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Topic: Job (The Man)

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Sin in One's Life Causing the Trouble: What do you think about those that tell you that if you are having trouble in your life, you need to hunt down the sin causing the trouble? [Job, I Peter 3:17].

Suffering the Loss of a Child: One of our friends has lost a child. Do you think that the Lord allows suffering to work in us to purify us? How does one view this and get through it? [Psalm 91, 2 Corinthians 4:17-18].

God Trusted Job: Did God trust Job? [Job 1-2].

Job & Eliphaz: What did Eliphaz say that was wrong about God, and where did Job say what was right about God? [Job 42:7, Job 2:3].

Job's Behavior: What was Job doing differently at the beginning of the story that at the end? [Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 6:27-36].

Satan, Just an Adversarial Person: What do you think about the recent article in "Christianity Today" claiming that Satan is actually just an adversary, whomever that may be, rather than the Satan, inferring a specific personality and spirit? [Revelation 12:9, Matthew 16:23]

Asking Others to Pray for Us: Are there other places that the Bible indicates we should ask others to pray for us, and that God wants prayers better spoken by the more faithful person? [Job 40, Genesis 20].

Prophets Today: Are there prophets today as there were in the Old Testament, and would teaching be the same thing? [Hebrews 1:1. 1 Corinthians 14:29, I Corinthians 12:28, Ephesians 4:11].
God Unleashed the Devil on Job: Did God unleash the Devil on Job? [Revelation 2:10, 2 Timothy 2:12, Luke 4:1].

Sons of Abraham: Could you talk about the sons of Abraham by Keturah (the Midianites)?
The Book of Job: Why do we think that the book of Job is the oldest book of the Bible?
Job, son of Issachar: Is the Job, son of Issachar, the same Job as in the book of Job?

Job's Awareness of Satan: What did Job know about Satan and the meaning of his suffering? [Job].
Concern About Satan: Should we be concerned about what Satan is planning and doing? [Job].

Book of Job: Could you help me with the implications of the story of Job? Does God have to give permission to Satan to inflict us? [Job, Psalm 34:7, Psalm 91:11-12, Romans 8:28, I Peter 1:7].

Job Knew of Heaven: Since Job said he was going to his long home? [Job 7:10]
Kingdom of Heaven & Birds in the Trees: You are mistaken about the definition of the birds in the trees and the kingdom of heaven? [Matthew 25:34, Matthew 19:23-24]

Authorship of Acts or Job: Could you talk about the oracles of God, who wrote Acts and Job? Did Luke write Acts? Were they Gentile? [Romans 3:2, Colssians 4:11].

Book of Job: Would you share your thoughts about the critical comments of Job's friends, including, Elihu, in the book of Job? [Job 42].
A Bet Between God & Satan in Job: Isn't it a bit ridiculous to think the story of Job is really only about a bet between Job and Satan? [Job].

Eliphaz & Job: Could you help me understand what point Eliphaz was making in this verse in Job 4? [Job 4:17].

Job's Wealth & Sinfulness: Was Job actually doing something wrong because of all the wealth he had accumulated? [Job 1:8].

Job & His Family: Why is Job rewarded with beautiful daughters if beauty is vain? And why would Job have to live without his kids and with a wife who told him to curse God? [Job 42:15, Proverbs 31].

Dinosaurs-Behemoth & Leviathan: Could you give insight in to Behemoth and Leviathan? [Job 40:15-24, 41:1.5].

God's test for Job: Can you explain the conversation and test in the book of Job between God and the devil? [Job 2:3].

Springs of the Sea: Are we to take literally the verse in Job about the "springs in the sea"? Is there a hermeneutic principle when determining when to ascribe literal vs symbolic meanings to scripture ? [Job 38:16, 2 Peter 3:10, Genesis 14:10].

Job & His Friends: Job friend's Elihu, Bildad, Zophar & Eliphaz, Ehilu didn't have to repent at the end because a prophet?

Ash Heap: What is the ash-heap? [Job 2:8-10]

Book of Job: Is the book of Job pseudepigraphal? Is it a real story of a real event?

Calamity: My girlfriend's 2 year old cousin just drowned & how do we not view this as a punishment instead of a blessing?

Christians & Good Christians: Why is there this idea where there is some good christians & not so good Christians? [Romans 3:10-12]

Job: What did Job do wrong...if anything?

Sons of God: Who are the Sons of God meeting w/ God about Job? Why would Satan be allowed to be there? [Job 1:6]

Satan an Angel: Was Satan an angel? Satan argued with God about Job, Jesus saw him falling out of heaven, so can you just explain about Satan?

Job: Where in the timeline does Job fit in?
The Gap Theory: What can you tell me about the Gap Theory, & is it legitimate? [Genesis 1:1-2]

Unknown Name: Ignorantly worshipping an unknown God. [Acts 17]
The Man Job: Was Job a righteous man? If he was, what was he repenting for? [Job 42:3-6]

Job, Imputed Righteousness & Righteousness as Filthy Rags: Job & his righteousness, we need imputed righteousness because isn't our righteousness as filthy rags? [Jeremiah 17:9, Isaiah 64:6]

The Man of Job: Was Job an exception to "not one righteous"? [Romans 3:10]

Elihu: In the Book of Job, who is Elihu? [Job 32]

Tithing: I've heard pastors say you can't afford NOT to pay tithe

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Situation: Caller has anxiety, worry about the new situation he has found himself in as he's about to get a divorce, it sometimes getting the best of him & wants some Scripture to lean on, or some advice listen to.

The person Job Getting a New Wife: Did Job get a new wife at the end of his latter days?
Chastised by the Lord or Being Attacked by Enemy: How can we know if we are being chastening by the Lord or being attacked by the Devil? [Hebrews 12]

Elihu & Job: Does Steve have any idea who Elihu was, & he didn't seem to have anything different to say than Job's friends, so how did HE get a pass?

Shimei Curses David & False Accusations: Why did Shimei curse David? [2 Samuel 16:5-13, Job 4-23]

Job's Suffering: Caller thinks Job's suffering should take a little longer amount of time than Steve said in a recent answer to a question about Job.
Lusting after a woman: Caller wonders if Steve agrees w/ him that it's the number of times you look at a woman as to whether it becomes lust or not, & did he mention that in a previous call?

Job & his troubles: How long was the duration of Job's suffering? [Job 1-42]

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