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Topic: Son of Man

Episode Topic Audio

Son of Man: Would you explain the title for Jesus, "Son of Man"? [Daniel 7].
"My God, My God, Why Hath Thou Forsaken Me"?: What was meant when Jesus hung on the cross and cried out, "My God, my God, why hath thou forsaken me?" Did He not know and expect what was happening to Him? [Matthew 27:46, Psalm 22:1].

Thank You to Steve for His Show: Thank you for teaching outside the common theological box.
Ezekiel - Type of Christ: Was Ezekiel a type of Christ because of the frequency of the use of "the son of man" when he was referred to? [Psalm 8:4].

Son of Man: Why did He call Himself, "Son of Man", when He was the "Son of God"? [Daniel 7:12f, Acts 7:56].

Son of Man: Why does Jesus refer to Himself as the "Son of man"?
Jesus referring to Himself as Christ: Why didn't He call Himself Christ more often than Son of man?

Sign of the Son of Man: What is the "sign of the son of man in heaven"? If it appears in Heaven, we will see it? [Matthew 24:30]

Son of Man: Can you tell me what "son of man (Son of Man)" means?

Stephen's Last Words: Were the last words of Stephen the fulfillment of Matthew 24:30? [Matthew 24:30]

Son of Man: What does the "Son of Man", "son of man" mean, both in the Old Testament & the New Testament?

Son of Man: What does "Son of Man", "son of man" mean?

"Son of God", "Son of Man": Why does Jesus refer to Himself as "Son of God", "Son of Man" & what do they mean? (calls later in show)

Trinity: My friend doesn't believe in the Trinity because it can't be found in the Bible the word itself also. [John 1] (the audio skips a little bit seems to be only limited to this Q, & the previous)
Jesus being fully God & Man: One problem He has is Jesus being 100% human/man, & 100% God. How can that be possible? [Philippians 2:5-8]

Son of Man & Ezekiel: Ezekiel is called, "son of man" many times, why is that?

Angel of the Lord & Son of Man: Is the Angel of the Lord always talking about Jesus or also angels of God? Jesus is also called the "Son of Man". Can that be talked about?

Son of Man: Why is Ezekiel referred to as "the son of man" 90 times in the book of Ezekiel?
Vision of the Bronze Man: Going away from the sacrificial system but coming back to it, is that what that vision is saying? [Ezekiel 40-48]

"You are gods": What does it mean in Psalm 82:6 "you are gods"? [Psalm 82:6, John 10:24-26]
Jesus as the Son of God: Is this why the Jews were so offended when Jesus called Himself the "Son of God", they knew Psalms 82 was just poetic language calling people gods? Why did Jesus call Himself the Son of Man? He got that from Daniel 7:12, right? [Daniel 7:12]
Jesus as the Son of Man: But what about Ezekiel even being called that more than Jesus?

Son of Man: Why did Jesus refer to Himself as the, "Son of Man"? [Daniel 7:13]

Son of God at Jesus' Incarnation: Where could I find a good resource or book about the "Son of God" only referring to Jesus after His Incarnation? [John 1]

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