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Topic: Noah

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Tower of Babel Produced Many Languages: Could you explain how the events at the Tower of Babel produced so many languages? [Genesis 11].

Ancient Pagan Cultural Influences: Are you familiar with the Behistun, the Gilgamesh Epic, and Sumarian Tablets and how they may be informing us to the source of certain ideas, events, and cultures?

Jesus in the Tomb: When Jesus was in the tomb, where was His soul? [Psalm 16:10, Acts 2:27, I Peter 3:20, I Peters 1:11, 2 Peter 2:5].
"Do Not Touch Me": What was meant when Jesus said to Mary that she was not to touch Him? [John 20:17].

Jesus Preaching to Those in Prison (Hades or Hell): Could you talk about the verses in Peter where Jesus went to preach to those in prison (or Hades) in the days of Noah? [I Peter 3:18-19, I Peter 1:11, 2 Peter 2:5].

Noah's Awareness of the Americas: Did Noah know about the Americas?
Christians After the Rapture: If all the Christians will be raptured, from where do all the Christians come that are refusing the chip ?
Microchips: What is the logic behind the idea of microchips being place in Christians?

Regional Flood in Genesis: Does this verse indicate a regional flood, rather than a world-wide flood? [2 Peters 3:6].
How Much Did Jesus Know About God, the Father?: How much did Jesus know about God, the Father? If He did not know every thing, then how could He know about creation [Genesis, Matthew 19, Matthew 24, Luke 11].

After Noah's Flood, Yet Sin Abounded: What was accomplished by the flood if the same sin was in Noah's family, and it didn't change much afterward?

Who is Melchizedek?: What was Melchizedek's purpose and background? Was he related to Noah? [Genesis 14, Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 7:1-10, John 8:56].

Regional or Worldwide Flood of Noah: Do you think that the flood of Noah was worldwide or just regional, and were there any mountains then?
Regional Flood & People Groups from 60 Million Years Ago: Since science seems to indicate that the flood had to be regional because of evidence that people groups were present in some areas for 60 million years.

The Names of Noah's Sons: What do you think about the meaning of the names Shem, Ham, Japheth, as dark, light and gray and its relationship to racial tensions?
"Days of Noah" & End Times: Do you think that we are facing the times described "as in the days of Noah" and in the book of Revelation? [Matthew 24:37-39].

Disrespect for Fathers: Could you talk about the ramifications of children disrespecting their father? [Genesis 9:21].

Noah and His Sons Behavior: Could you talk about the story of Noah and his sons and how sons must honor their parents?

Left Behind & Took Away: Where is the one taken, and what is going on with the one left behind? [Matthew 24:38-40, Psalm 91:7-8, Luke 17, 2 Thessalonians 1:8].

Types & Antitype-The Flood & Baptism: Could it be that The Flood as a type, and baptism as its antitype, also be seen as baptism as a type of being washed in the blood of Jesus?

Noah's Ark: Is it conceivable that the animals on Noah's ark were just babies, and not really full grown?
7th Day Adventists: Would you tell me about the 7th Day Adventists and if they are Christians? [Romans 14].

Noah's Drunkeness: So what happened in Noah's tent after he got drunk?

As in the Days of Noah: Are we in the "days of Noah"? [Genesis 6:1-8, Matthew 24:37, Luke 17:26].

Noah's Ark: How did Noah get down from Mount Ararat after the water receded following the flood? [Genesis 8:5]

Noah-a Real Event or Fabricated Story: As an intelligent and honest man, can you really believe the story of Noah?

Noah's Drunkeness & Curse on Canaan: Why would Canaan be cursed because of what Ham did when Noah got drunk? [Genesis 9:25-27].

Animals on the Ark: How could it be true that Noah got every single animal on to the ark? [

Moses Authorship: How did Moses know what happened in the Garden of Eden, and other events, when he wrote about the events in Genesis?
Life Span in Old Testament: Why did Noah and other Old Testament characters have such a long life-span as compared to us today? [Psalm 90].

Noah's Ark: Do you think that Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat has been found?

The Flood: Was the flood world-wide, or just local? Was there enough time for people to get away? Was the purpose of the ark meant to be also be a type and shadow of salvation? [Genesis 6-7]

Global Flood & Fossil Records: Was there a global flood in Noah's day? Why do we not see fossil records from the animals that came off the Ark and migrated to various area? What do you say to someone having trouble believing in the Bible because of doubting the flood story?

God's Foreknowledge: The Flood: Why would God go forward with His plans when He knows how corrupt people would still be today? God's patience. If the Flood, 4,000 years ago, didn't cure humankind of their sin, then why continue the project? [Genesis 4]

Dinosaurs: Did the dinosaurs die during the flood?

Antiquities & Artifacts: Biblical antiquities & artifacts, are they genuine?

Atheist & Noah's Ark & Flood: What do you say to atheists who say the story about Noah's flood is too far-fetched to be believable?

Methuselah & the Length of the Year: The length of a year in the day of Methuselah's day?

Noah's Ark a parallel to Jesus Christ & the Gospel: Jesus and the cross reflected in the Noah's ark & the Pitch, is that a good parallel legit? [Genesis 6:14, I Peter 3:20-21]

Noah & his son Ham: Did Ham molest his father? what is going on in this story? [Genesis 9]

Adoption: Someone was asking about adoption, & there is an abundance of availability of children. Not many infants, but teenagers, but 6 years old or up.
Noah's son Ham: Noah's son, Ham, why was he cursed?

Noah & the Flood a type of Baptism: Was noah & the flood some type of baptism, preserving the righteous?

Timeline of Noah & the Flood: Can we determine the time frame of the flood & Noah with science?

My Spirit shall not always Strive: My Spirit will not strive w/ men forever, what does that mean that He'll run out of patience? [Genesis 6:3]

Adam & Eve & Noah: How old were Adam & Eve before they started having children? What about Noah & his wife?

Curse on Ham's Son Canaan: Irenaeus quotes passage from Genesis where Canaan is cursed and says Ham instead.

Noah's Curse of Canaan: Why did Noah curse Ham's son Canaan & not Ham?

Dinosaurs: How do Dinosaurs fit in to everything?

The Curse on Ham (Canaan): What exactly happened when the curse of Ham (Canaan) happened? What else exactly happened in the tent? [Genesis 9]
The Jesus Culture: Is the Jesus Culture related to the Bethel church in Redding?

Noah & Abraham: How come Noah isn't considered the father of all nations but instead Abraham?

Impossibility of Building Ark: A non-believer said there is NO WAY Noah could build the ark so Genesis couldn't possibly be true.

Lectures on Covenants: Do you have any lectures dealing w/ the covenants?
Different Kinds of Covenants: What can you tell me about the different kind of covenants right here & now?
Mosaic Law: People say that the Mosaic law reveal the character of God.

Kingdom of God: Caller really enjoyed the lecture about the Kingdom of God Steve had done in WA state recently. (Steve just wrote a book about the Kingdom of God called, "Empire of the Risen Son", Part 1 & 2, October 2020)
The Dove, the Flood & Holy Spirit: The Dove never coming back because he had a place to land, & soon as Jesus got baptized, & His followers were going to start being baptized, the Holy Spirit having a place to go, is what the caller thinks. [1 Peter 2:20-21]
Sons of God: We as Christians have authority as the Sons of God & our Father is our Righteous "Judge". We need to realize our authority over demons, our own sins & God's extreme love for us as His children.

Holy Spirit gone from the Flood until Jesus: Did the Spirit of God leave humanity from the time of the flood until Jesus Christ, the dove leaving the ark & never coming back, but, returning when Jesus was baptized? [Genesis 8:12, Matthew 3:16, Mar 1:10, Luke 3:22, John 1:32]

Life Expectancy of 120 Years: God decreasing life expectancy to 120 years. Can you explain that? [Genesis 6:3, Genesis 11]

Noah & his Family After the Flood: What did noah & his family eat after the flood since there was not much vegetation there yet?

PBS Special on Noah's Ark: I was watching a PBS special on the Flood & Noah's Ark, & they said that it happened Epic of Gilgamesh which was written way before Genesis, so Moses just got it from that. Is that true?

Calculation problems w/ Noah's Ark: It just seems like an impossibility all the logistics involving all the animals in Noah's ark. How would it be possible? All the food, all the clean up. [Genesis 6]

Noah's Flood: Was the Flood a world-wide flood, & how long ago was it, & there seems to be so much diversity among the people of the earth that it'd almost seem impossible that they came from Noah. [Genesis 6]

Mark of the Beast: You'd have to be a willing participant to get the Mark of the Beast, you couldn't be deceived into it, isn't that right? [Revelation 13:11-18]
Span between Adam (Noah) & Abraham: Is there something missing there between the Fall of Adam & Eve until Abraham of how men lost sight of God?

Laughter is Medicine: Is there any verse in the Bible about Laughter being good for the soul? [Proverbs 17:2]
The Date During Noah's Flood: Could they keep track of the years back then? Do we know the date way back then?

120 years: What is the 120 years being referred to in [Genesis 6:3]?

Lifespan of Humans Before Flood: What is the most satisfactory explanation Steve knows of for people living so long before the Flood but suddenly shorter lives a while after the Flood?

Noah & Ham, "Uncovered his nakedness": What was the nakedness Ham uncovered? Why did Canaan get cursed when he had nothing to do w/ anything? [Genesis 9:20-27]

Extra Days, 8th day & 9th day: 8th day was Noah, 9th day was the New Earth & New Heaven (Very Weird Call)

Olivet Discourse & Noah's Flood: How does the stuff Jesus described in the Olivet Discourse compare with what happened during the days of Noah? [Matthew 24, Genesis 6-8]

Races coming from Noah's family: How is possible for all the races to come from Noah's family (or Adam & Eve for that matter)?

People after the Flood: Was Noah & his family the only people that made it after the Flood? If it IS the case, why so many primitive people?
Mosquitos & Plagues: Did God create things like Mosquitos, Flies & plagues/diseases?
6,000 years being enough time: It just doesn't seem like 6,000 years is enough time for everything to have happened that happened, millions & millions of people being killed & so on?

Age of the Earth starting at the Flood: Perhaps the Jewish reckoning from the 2nd to last call started during the Flood?

Shem, Ham & Japheth: Who was the youngest son of Noah, Shem, Ham or Japheth? (Genesis 9)

Mary, Jesus & turning the water into wine: Did Mary know Jesus could do this type of miracle because of things she had possibly seen Him do before the "first" miracle of turning water into wine? [John 2:1-10]
Noah cursing Canaan: So if Ham was the one who saw Noah's nakedness, why was Canaan cursed by Noah & not Ham? [Genesis 9:25]

Kabbalah & the movie, "Noah": What is this Kabbalah Jewish manuscript you were talking about regarding the movie, "Noah"?

The new movie, "Noah": Are the "watchers" that were in the new movie, "Noah", biblical? (They talk about it for awhile, the 2nd question is asked, then they come back to this.)
Fallen Angels, Jude & Genesis: Is there a connection between Jude & Genesis regarding the Fallen Angels? [Genesis 6:1-4, Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]

Noah Film: What do you think of the new Movie coming out about Noah?
Real Story of Noah: What can we take away from the real story of Noah? [Genesis 6]

2 Global Floods: There of course was Noah's Flood, but I heard from 2 preachers recently that there was a global flood before Noah's, somewhere at the very beginning of Genesis, but I can't find it. Can you tell me where it is? [Genesis 1:1-2, 6:1-9]

Ron Wyatt discovering Noah's Ark: Noah's Ark is in the valley of Mt Ararat, not the mountain.

Earth to Land: I've heard you say that the word "Earth" should be sometimes translated to "Land". Why?
Noah's Flood: What evidence supports your view that Noah's Flood was global?

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