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Topic: Taxes

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Nasty Imprecatory Psalms: How do we fit the nastiness of David's imprecatory psalms and the Christian mission? [Psalms 137:8-9, Matthew 5:43-48].
Dashing Babies Against Stones: How can we justify praying as David did to hope for babies to be dashed again stones? [Psalm 137:8-9]
501c3 Church Benefits: Isn't it duplicitous for a 501c3 to not be willing to submit to government dictates and yet benefit from the tax benefits?

Government Social Program Money for Christians: What do you think about Christians taking money from government programs, including welfare, stimulus money and social security, etc.?

Government Control: When one has a 501c3, does the government limit what you can say, especially regarding homosexuality or endorsing candidates?
Christian Music: Is the Christian music industry entirely secular now?

Taxes: Tax laws & being deceitful

Tithing: Tithing, give to Caesar what is Caesar's & give back to God what is God [Matthew 21, Matthew 23:23]

Tributes: Can you talk about tributes, tributaries? What does putting someone under tribute mean? [Judges 1:19-38]

Paul's writings hard to understand: Peter said that some of Paul's writings were very hard to understand. What things was Peter talking about? [2 Peter 3:15-16]
The Fish & the Coin: Why did Jesus have Peter do it this way? Why didn't they just take the money out of the treasury, the purse Judas was always carrying around? [Matthew 17]

"In" the World or "Of" the World: Caller is concerned about working for a public company that gets subsidized by taxes, what he calls legalized theft, & wondering if he should quit because his conscience is somewhat against it.

Taxes: What was the purpose of the exercise of Jesus having Peter get the coin from the fish? [Matthew 17:24-27]

501c3's: People w/ 501c3's seem to become a corporation & listen to whatever the state tells them to say or not say. Why do people need a receipt to be able write off the taxes you paid to God? Isn't a 501c3 another gospel? What about homosexuals that come into your church & want to get "married", & you say no, aren't you violating the conditions of the 501c3 that the government gave you?

Church Tax-Exempt Status - 501c3: Why does the church desire to be under a tax-exempt status when Jesus said that we have to pay taxes? [Matthew 22:15-22]

Correcting Wrongs: We should be proactive & speak against certain things the government does, but ministries who are under a 501c3 seem to be hampered from doing it.

Tax Loop Holes: You buy a car from private party, & they say that you paid a lower price than you actually did so you don't have to pay as much tax on it as you otherwise would, is that being dishonest, & should Christians participate in it?

Give unto Caesar: Give unto Caesar, Jesus wasn't necessarily saying to pay taxes but was being evasive answering questions like He did elsewhere. [Mark 12:17, Mark 11:33]

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