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Topic: Last Supper

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Judas at the Last Supper: What do you think of the theory that the seating of Judas at the last supper may have had to do with Jesus putting Judas on the spot?
Judas' Betrayal: Do you think it was possible that Judas betrayed Jesus in order to force Jesus' hand to become the military King Messiah that they were expecting? [Luke 22:3-6, Matthew 16:23].

Judas Dipping the Bread at the Table: If they were warned that the betrayer would be the one who dipped the bread, why didn't the other disciples look at who it was? [John 13:26].

The Eucharist (Communion Memorial): Could you help me sort the various views of the Eucharist (Communion), and what if I can't decide? What then, would the ramifications be of perhaps being wrong? (Acts 10).
The Eucharist (Communion Memorial): What would the ramifications and consequences being mistaken about the Eucharist?
The Eucharist & Church Membership: How can I join a church if I am not sure what happens at the Eucharist, if their statement of faith is specific about it? [I Corinthians 1].

Wine at the Last Supper: I disagree with your position that wine was served at the last supper?
Wine in the Millennial Kingdom: Can you imagine wine being served in the millennial kingdom and the saints being drunk?

Last Supper: Could you help sort the timing of The Last Supper? [

The Last Supper & Passover: Was the "Last Supper" a Passover meal?

Judas's Betrayal of Jesus: Why did the other disciples not stop Judas when Jesus revealed the betrayer at the Last Supper?

Communion: What about a church that does not believe in taking communion?

Marriage Supper of the Lamb: When is the marriage supper of the Lamb?
Ghosts & Goblins: What is your opinion about people seeing ghosts?

Satan entering Judas: When Jesus was washing all the feet of His disciples, He said, "not all of you are clean", when did satan enter Judas? [John 13]

The Cup at the Last Supper: In Luke 22:17-20, is the cup in verse 17 the same cup in verse 20? [Luke 22:17-20]

Last Supper at Mark's Mother's House: If the last supper was at Mark's mother's house, why did they not know where to go and had to be lead there?

Objectionable Elements for Lord's Supper: Using objectionable elements for the Lord's Supper/communion, is that acceptable? (cont. after break)

Kingdom of God Now or Later: Is the Kingdom of God right now or not until the future yet? Didn't it officially come into being right before the death of Christ on the cross, because during the Lord's Supper He said He wasn't going to take it, & even rejected it once on the cross, but right before He died, He accepted it, so was that establishing the Kingdom right then? [Matthew 26:29, Matthew 27:34, Matthew 27:48, Luke 22:15-16]

Passover & the Lord's Supper: Are the Passover & the Lord's Supper the same thing? [Matthew 26:26]
Lord's Supper in the New Covenant: Where can I find out about the Lord's Supper & the New Covenant involving it? [Matthew 26:17-26, Mark 14:12, Luke 22:7-22, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34]

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