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Topic: Haggai (Book)

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Number of Jews into Exile: How many Jews went into exile in Babylon?
Holy Garments, Holy Mean, Clean & Unclean: Why is the prophet speaking of holy garments and and holy meat? [Haggai 2:10, I Corinthians 6:9-11].

Shaking of the Heavens & the Earth (Follow-up): Caller thinks the shakeup might be Jews having victory over their Adversaries. [Haggai 26, Acts 2]

Shaking the Heavens & the Earth: Is there a fulfillment that was fulfilled during Haggai's Day or just the institution of the New Covenant? [Haggai 2:6, Hebrews 12:26]

"And this word": What does "this word" mean? Isn't this book talking about Jesus, & don't forget about Moses & the Law, but that Jesus is SO much better? Why is he referring to Haggai? [Hebrews 12:27]

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