found on them.

persecution happening: Pakistan is going through a lot of persecution. Sufferings is real. Caller loves Steve's radio show to edify the believers because there is no radio in Pakistan.

Caller appreciates the show: Another caller really appreciates the show.

Appreciate of Steve Gregg: Caller is appreciative of Steve Gregg.
Trials that caller had: Caller says how he's been much better after going a period of suffering.

Appreciates Show: Thank you for your very awesome show!
Intellectual & Personal Knowledge of God: How do I apply this passage of Scripture to my life, not worrying about our temporal life, but keeping our eyes on something we can't see & making it real, not just having an intellectual knowledge about God but a personal, deep one? [2 Corinthians 4:16-18]

Appreciates Steve Gregg & the Narrow Path: Caller appreciates Steve Gregg & his ministry very much & thinks he's a hard worker.

Appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Show: Caller really appreciates Steve Gregg's show. He has his own radio show, but he just wanted to chime in & say how much he appreciates his.
Current Events of Israel: What does Steve think about the current events happening in the Nation of Israel right now?

Understanding the Bible in a new lens: I appreciate you teaching me how to study the Bible in a different lens than Evangelical Traditionalism.
Polygamy & the Mormon Church: Polygamy in the Old Testament, why did God permit it? There was polygamy in the Mormon Church, & they don't like having it in their history.

Old Pastor Friend: An old pastor friend calls to reminisce for a minute, to say hi.

The Narrow Path Radio Show & Stone Soup: Caller wanted to share a story about everyone contributing to a good Stone Soup, resembling it to people asking good questions & Steve giving good answers.

Nightmares have ceased: Followup about a caller having nightmares, & they just wanted to say that they are no longer having the nightmares.
Secret Rapture: Caller can't find the "Secret Rapture" in the Bible.

Atheist Caller: An Atheist caller just wanted to thank Steve for his Christianity because some don't have much evidence that they are.

Thankful: Caller is thankful.

3 Views of Hell Book Comment: Caller really enjoyed & wanted to put accolades on Steve Gregg's book called, "All You Want to Know about Hell: Three Christian Views of God's Final Solution to the Problem of Sin".

Dispensationalism (last call): Dispensationalism seems to go against Scripture so much. Isn't there a danger to that?
Tithing: Is there ANYWHERE in the NT that says we MUST tithe? [Matthew 23:23]
Steve's Ministry: Your ministry, especially your website, is very informative, has a vast amount of knowledge on it.

3 Views of Hell: Caller is thankful for the lectures that Steve put together about the 3 view of Hell.
Holy Spirit leading to Truth: The Holy Spirit leads us to all truth.

Caller Appreciation Call: Caller really appreciates Steve Gregg & his show & has been going through all his radio archives.

A Morsel or a Meal: It's awesome that we can call you with a question, & get sprinkled w/ information or can dive into the ocean w/ your lectures.
Olivet Discourse - End of the Age: What did the Disciples mean when they asked, "End of the Age"? The end of the world, Jesus' Second coming? [Matthew 24:3]

Youth Pastor & Calvary Church: A caller called to just chat w/ Steve Gregg about living on the same property he had lived on, talking about being a youth pastor at Calvary Chapel, & wanted some advice on how to minister to the youth & brethren at the church.

The Narrow Path Radio Show: The caller appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Show.

The Narrow Path Program: What I love your show is that you are able to interact w/ your callers, especially of people who disagree.
Homosexuality: Most talk shows seem to bring the homesexuality lifestyle sin exclusive to all other sins.

Appreciates Steve's Teachings of the Law: Caller appreciates Steve's teachings about the Law of God.

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