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Topic: Movies/Documentaries

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Drew Bloom or Ken Fish: Are you familiar with Drew Bloom or Ken Fish?
Series Called "Chosen": What did you think of the new series called, "Chosen"?

Buying Steve's Books: Any advice, as I am having trouble buying multiple copies of your book?
Compromised Writers of Worship Music: As a worship leader, I have learned some negative things about some of those that write and perform songs I have used before, any advice on helping me decide if I should use them anymore?

The Movie, "The Passion of the Christ": Did you see the movie, "The Passion of the Christ" and if so, what did you think about it and its accuracy?
How to Grow in One's Faith: What is your recommendation to a believer to help them grow in their faith? (Lecture series; Cultivating Christian Character). [Psalm 1:2].

The Writing's of Josephus & Philo: Why were not Josephus and Philo's writings not included in the Bible?
Hollywood Bible Movies: Are the movies such as, "The Robe", "Quo Vadis", and "Ben Hur" historically accurate?

Television Production About Jesus: Are you familiar with the television production "From Jesus to Christ-The First Christians"? [Luke 2:11-14].

The Movie, "The Coming Convergence": Have you heard of the movie, "The Coming Convergence" and could you give me some feedback about the predictions from it? [Ezekiel 38-39, Matthew 24].

The Movie, "The Family": Have you seen the movie "The Family" about Christian leadership? - would like to have your comments.

Baptism Again: If one has been baptized as a child, should they be re-baptized? [Acts 19].
Secular Movies: Is it acceptable to watch secular movies with some moral or other value, even though they might have swearing and sex, etc. in them? [Proverbs 25:28, Matthew 5:29].

Movie-The Gospel of John: Which Bible story movie did you really like which you mention on the air frequently?

The Movie, "Silence": Did you see the movie,"Silence"? Do you think he did the right thing to compromise?
Modesty: How does one determine what is modest? [I Corinthians 8:9-13].

Nudity in Movies: Should Christians watch movies with nudity? If not, then should one not see the movie, "The Mission"?

End of the Spear movie: Have you seen the "End of the Spear", Jim Elliott's & Nate Saint's experience seeing the spirits of the men he killed rise before they died?

Jesus of Nazareth Movie: What did you think of the Jesus of Nazareth movie?
Hell: (Agnostic Caller) What is the purpose of hell?

Martin Luther: Was Martin Luther King saved? Was he led by God?
The Persecuted Church: Are Christians still persecuted around the world as much as they were in the 1st century?
Movies about Jesus: What did you think about some movies about Jesus, such as, Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus Christ Superstar or The Passion of the Christ?

Crossing the Red Sea Documentary: What do you think about the documentary about evidence of the crossing of the red sea?
Hebrew Language: When did the Hebrew language start?

Catholicism a Different Gospel: Shouldn't the Roman Catholic church be considered teaching another gospel? I was watching the movie called, "Silence", which came out in 2016, with my son & it brought a lot of discussion between us. [Galatians 1:8-9]

The Movie, The Shack: Wondering if you saw the movie, "the shack", & wondering what you thought about it

The Shack, Movie & Book: Discussion about "the shack", the movie & the book, it deviating from the Bible, does the end justify the means?

Man before Adam & Eve: Jimmy Swaggert suggested that man was made before Adam & Eve, what do you think?
Hacksaw Ridge Movie: Wondering if you saw the movie, "Hacksaw Ridge" & what you thought of it?

Darik Frank & the Let Lion Roar: I'm wondering if you've ever heard the video by darik frank, let the lion roar that emphasizes on the jews & Israel?

"Lord, Save Us From Your Followers": Caller disagrees with the documentary, "Lord Save Us From Your Followers". A long discussion ensues.

Faith-Based Movies: What are your thoughts on Christian movies & do you ever go & watch them?

"Lord, Save Us from your Followers": What was the name of the documentary you were talking about involving homosexuality? (Lord, save us from your followers)
Christian Lesbians: There is a lesbian couple who goes to the same Christian class as the caller, & they said that God put them together for a reason, & that they were just going to have to disagree with caller. What does Steve think about that?

Declining Sex Drive: caller likes having a reduction of a sex drive with age.
Recommending Documentaries: Caller highly recommends another documentary after Steve recommended a documentary called, "Patterns of Evidence: Exodus", called, "Star of Bethlehem".

Shout out about the documentary about Benghazi called 13 Hours: shout out to 2 people who were on the Kelly Files on Fox News the night before re: Benghazi & the movie 13 hrs.

Benghazi-13 Hours: Steve comments on a documentary he wants to see called, "13 Hours".

The Plagues in Egypt: What was name of the documentary you mentioned yesterday about the plagues in Egypt? [Patterns of Evidence]

Evidence of the 10 Plagues in Egypt: Is there any documentaries on the evidence that the 10 plagues actually happened in Egypt? ("Patterns of Evidence: Exodus" "Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy")

Chronicles of Narnia: What do you think of the C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, fantasy & fiction, verses reality, especially since they have witches in them & such?
Leviathan: How literal should we take Leviathan?

Watching Movies (Mel Brooks): Are Movies supposed to be watched in the privacy of your own home? Are you allowed to watch questionable movies?

"Heaven is for Real": Does Steve give credence to the movie, "Heaven is for Real"?

The Bible Mini-series: Caller didn't really think the Bible mini-series by Downey and Burnett was not biblical & wondered if Steve thought the same way.

Former Pastors: What do you think of the former pastor attending the same church he had pastored? You'd think the new Pastor would feel a lttle threatened.
Pastor/Teacher: Is a Pastor considered a Teacher?
Watching Action Movies: What do think about our thoughts being influenced by the movies we watch?

The book & movie, America by Dinesh D'souza: Caller wanted to know if Steve ever heard of a book & the movie called, "America" by Dinesh D'Souza?

Heaven is for Real - NDE's: Are you saying the movie, "Heaven is for Real" is real because you had a friend who said she had a Near Death Experience? [Luke 16:19-31, John 11:38-44, 2 Corinthians 12:1-4]

God is not Dead: Colleges putting pressure on Christians, & this movie did an excellent job w/ dealing w/ that.

"Lord, Save Us From Your Followers": Caller is critical of the documentary, "Lord, Save Us From Your Followers", that Steve Gregg recommended.

Heaven is for Real: What do you think about people who say they went to Heaven & back?
Paul not allowed to reveal: Paul wasn't allowed to disclose some of the things he saw while in heaven, so why would it be okay for others to do it now? [2 Corinthians 12:1-4]

Kabbalah & the movie, "Noah": What is this Kabbalah Jewish manuscript you were talking about regarding the movie, "Noah"?

The new movie, "Noah": Are the "watchers" that were in the new movie, "Noah", biblical? (They talk about it for awhile, the 2nd question is asked, then they come back to this.)
Fallen Angels, Jude & Genesis: Is there a connection between Jude & Genesis regarding the Fallen Angels? [Genesis 6:1-4, Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]

"Hellbound" Documentary: Have you ever watched the documentary called, "Hellbound"? (A discussion about hell pursues for awhile & then more about the documentary.)

Noah Film: What do you think of the new Movie coming out about Noah?
Real Story of Noah: What can we take away from the real story of Noah? [Genesis 6]

Passion of the Christ: What were thoughts on "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson?

"Son of God" movie & Pharisees & Chief Priests: Were the Pharisees against Jesus? They talk about Caiaphas being the main villain in the movie. and discussion about, "Passion of the Christ", but good movies also, "The Jesus Movie", "The Gospel of Matthew", "The Gospel of John", & "the Book of Acts".

Walking in the Spirit: Suggestions on ways to walk in the Spirit.
The Movie, Harvey: Have you ever seen the movie called, "Harvey"? It's an object lesson to how to be able to "walk in the Spirit" practically.

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