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Topic: Prayer

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Necessary Posture for Prayer: Is there anything in the Bible that indicates we need to close our eyes and bow our heads to pray? [I Kings 8:22, I Kings 8:54].

Prayer for Things and for Others: Is it wrong to feel uncomfortable when people ask me to pray for their wants, needs, and desires, as I typically just thank Him and ask to do well, and would this hesitancy indicate I might not be saved? [Philippians 4:6, I Peter 5:7, John 5:30].

Family Curses & Divine Counsel for Prayer: Have you heard of bringing prayer to a "counsel of divine judges" which may be tied to Genesis? He feels he may have a family curse. [Genesis 1:26-28, I Corinthians 6:3].
The Didache: What do you think about "The Didache"?

Confessing Sins for Forgiveness & Healing: Could you clarify the verse about confessing sins, prayer, anointing, laying on of hands resulting in forgiveness and healing? [James 5:14-16, Psalm 91:10, 2 Corinthians 12:8-10].

The Authority of the Christian: What kind of power and authority does Christian actually have, such as commanding things to happen, directing angels, binding demons, etc.? [Romans 4, Matthew 16:18-19, Matthew 18:18].
Praying for Someone Who Wants to be Healed: What should we do if we are not sure if God wants to heal someone, since it really is up to God and His will, when we are asked to pray for their healing?
Lecture About "Speaking in Tongues": Where do I go on your website if I want to know more about "speaking in tongues"? Recommended topical lecture: "Charisma and Character".

God Hears the Prayers of Muslims: Does God hear the prayers of the Muslims? [Acts 17:23].

Our Responsibility Over Earth by Prayer: Do you agree with the statement of Wesley's that God does nothing on earth except in response to prayer? [Matthew 6:10, Genesis 1:26-27].

Jewish Prayer Shawl (Tallit): Should we be wearing the Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl)? [I Corinthians 11:16, Deuteronomy 22:5, Numbers 6].

Exorcism of the Little Girl: Would you talk a little bit about when the disciples could not render a successful exorcism on a little girl? [Matthew 17:21, Mark 9:29].

"Contemplative Prayer": What is your opinion of "Contemplative Prayer" (based on an anonymous book, "The Cloud of Unknowing")?

Tongues as a Prayer Language: Can you support speaking in tongues as a prayer language with scripture? [I Corinthians 14:23, I Corinthians 14:1-5, I Corinthians 14:26-28, Jude 1:20].
Tongues Limited to 2-3: Is the limit of 2-3 that are allowed to speak in tongues meant for us today, or was it meant to be more specific to a particular congregation? [I Corinthians 4:14:27].

God Speaking: As I am going through a difficult marriage with an adulterous wife, how does one know when God is speaking to you? [Colossians 3:15].
Satan Getting into Prayer: Can Satan get a hold of people through their prayers to a more generic God, and use it to mislead?

Steve Gregg's New Books: Caller commends Steve's new book; "Empire of the Risen Son" (Vol 1, "There is Another King", and Vol 2, "All the King's Men").
Those That Don't Want to Hear: How does one evangelize those that know about Christ and just don't want to hear about it? Recommended book; "The Kneeling Christian" by the Unknown Christian.

Imprecatory Prayer: Did Jesus or his apostles ever pray" imprecatory prayers", and are we to do that today? [Galatians 1:8, I Corinthians 16:22, 2 Timothy 4:14, Revelation 6:9]

God Always Hearing and Watching Us: How does one know that God's eyes are on them and His ears are attentive to our prayers, as it says in scripture? [I Peter 3:12, Luke 12:7, Proverbs 15:13, 2 Chronicles 20:12].
Raising Children: What is the best advice you can give us for raising our children?

Imputed Righteousness Availing Much in Prayer: Will our prayers be effective and avail much because of God's imputed righteousness? [James 5:16, I John 3:7].

End Times (Eschatology) Lectures: Caller recommend Steve Gregg lectures; "When Shall These Things Be" on
People Praying Together: Does God pay more attention to people praying together in unison?
"Remnant Call" with Benjamin Baruch: Would you look into Benjamin Baruch and "Remnant Call" radio?

Praying for Jesus' Return: Are we really to be praying for Jesus to come back, because aren't we then praying for things to get really bad (as in the tribulation)? [Matthew 6:10].

Binding & Loosing in Heaven & Earth: Could you help me sort out the scripture about people "binding and loosing" things in heaven and earth, and who He was talking to? [Matthew 18:18, I Corinthians 7].
Where Two or More are Gathered: What are the implications of "where two or more are gathered in my name"? [Matthew 18:20, Ephesians 2:20].

Steve's Parents & His Christian Faith: How did your parents help you shape your decision to follow Christ?

Mental Health, Counseling & Psychotherapy: Is it too extreme to say that one doesn't need psycho-therapists to heal mental health issues? Isn't Jesus is enough? Lecture: "Biblical Counsel for a Change".

How to Pray: What does the Bible say about a protocol or posture for praying? [I Kings 8:22, I Timothy 2:8, Luke 11:2, Matthew 6:9, John 8:44].

Demon Exorcism: Do you think that a new technique using iron to help exorcised of demons? [Matthew 17:19, Ephesians 4:26-27, 2 Corinthians 2:11].
Prayer & Laying on Hands: Is praying for someone in another room, just as effective as laying on hands? [Acts 19:12].

Calling God by His Actual Name: Caller suggests that one needs to address God by His actual name, and because we are not doing so, we may be seeing His spirit departing from us.

Pronunciation of the Name, Jesus: Some say that the accurate pronunciation of Jesus' name is important.
Prayer for Salvation: How does one have to do it, to be saved? Some say it isn't by a prayer, but by abiding in Christ.

Praying with Those that Disagree: Is it wrong for a Christian to pray with those of Eastern Orthodoxy, who don't think they should pray with you?
The Trinity Option: Are there scriptures that substantiate that belief in the trinity is not necessary to follow Jesus and be saved? [Luke 10:20, John 5:24, John 14:9, John 16:3, I John 2:22, Romans 10:9].

Speaking in Tongues: What is your personal experience like with speaking in tongues? [I Corinthians 14, Jude 20].

Request for Prayer for Sudi: Request for prayers for Sudi, who was just discovered to have a mass that is likely to be cancer.
The Right Church and Denomination: How can one be sure they are in the right denomination, if experiences in the wrong one were somewhat convincing.

Prayer for COVID patients: Caller Joe asks for prayer for him and his friend Ruben, who are now hospitalized for COVID.

Asking Others to Pray for Us: Are there other places that the Bible indicates we should ask others to pray for us, and that God wants prayers better spoken by the more faithful person? [Job 40, Genesis 20].

Prayer Group: Caller offers his church prayer group for a previous caller (469-487-4926).

Pornographic Temptation & Prayer Challenge: I am suffering extra temptation when I am praying against the whole realm of pornography, how should I react against these attacks? [James 5:16, Matthew 18:20, Ephesians 6:12]

Compassion: Caller comments on compassion.
Regurgitation of Prayers: I often feel my prayers are so repetitive, that it is almost a mindless regurgitation, how do I remedy that? [Lamentations 3:22-23, Matthew 6:11].

A Minister Who Goes on State Subsidized Furlough: What do you think about a pastor who is going on a state subsidized furlough because the church can't pay him? It seems that ministry should not require either retirement, leave or salary at all.
A Better Prayer Life: I desire a better, longer, and more devoted prayer life as many great men of God in the past. Can you direct me?

Angry About Sickness & Pain: At what point is my anger about my sickness and pain sin? [Job 1:21, 2 Corinthians 12:9].
Praying for Death: Since I am in chronic pain, is it wrong to pray for my own early death, or can I neglect it and hope for death? [I Corinthians 3:16, I Corinthians 5:19, 2 Corinthians 6:16, I Peter 4:19, I Peter 5:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9, 2 Corinthians 4:16].

Praying to the Saints: Could you help me understand the verses and tradition of praying to the saints? [Revelation 5:8, Revelation 8:1-9:20].

Prayer for Election Honesty: Caller requests prayer for honesty of the election and the re-election of Donald Trump.

How Should We be Praying?: How often and how long should we pray for a particular need? Do we always pray for His will? [I John 5:14, Luke 18:1-8, Daniel 10].

Pray for the Election: Caller requests prayer for the upcoming election.

The Intro Whistling Music for The Narrow Path: Is the whistling music yours?
Healing Promised to Christians: It appears as though there is a promise about guaranteed healing that doesn't seem to work out as indicated-are we missing something? [James 5:14-15, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Galatians 4:13, I Timothy 5:23, 2 Timothy 4:20, Philippians 2:27].

God's Promise to Heal the Land: How applicable is the verse in Chronicles about God's people humbling themselves and His healing the land to us today? [2 Chronicles 7:14].

Evidence that Christianity is Not True: Is it not evidence that Christianity is not true since there are those that wish to feel something from the Holy Spirit and they don't? [James 1:7 Matthew 8:26].
Losing Faith: How can one continue to believe in something that they don't see evidence of?
The Resurrection isn't a Historical Fact, it's a Supernatural claim: Caller says that the resurrection isn't a historical fact, and doesn't it require more evidence to claim the supernatural?

Can I Know God and Pray to Jesus: In light of this passage in Matthew about knowing God, can I know God and pray to Jesus? [Matthew 11:27-30, Matthew 16:13-20].

Will God Answer the Prayers of an Unsaved Sinner?: As someone that is not certain they are saved, and continues to sin, will God still answer my prayers? [I John 3:10, John 10:27].
A 65% Believer: What if I am only 65% a believer, and am not sure that Jesus did not actually rise from the dead?
Christianity Hard to Get into: Is this Christianity not a tough school to get into? The criteria is rigorous.

Praying to Another God: Don't you think it would be an insult and sin to pray to anyone but God?
Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Would you comment on the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Why Does God Let Children Die if He Can Do Miracles?: Why would God do miracles for certain people and let children die of starvation every day?
Bible is Not Reliable: Caller says the Bible is not reliable, because He says He is sorry He ever made mankind. [Genesis 6:6].

Miracles Today: Caller shares his story of a miraculous experience. [Mark 11:24].

Idealist View of Revelation: Would you help me understand the "Idealist" view of Revelation?
Praying in the Spirit: How does one pray in the spirit, if they don't speak in tongues? [Jude 20, I Corinthians 14:14, Ephesians 6:18].

Praying for Petty Things: Can one pray for things that are just too petty to be prayed for?

Why Pray: What is the purpose of prayer, if God doesn't change His mind, and things are established already? [2 Kings 20, I John 5:14-15].

Declaring Outcomes & Demands in the Lord's Name: What do you think of those who "declare" or "cut-off" something or insist that we have the power to make demands? [Luke 10:19, Jude 9, Zechariah 3:2].

Addressing Jesus or the Holy Spirit in Our Prayers: Is it acceptable to address Jesus in prayer, or are we disobeying him to not address God directly? [John 16:23-26, Acts 4:25-30, Ephesians 3:14, Matthew 7:11, Matthew 6:9-13], Luke 11:13, Revelation 22:20, Acts 7:59, Ezekiel 37:9].

Praying to Mary and the Saints: Is there any scriptures that tells us not to pray to Mary and the saints?

God No Longer Heeds the Voice of Man: Could you help me understand the phrase, God "no longer heeded the voice of man"? [Joshua 10:14].

God Answering Jesus' Prayers: Do you think that Jesus' prayer life with God was much like ours, or did Jesus actually hear directly back from God? [Matthew 3:17, Matthew 17:5, John 12:28].

Asking Other's to Say the Lord's Prayer: Would you ask other Christians to say The Lord's Prayer together? [Psalm 91, Luke 17:8, Exodus 3:12, Luke 2:37].

Prayer for Restoration and Revival: Caller encourages prayer for restoration and revival.

Prayer to Affect the Choices of Others: Can you pray that someone make certain choices, but they can still resist to do it? [Acts 7:51].

Prayer in Tongues Required: How do I handle someone in a group, who insists that prayer must be in tongues in order to be as powerful as it can be? [Matthew 6:6].
Binding & Loosing: What does it mean to "bind and loose" on earth, particularly relative to prayer? [Matthew 18:18, Matthew 16:19].

The Sinner's Prayer: Why are you against saying the sinner's prayer and asking Jesus into one's heart, as I was saved by doing so?

Arminians Not Willing to Pray for the Salvation of Others: Could you help me refute the Calvinist argument that Arminianism undermines the motivation to pray for the unsaved?

Prayer & Fasting Urgency: Caller encourages listeners to pray with sincerity and fasting (referring to Dr. B.J. Willhite's book, Why Pray, and Steve's lectures)?

Disappointed in Steve's Handling of a Caller that needed prayer: I was disappointed that you did not pray with someone you talked to last week. I think you should have tried to evangelized him.

Who Do You Worship: Who do you pray to, and who do you worship? [Ephesians 3:14, Matthew 6:9-13].
God's Name-Jehovah: Is it important that we know that God's name is Jehovah?

Fear, Anxiety, Worry: Would you talk about fear, anxiety and worry in the life of a believer? [Hebrews 12].

Tongues as an Unknown Language: Where in scripture can you make a case for speaking in tongues being an unknown language, pehaps that of angels? [I Corinthians 14:2 & 13].
Tongues as a Known Language: Is tongues in the book of Acts at Pentecost a known language? [Acts 2, Acts 10, Acts 19, I Corinthians 14, Jude 1:20].

Prayer Required for Fulfillment of God's Promises: Would you comment on whether we have to pray for God's promises to be fulfilled? [Jeremiah 18:8, Daniel 9, Acts 4, Psalm 2].

Prayer in Biblical Inquiry: What place should prayer have in discussions when biblical questions are asked in order to gain unity? [Romans 14]

Kingdom of God: Could you elaborate Jesus' statement in Luke 16, about the kingdom of God, pressing into it, and the fulfillment of the law? [Luke 16:16-17, Matthew 11:12, 19:23, 16:24, 5:17].
Absent Military Family Member: Can you encourage me as I struggle with my wife's absence in the military?

Why Do We Pray: Do we pray to change things, or pray that God will changes his mind, or what? [James 4:2-3, Matthew 6:10].

Angry with God: When a believer is disappointed or angry with God, Is it always sinful, or does God actually welcome our feelings? [Job 13:15].
Psalms, Prayer & the Human Heart: Do you think that God put the Psalms in scripture to just give an example of the human heart?

Praying for the Dead: I told my daughter to not pray for my dead sister. Can you help me support that decision with scripture? [I John 5:16].
Lighting Candles: Is the practice of lighting candles for spiritual reasons toying with witchcraft?

Transfiguration-Proves Saints are Alive: Does the vision of Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration prove to us that they were alive in heaven? [Matthew 17:3-9].
Transfiguration-Don't Tell: Why did Jesus tell them not to tell anyone about the vision? Did He not heal in public? [Matthew 17:3, 16:3, John 6:15].
Saints in Heaven Praying: Who are the saints offering up prayers as incense in Revelation? [Revelation].

Prayer for Caller: Caller encourages Clint, an earlier caller, asking that everyone pray for him as he has been contemplating suicide.

Prayers Offered for Us by the Saints: Do you think that the Catholics view about saints offering our prayers for us is justified by scripture? [Revelation 5:8, 8:3-4].

Praying Before Meals: When was the tradition of praying before meals begin? [Luke 24:30, Acts 27:35].

Praying after the Sermon: Does the Bible say anything about praying for the congregants right after a preacher's sermon?

Praying to Mary: Why do Catholics pray to Mary? Is it in their Bible?

Prayer & Supplication: Can you sort the differences between prayer and supplication? [Philippians 4:6].

God Protecting Us: Do you think that God protects us when He doesn't want us to be tempted or tested, like the hedge put around Job?
The Lord's Prayer: In the Lord's Prayer, is the "us" talking about myself and the Holy Spirit?

Catholic Traditions-Praying to Mary, Forgiven by Priests, Holy Water: Is it really sin, or idolatry, when Catholics pray to Mary, instead of to God? What about when they say you have to go to a priests to get your sins forgiven [Acts 8, James 2].

Healing: I keep praying for healing, and I am remaining consistently in prayer and faithful, so why do we not get results quickly? [John 14:12, Isaiah 1:6, 53:4, I Peter 2:21-25, 2 Corinthians 12:8-10].

Praying to God or to Jesus: I pray to Father God, and feel as though I should be praying to Jesus, can you clear this up for me? [Matthew 6:9-13, John 16:23].

Answers to Prayer: How do we recognize when and how God is answering our prayers? [Philippians 2:13, I Peter 5:7].

Speaking in Tongues: What does it mean to have a "prayer language" (speaking in tongues) and are you familiar with the two kinds called glossolalia and zenoglossia? [I Thessalonian 5:21].

Satan's Authority on Earth: Did Satan get authority over man when man fell?
A Father's Prayers for His Children: Does a father's prayers have more authority, or effectiveness, for or over one's children, than do others? [Ephesians 6:1].
Dominion: Is the word in Genesis for "dominion" synonymous with "authority"?

Answers to Prayer: Is there a disclaimer to all the verses that seem to imply that we will get all the things we ask for in prayer? [Matthew 5:45, 6:9, 7:7-9, Luke 22:42, I John 5:14, John 15:7, John 11, Psalm 34:10, 84:11].

Exegesis and Eisegesis: Can you clarify the difference between "exegesis" & "eisegesis"?
Mary: What do you think about the answer I got from a Catholic about how could Mary hear prayers of more than one person at a time?
Debating Catholics: Would you debate a Catholic radio host?

Repentance and Judgment: Why do we pray for judgment of the unrepentant? [2 Peter 3, Ezekiel 33:11, Revelation 6:9-11].

Head Coverings, Men's Long Hair: Can you help me understand this passage about head coverings, especially the part about the "power on her head because of the angels?" [I Corinthians 11:2-16, Psalm 119:11].

Head coverings & Cross-Dressing: What does scripture actually mean when discussing women and wearing head coverings? [I Corinthians 11:10, 16].

Praying to Mary: Comments from a Catholic about why he feels that it is Biblical to ask Mary or other saints to pray on the behalf of others [Luke 15:4-7, I Corinthians 12:20-27].

Praying to Mary: What do you say when you speak to a Catholic about praying to Mary? [Matthew 6:9, Luke 11:2].

Book Recommendations: Another's book recommendations: The Cloud of the Unknowing (anonymous), writings of Teresa of Avila
Contemplative Prayer: What do you think about contemplative prayer?

National Day of Prayer: What do you think about the National Day of Prayer? Should we not be praying every day? Shouldn't more churches be more involved?

Prayer in faith (follow-up): What does it mean when the Bible says whatever things we ask for, we will have them? [Mark 11:24]

Prayer: Does God not hear or answer our prayers if we don't say "in Jesus name"?

Calvinism: From a Calvinist point of view, does it make sense to pray for unbelievers?

Healing: What should we do about friends & family that need healing? [Peter 2:24, Luke 10:30-37, John 11:1-44, Philippians 4:6, I Corinthians 12:30].

Wedding Wine Miracle: When Mary told Jesus about running out of wine at the wedding, why did He address her the way he did and what did Jesus mean by "my hour is not yet come." Why did He ultimately end up performing the miracle? [John 2].
Praying to Mary: What about praying to Mary?

Prayer in Jesus' Name: What is the significance of praying "in Jesus' name"?
Old Bible redistribution: To whom should I give my old Bibles?

Word of Faith movement: How much power do we have in praying for the salvation of someone?

Jesus Bored w/ Prayers: Can some prayers be boring to Jesus?
Old Covenant & New Covenant: Are there things carried over from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant?

Continuously Repenting: I was told that if we repent & accept Jesus, we no longer need to repent or ask for forgiveness anymore. Is this true?

Anything You Want God Gives: Does the Bible say that anything you want, He will give to you? [John 15, I John 5:14].
Judged by Our Works: Did you say we are not judged by our works?

Suicide: If someone who was seeking God commits suicide, and goes to hell because of his suicide, then does God take into consideration the people still praying for them? [Luke 16:19-31].

Group Prayer More Effective: Is God more likely to answer one personal prayer, or a group of people's prayers? [Acts 1,12:5, James 5:16-17].
Guardian Angels: Do people have their own angels, or guardian angels? [Acts 12:11].

Prayer: Is it better to pray out loud or silently?

Nature of Prayer: Would you touch on the nature of prayer? Is it a two-way conversation?
In Jesus Name: What does it mean to pray "in Jesus' name"? [Colossians 3:17, Hebrew 4:16].

Praying Directly to Jesus: I disagree that we can't or shouldn't pray directly to Jesus because of Stephen in Acts. Also, you say it's okay to be just baptized in Jesus' name, YET Jesus commanded to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. [Mathew 28:18-20, Acts 7:54-60]

Praying for Non-Christians: Should you pray for NON-Christians to be alleviated of their problems?
Praying on our Knees: When should we pray on our knees?

Hung up on "Amen": I'm a new Christian & studying about the word "amen", & it has 2 different meaning, one referring to the Egyptian Deity. Is it possible people are praying to the Egyptians Deity when they say amen?

Praying in Jesus' Name: What would you say of a pastor who says, we are not saved by grace, but we are the sons of God & we don't need to pray "in Jesus' name"?
Jesus Calling Book: What do you think of "Jesus Calling" book?

Praying to Mary: Caller was listening to a Catholic radio show, & they were talking about a book called, "Rethinking Mary", a book explaining why you should be able to pray to Mary. Will praying to Mary affect people's salvation?

Praying for your Enemies: Praying for your enemies, does that include satan?

Contradiction about Judging in the Bible: Scripture seems to contradict itself about judging one another [John 8:15-16, John 9:39]
Apostolic Authority: Jesus & His Disciples just commanded healing & casting out demons. [John 14:12]

Purgatory: Is there really a purgatory like the Catholic church says there is?
Praying to Mary: What about praying to Mary?

Praying to the Saints: Is it biblical to pray to the saints?

Sabbath Keeping Catholic: Keeping the Sabbath as a Catholic. I don't keep the Sabbath day very well, but what do you think about the importance of that?
Praying to Mary: I pray to Mary as a Catholic. What do you think about that?

Crossing Yourselves: How come protestants don't cross themselves?
Communion of the Saints (Praying to Saints): Why don't protestants do communion w/ the saints?

Book of Enoch & Judas: I learned about the books Enoch & Judas.
Prayers: Is it okay to say the prayers from the Old Testament or only the New Testament?
No Place to Lay His Head: the Son of Man having no place to lay His head. [Matthew 8:20]

Fasting: How do you do fasting correctly?

21 Days to Get to Daniel: If God is all powerful then why did it take 21 days? [Daniel 10]

God Ordaining Ever Step: Does God ordain every step of our life?

Elders Praying over the Sick: The elders praying for sick, & they will be forgiven, aren't you ALREADY forgiven? Aren't they 2 different things? If his sins weren't forgiven how does the elders praying over him do it? [James 5:15]

Imprecatory Prayers verses Forgiving People: How do we reconcile the imprecatory prayers in Psalms with forgiving people in the New Testament?

Jesus' Temptation: Why was Jesus able to resist temptation?
Praying to Jesus: Why do we pray to Christ (instead of God the Father)?
Church Named After Christ: Why is His name in the church?

Holy Spirit interceding for us: What does it mean that we don't know what we ought to pray for, & so consequently the Holy Spirit is going to do it for us? [Romans 8:26-27]

Praying to Mary: Where does the Roman Catholic Church get the idea of praying to the Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Victory over Smoking: God gave me complete victory from smoking.
Praying According to God's Will: How do we know that we are actually praying according to God's will?

Praying God's Will: Sometimes prayers are not answered because they are not God's will, but what if you pray that you really want to be saved, & other people are praying for that same person, does He answer that?

Prostrating Yourself 3 Times a Day: What is the Biblical idea of lying prostrate to pray, & praying 3 times a day? Daniel did it. Peter prayed prostrate while on a roof.

Sinner's Prayer: What is your opinion about the Sinner's Prayer?
Methodist Church: What's your opinion about the Methodist church?

21 days to get an Answer: Why did it take an angel 21 days to get to where Daniel was, him having to deal w/ a blockage of the king of persia? Why couldn't God had just blown him out of the way?

God Preordaining everything & Prayer Changing it: Does God preordain everything? But does Prayer sometimes change it?

Praying for God: Is there anywhere in scripture that tells us to pray for God?

Praying to Saints: What motivated prayer to saints?

Praying in the Spirit: Is praying in tongues the same as praying in the Spirit and is that a perfect prayer? [Ephesians 6:18, Jude 20, 1 Corinthians 14:14]

Prayer: Does prayer have to be according to God's will? [1 John]

System of prayer: Do you have any systems of prayer that you recommended?

Fasting: Is fasting still for today? [Matthew 9:14-17, Matthew 17:21]

Doubting God: James says not to doubt when you pray for something, that a person who doubts is like a person who is being tossed by the ocean, a double-minded person, but everyone has a crisis of faith once in awhile, questioning events and why God is allowing something, even John the Baptist did, so what exactly is James saying here? [James 1:5-7, Matthew 11:3, Ephesians 6:16]

Prayer Request: Caller asking for prayer about addressing a board on transgender issues.

Sin, Transgression, Iniquity: Is there different definitions degrees of sin? ? is this how we should pray?

Miracles on Demand: miracles on demand like the apostles did as opposed to just praying, is that still possible?

Angel Traveling Speed of Thought: Gabriel's immediate action regarding Daniel's prayer, & how long does it take to get answers to prayer? [Daniel 8:14]

Watch & Pray: We are about to have an all night vigil but I don't think I'll be able to stay up all night, but is that what "watch" means, staying up?

Mormonism: Mormonism, LDS discussion, the only way to convert a Mormon is on the spiritual level, but also trying to create doubt, & a true prophet would always be right, otherwise they are false prophets.
Figuring out God's Will every Decision: How do we determine what decisions to make as a Christian when it's not clear from the Bible?

Paul & Tongues: Is Paul talking about tongues in both Romans & 1 Corinthians? [Romans 8:26-27, 1 Corinthians 14]

Praying to Jesus or the Father: Should we pray to Jesus or to God the Father?

Jews Still God's Chosen People: are the jews still God's chosen people?
Praying for the Jews: rphould we be praying for them?

Marriage Problems: The caller & his wife are separating for the time being, & have been to a mental hospital, & he just seeks prayer from Steve Gregg.

Prayer Language & Spirit Gifts, Talking in Tongues: Having the gift of tongues & speaking them but confused in church services

Effectiveness of Prayer: Have you ever reviewed the effectiveness in prayer in medical publications?
Hell: Can you tell me about hell? I'm just getting to the point that I just want everyone saved!

Self-Defense with a Gun: Is it okay to have a weapon to defend yourself?
Praying to Mary: My wife is Catholic, & prays to Mary. What do you think about that?

The Kingdom of God: "Understanding the purpose & power of prayer" by Myles Monroe, is a book about the Kingdom of God. Have you ever heard of or agree with him?

Hallowed be Thy Name: "Hallowed be Thy name", what does that mean? [Matthew 6:9]

Asking in Jesus' name or God the Father's: When we pray, do we ask in Jesus name or in the Father's? [John 14:6 & 13, 16:23 & 26]

Praying for Everyone: Can we pray for everyone?

Emergent Church: Can you give me some information about emergent or the emerging church? (he cont. after break w/out having announced it like usually does), & then talks about contemplative prayer, spirit formation, the kingdom of God, the gospel of heaven

Expectations in Prayer: What should we expect when we pray? What should we expect when we follow the pattern Jesus said in the Lord's prayer?

Freed from Babylon: Was the return from Babylon a type of repentance?
Praying for the Downfall of Your Enemies: Praying for downfall of your persecutors.

Prayer & Meditation: What is the difference between pray & meditation,
Meditation & Contemplation: What is the difference between meditation & contemplation?

Paying Tithe: Going to Hell if you don't pay tithe, is that true?
Territorial Demons: The Prince of Persia preventing prayer, does that mean territorial demons? [Daniel 10]

Openness Theology: God's foreknowledge, predestination, God changing His mind, does prayer really change things?

Praying for a man having surgery: P{raying for a man who is having brain surgery that day.

Praying to Jesus verses the Father: Praying to Jesus - perhaps Jesus IS the Father? (followup)

Answer to Prayer: Call is appreciative of prayers, & thinks it was answered to prayer?

Praying directly to Jesus or the Father: (followup) praying to Jesus vs the Father
Healing: Is this talking about our sickness will be healed? [Isaiah 53:4, Matthew 8:17]

Prayer Request: Caller asking for healing/health

Pray to the Father or Jesus: What is the proper way to pray, to the Father or to Jesus or to either or?

People liking to be Heard: Hypocrites liking to be heard, that verse is confusing to me. [Matthew 6:5]

God hearing the Prayers of a Sinner: Does God hear the prayers of sinners? What about someone living in sin?
Suicide: Is suicide a sin?

Asking & God's Will: Just wondering if I ask for God's will, will He open & close doors for me because I'm in a desperate situation [Matthew 7:7, John 14:13]

Prayer & Disagreement: Asking for prayer & disagreement among the body of Christ in secondary issues

Vendetta against the SDA Church: SDAs/Adventists suggest that you shouldn't PRAY for people who drink coffee or tea.
Jesus having a sinful nature: Jesus had a sinful Nature.

Kneeling to Pray: kneeling in the Catholic church, why don't the Protestants kneel?

Knowing God: Experiencing & Knowing God, not just having an intellectual knowledges about Him & having a routine in prayer & worship.

Power in Christ: Our "authority" in Christ, being saved, prayer, word of faith

Being gods: Why in scripture does it call people "gods"? [John 10:34-35, Psalms 82:6]
Steve Gregg's Devotion Life: What does your daily devotion look like?

Praying Again & Again for the Same Thing: Should we pray for the same thing over & over again? [Luke 18:1-8, Daniel 10:12-14, 2 Corinthians 12:8]
Narrow Path Radio Program Locations: Does your broadcast reach in New York at all because I have a friend I'd love to be able to listen to your program? (Incidentally, at the time of this writing, there IS a radio station in NY now carrying his program.)

Kneeling to Pray: Do we need to kneel to pray?
Determining if you are Chosen: Is there a way someone can know they are Chosen?

Communicating with the Father, Son or Holy Ghost: Is it okay to communicate to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit interchangeably?

Prayer Request: Bad things are happening in India, & requesting prayer that Christians will be able to continue to share the gospel.

Pray w/ out ceasing, Rejoicing: It seems to be a little difficult doing all these "dictates" of Christianity 24/7. How are you supposed to function to be able to do these, pray w/ out ceasing, always be rejoicing & so on? [1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Philippians 4:6]

encouragement about guilt over a murder-suicide: I just wanted to call & encourage the man who had a guilty conscience about a murder-suicide his father committed.
Celebrating Christmas: comments about a previous caller about not celebrating Christmas.

Chosen by God: Why should I ask for my husband to be saved if it's not necessarily God's will for him to be saved?

Fasting: How do you fast in private w/ when some people will obviously know? [Matthew 6:16]

Praying: How do you pray for the same person over & over every day w/ out saying the same words every time because there's not many words to choose from, & being concerned, for example, about Jesus' admonition of "vain repetitions"? [Matthew 6:7-13, Luke 11:1-4, Luke 18:1-5]

Prayer: How can we have confidence in prayer when nothing seems to change as a result of prayer? How does God work in prayer that just involves us doing a task?

Answers to Prayer: In Philippians 4:6, is that basically a verse that he's going to say no, that He'll be saying no? Is there a verse in the Bible to let you know that the answer will be no? [Philippian 4:6]

Lord's Pray variations: Why is the wording of Lord's prayer differ, trespasses verse sins? [Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4]

Reading the Gospels: Young Christians probably shouldn't start w/ the Gospel of John.
Agape, Agape, Phileo Me: Jesus asked Peter 3 times if He loved Him, 2 times agape love, the 3rd time, do you phileo Me? [John 21:15-19, John 18:15-27]
Caller's Illness: Prayer because of a mysterious illness.

Don't Pray for the People: Do not pray for this people, God told Jeremiah. Why was that? It seems to be in direct contrast to what we are taught in the NT. [Jeremiah 19-22, 7:16, 11:14, 14:7-10,]

Prayer: Are we allowed to pray directly to Jesus or the Holy Spirit? [Luke 11:1-4]

Praying directly to Jesus: Can we talk directly to Jesus when we pray? [1 John 5:14-15, Matthew 6:9-13, John 16:16]

Intercession: Caller had been praying the Rosary & then all of a sudden a lot of bad stuff started happening, but then a guy told him to continue & him about miraculous metal. What does Steve think of this "miraculous metal"?

Roman Catholic Church & the Vatican: Why does the church pray to Mary, among other things?

Request for Prayer: Request for prayer for 9/11/01 victim's families.

Lord's Prayer - ON earth vs IN earth: Caller thinks in the Lord's Prayer, the IN earth is way more important than the way they've been changing it to "on" earth.

Aroma When Praying: Is it a biblical phenomenon of smelling stuff as a result of you praying? [2 Corinthians 2:14-17]

Healing & Addictions Broken by Praying: Caller was cured by praying directly to God for Healing, for addiction problems & immediately victory & healing.

Prayer of Jabez: Caller is concerned about Jabez & likes his prayer & is wondering why his mother had sorrow over him. [1 Chronicles 4:9-10]

Believing Existence of God: Listener really wants to believe in God but needs more evidence, especially when a lack of answered prayer & miracles happen.

Rees Howells - Intercessor by Norman Grubb: Has Steve ever read, "Rees Howell, Intercessor"?
George Müller: What about George Müller?

Praying for the Sick: Jesus never prayed for the sick, but is it okay for US to pray for the sick? Should we command it out like Jesus & the Apostles did? Did Paul ever pray for the sick? [James 5:14-15]
Replacement Theology: Did God divorce Israel? Should the caller stop using the phrase, "Replacement Theology"? [Jeremiah 3:8]

Prayer: (Editor's Note: Some how part of the question is missing on this audio, so I'm not exactly sure what he's asking about prayer.) The Lord's Prayer?

Praying to 3 Persons: We see a person as one individual, but even though Jesus is one Person, it almost seems like we are talking to 3 People, does that make sense?

David & His Enemies: It says in the Psalms that he prayed for destruction of his enemies. Is that a NT thing to do?
Armageddon: Is Armageddon the Final Battle of the End of the World?

Forgiveness: Caller wants to talk more about forgiveness from a previous show, We MUST forgive? [John 20:23, Matthew 6:15]
Prayer of a Righteous Man: "The Prayer of a Righteous Man availeth much". Where is that found, the caller would like to know? [James 5:16]

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: Shouldn't we be actually saying "Pray for the Salvation of Jerusalem"? [Psalms 122;6-9]

Prayer for a Homeless Person: Caller wants prayer for somebody who has recently found themselves homeless.
Advantage Being Raised Solidly: Being raised correctly, having a solid, well-adjusted family gives you more of an advantage over some who had a troubled life. [Proverbs 22:6]

God Intervening: Why doesn't God intervene & stop bad things from happening, especially for Christians who were praying when they were killed?

Daniel & a Demon Resisting Him: How was it that a demon was able to resist Daniel's taken over 20 days. How could that be possible?

Assyrian Christians being persecuted: Is there anything we can do for the Assyrian Christians being killed in Iraq by ISIS?

Intercession, Mary, & Psychics: Is intercession through Mary, like Catholics do, is that sort've like psychics talking to the dead, which the Bible forbids? [Deuteronomy 18:10-12]

Taking the Bible out of context & taking your Thoughts Captive: Caller thinks a lot of verses are taken out of context, & wants to talk about a few examples. [2 Corinthians 10:4-5]
I'm in the midst of 2 or 3: That's not necessarily saying God is going to be there more in prayer because there are more people, but it's in reference to church discipline. [Matthew 18:20]

No Bibles Available in Church: Caller forgot Bible one time & asked if she could borrow one & the church didn't have one.
Prayer in Church: How much prayer should be happening in church?

Daniel prayed 3 times a day: Was that normal for the Jew to pray 3 times a day? Or was that just what Daniel did? [Daniel 6:10-28, Psalm 119:164]
Disobeying the Government: What if the government ever made such a decree here? Would we have to obey the government? Or should we do what Daniel did? [Matthew 6:6, Romans 13:1-4]
Mandatory Vaccinations: What if good conscience I refuse to take vaccinations? This Ebola thing is all about mandatory vaccinations.

Come Out Among Them & Be Separate: What does it mean to "Come out from among them & be separate?" [2 Corinthians 6:17]
Fear & Trembling: What does it mean to "work out your Salvation w/ Fear & Trembling"? [Philippians 2:12]
The Narrow Path Radio Show: What do you hope for as God's will to accomplish with this show? What do you pray for when you pray for your program?

Being Healed God: What does the Bible say about God healing us? Do we have any part in it?

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: if both parties who got a divorce both go into adultery, are they both eligible to remarry?
Believing that you Receive: What does it mean to believe that you have received what you have asked for in prayer? [Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24]

Praying in Jesus' name: What does it mean to pray in Jesus' name, and, do we have to say that phrase every time we end a prayer? [Colossian 3:17]

Making Someone Pray: What do you think about me trying to make my son pray even though he says he's not a Christian, & doesn't want to participate, throwing back at me that if I was with a bunch of Buddhists, that I wouldn't pray to Buddha, even to be polite, so why should he, since he isn't a Christian?

Forgiveness: Is it God the Father that we come to when we ask for forgiveness & Jesus is just there as our Advocate? [1 John 2:1-2, John 14:16
God's Chastising: How do we know if it's God punishing us or if it's just our own sin catching up w/ us when something bad happens? [Hebrews 12:5]

In Jesus' name: Is it necessary to say, "In Jesus name", when ending every prayer?

Unbeliever's Prayer: A friend was telling that God will not answer an unbeliever who is calling out for help unless it's repentance & asking for Salvation. Is that true?
Answering a Believer's Prayer for an Unbeliever: Is it true that God won't answer a Christian's prayer on an unbeliever's behalf for healing, or a financial crisis they are in, but only for their salvation & repentance? [James 5:16]

Atonement for healing (followup): Aren't the Elders supposed to pray over the sick & God will heal us? Doesn't it say, "By His stripes we are healed"? [James 5:14, Isaiah 53:5, 1 John 1:9]

Trinity & Sound Doctrine: Believing Sound Doctrine is important such as the Trinity, but it isn't dependent upon salvation. [2 Peter 3:15-16]
Perseverance of the saints: Caller believes once-saved-always-saved, eternal security, once we belong to Christ, otherwise he thinks it's a salvation by works.
Intercessory Prayer: Doesn't it say somewhere like in Romans that Jesus is always making intercessory prayer for us so we are always abiding in Him? [Romans 8:26-27]

Hedge of Protection: Has God possibly gotten rid of Hedge of Protection for the United States like He did for Israel because we as a nation are turning more & more from Him? [Job 1:10, Psalm 34:7]

Prayers an Abomination: I heard a preacher recently say that if we have any sin in our heart, God will not answer us. Is that true? [Psalms 66:18, Proverbs 28:9]
The Perfect Christian: Some people seem to have a wrong idea of what being a Christian is. It doesn't mean you are PERFECT at all times.
Satan tempting: Does Satan try to get us to think we are the only ones going through a sin/temptation & that it's okay to succumb to it? [1 Peter 5:8-9]

Gift of Discernment: Caller would like to know about the Gift of Discernment.
Praying to Jesus or the Holy Spirit: Can we pray directly to Jesus or the Holy Spirit instead of just God the Father?

Apologetics: Should Apologetics be taught in Church?
Presence of Jesus: What does Jesus mean that He'll be in the presence of us? [Matthew 18:20]

Imperfection of God's plan: Have you ever heard that God has an imperfect plan if He changes His plan as a result of people's prayers?

Prayer: Even praying for simple things is beneficial, asking God to help you with small matters. [James 4:2]

Prayer: Is Prayer more for our benefit, our faith, for our therapy, than it is to get God to actually move on something for us?

Forgiveness: It says in the Bible that if we confess our sins He is faithful & just to forgive our sins. What about people who don't ask for forgiveness? What about people who don't deserve forgiveness, especially since they haven't asked for it? [1 John 1:9, John 20:23]

God won't send good people to hell: My son asked me, "If this guy on the radio is right, then why do we need to send missionaries, if good people are going to heaven anyway, because people who reject it, they are going to go to hell, but if they don't hear it, then they are okay". What do you think about that? [Hosea 4:6, James 4:17]
Healing is reality of Future Heaven: So if we pray for healing & God heals or doesn't heal us, all we are really doing is participating in the reality that will happen when we get to Heaven since we will all be healed then. What do you think of that idea?

Healing & Anointing: Doesn't it say in James that if we pray for people who need to be healed, that if they are prayed over & they believe it, it will for sure happen? doesn't it say that will happen? [James 5:14]

Healing: Is it God's will to heal us every time we ask Him if we claim it?
Praying for Healing: What is a specific kind've prayer one should pray for healing?

Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane: If all the Apostles were sleeping when Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, who was witnessing it & writing it down?

Praying in the Spirit: What if you are alone? There is no one there to interpret, so you are interpreting to yourself then? [1 Corinthians 14:14]

Praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Have you ever prayed for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit over the phone?
Gifted Revivalists: Don't you think some people just have a better gift of making things happen, making God move, more than other people?

Unprofitable Intercession: If the most righteous people were interceding for Judah, that couldn't stop God from destroying Jerusalem? [Ezekiel 14, James 5:16]

Changing God's Mind: Can we change God's mind? [1 Samuel 3:19]

Activating one's Faith & Chronic Pain: How do you activate your faith? God seems to always answer my prayers, except for this, my chronic back pain.

Will of God: What if God seems to never direct you in certain way, never answers what He wants you to do?

Fasting: Caller wanted to comment on something she heard about fasting earlier,

Fasting & Textus Receptus or Alexadrian text: Did Jesus say to only pray, or fast & pray? Do we use the Textus Receptus or Alexandrian Text? [Matthew 17:20-22, Mark 9:29]

Thankful for finding Peace & Power of Prayer: Mike is following up w/ a call he had made the previous week about suffering, saying how thankful he was for the prayer of the listeners because he had a deep peace that very night he had called like never before.

Books on Prayer: Do you know of any good books on Prayer?

Praying for People after Death: Is it beneficial or abominable to be praying for people who have passed on?

Leper that was cleansed: The reason Jesus wanted the leper cleansed was just to show the Priest that Jesus healed him, but he didn't have to go through the rituals. [Mark 1:40-45]
Soaking Rooms: Have you heard about the Soaking Rooms for prayer?

Prayer of a Righteous Man Availeth Much: Who is considered a "righteous" man when it says in James that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much? [James 5:16], 1 John 3:7]

Binding Satan/the Strong Man: When did Jesus bind Satan? [Mark 3:27]
Prayer: Do you have any advice on how to spend quality time in prayer?

A Stiff-necked People: Can you explain these verses in Exodus to me? God wanted to destroy them, but Moses changed God's mind. [Exodus 32:9-14]

Praying Directly to Jesus: Is it okay to pray directly to Jesus or only God the Father?

Controlling Things that happen on Planet Earth: Is this verse talking about us saints/Christians interceding to God for what happens here on earth? [Psalm 115:16]

Confidence in Prayer: How can we have confidence in prayer when things don't seem take change when we pray? [1 John 5:14]
Working in Prayer: How do we know that things that we do every day are a result of prayer? (Steve never answers this yet...but does at........

God Being Able to Multitask: How can God deal with some many people at the same time?

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