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Topic: Charging for Ministry

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Bible Teacher's & Preacher's Fees: What do you think about these Bible teacher's and preachers who charge enormous fees? [Matthew 10:8, 21:12-13].

Strong Man: Would you explain the passage about the Strong Man? Does it apply to us being freed as believers? [Mark 3:26-28].
Paying Church Staff & Pastors: What does the Bible say about paying professional church staff, preachers, and pastors? [Galatians 6:6, I Timothy 5:18, Luke 10:7}.

Calvary Chapel's Music: How did so many Christian Church bands happen to come out of the Calvary Chapel in the 70s?

Pastors receiving a Salary: Should pastors receive a salary? [Matthew 10]

Charging for the Gospel: Why do Ministers charge for the gospel?

Charging for Ministry - Financial Peace University: Charging for the ministry, that shouldn't be. It should be free. What about ministries like Dave Ramsey & Financial Peace University?

Ministers Living High on the Hog: Ministers that are living in luxury, how is that okay?

Wealthy Pastors: Pastors who have a lot of money in their accounts, charging for the ministry.

Pastors Getting Wealthy off the Gospel: What do you think about ministers living high off the hog?

Paul not Holding Anything Back: What did it mean when Paul said he didn't hold back anything, shared everything from the Council? [Acts 20, 1 Crinthians 9:16]
Not Preaching the Gospel: What did he mean, woe is me if I don't preach the gospel? [1 Corinthians 9:16]
Paul Running the Race: What did Paul mean by "run the race"? [Acts 20:4]

First Fruits: How does the Old Testament & New Testament differentiate between "first fruits"?
Charging for ministry: Charging for healing ministries?

Pastoral Income: How should Pastors derive at their income? Should they all make tents like Paul did?

Charging for the Gospel: There is a difference between charging for talent, but what about charging for the gospel, to hear the actual gospel? I never thought I'd see the day.

Sozo: The Sozo Movement performs these things, inner healings, praying for you, for you to receive the Holy Spiri, how to break Generational Curses, if you pay a "nominal fee" of $150.

Donating: Donating to Steve Gregg personally & donating to the Ministry, how does he do both?
Apostle Smith: Apostle Smith wants to charge for the gospel.

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