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Topic: Moses

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Literal Events in the Bible Stories: Am I supposed to take the stories of Samson catching 300 foxes and killing 1000 men, literally, as with the descriptions of the events of the plagues, etc.? [Judges 15:4-15, Exodus 7:22].

Many Different Names for One Person: Could you help me sort out why Moses's father-in-law had so many names in the Old Testament? [Exodus 2:18, Exodus 3:1, Judges 4:11].

Moses Conquered Ethiopians: Did Moses conquer two tribes of the Ethiopians?

Aaron & Hur: Do you think that Aaron could have outranked Hur in Exodus? [Exodus 24:14].

The God of the Old Testament contrasted to the God of the New Testament: Could you help me sort out the idea that the God of the Old Testament is not the same God who was the father of Jesus, because I don't think that the Pentateuch (1st five books of the Old Testament) was written by Moses and the Nag Hammadi Texts? Rec: Lecture; Intro to the Old Testament. [John 5:37, John 8:54].

The Exodus & Archeological Discoveries: Could you comment on some of the recent discoveries regarding the historical exodus? [Exodus 14, Galatians 4:5].

Steve Gregg to the East Coast: Do you ever get out to the east coast?
Moses, Elijah, and the Transfiguration: How did Peter know that it was Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration event? [Matthew 17:3].
Apostles and a Believers Baptism: Did the apostles have the another baptism, as believers, or did they just have the baptism of John? [Acts 19:5].

Moses on the Mountain & "Tent of Meeting": Why would Moses also go up on the mountain if he could just meet God in the "Tent of Meeting"?

God Trying to Kill Moses: Why did God try to kill Moses in Exodus? [Exodus 4:24-26].

Serpent on the Cross Symbolic of Jesus: Would you help me sort out that strangeness of the symbol of the serpent on the pole, its symbolism & relation to Christ's crucifixion? [Numbers 21:8-9, I Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:6, 2 Corinthians 5:21].

Law of the Torah Before Moses: Were the Laws of the Torah known before Moses? [Luke 11:50-51].
Solomon's Request for Wisdom: Why didn't Solomon ask to see God face to face, rather than ask for wisdom? [2 Chronicles 1:11].

Moses Meekest Man: It is hard to believe that Moses was the most humble and meek man, and odd that he wrote this about himself. Would you comment? [Numbers 12:3, Matthew 11:29, Deuteronomy 34:10-12].

Death Reigning From Adam to Moses: What does Paul mean in Romans when he says "death reigned from Adam to Moses"? [Romans 5:14, Romans 7:9, Romans 4:19, Hebrews 11:12, I Corinthians 15:21].

Oldest Person in the Bible: Everyone says that Methusela was the oldest man recorded, but wouldn't it be actually be Moses & Elijah?

The Chosen People: Were the chosen people the Hebrews or the Jews?
Moses a Jew or Hebrew: Moses didn't call himself a Jew, but called himself a Hebrew, right? [Genesis 14:13].

Lazarus & the Rich Man: What happened in the story of Lazarus and the rich man? [Luke 16:19-31, John 5].

God Sending Another Prophet Like Moses: Where is the verse about God sending another prophet like Moses? [Deuteronomy 18:15].
Dispensations vs Dispensationalism: Caller seems to be trying clarify a distinction between "Dispensationalism" and "dispensations"? [Deuteronomy 18:15].

Moses' Parent's Genealogy: Why doesn't aren't Moses' parents not named the Bible?

God Wanting to Kill Moses: Why did God want to kill Moses? Why was all resolved once his wife circumcised their son. [Exodus 4].

Transfiguration-Proves Saints are Alive: Does the vision of Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration prove to us that they were alive in heaven? [Matthew 17:3-9].
Transfiguration-Don't Tell: Why did Jesus tell them not to tell anyone about the vision? Did He not heal in public? [Matthew 17:3, 16:3, John 6:15].
Saints in Heaven Praying: Who are the saints offering up prayers as incense in Revelation? [Revelation].

God or Moses Speaking in Deuteronomy: Is God or Moses speaking in this verse in Deuteronomy? [Deuteronomy 11:13-14].

Benefits for Obeying Commands of Moses: Is Moses saying he or God will give them rain & other benefits for following the commands God has given? [Deuteronomy 11:13-14] (NOTE: Steve's internet drops out, so he is not able to answer it. It is answered on the next day's show.)

Moses, Plague & Livestock: In the story of Moses, how can all the livestock be killed, and yet later more are killed in each of the next two plagues?
Reliability of the Bible: If language is not always precise in Biblical scripture (as in hyperbole), can we still trust it to be reliable?

Pharaoh's Magicians & Sorcerers: Why would they duplicate the supernatural things that Moses was able to perform when it would be harming them, turning water into, producing frogs & so on? [Exodus 7, Jeremiah 2:17, 22:9, 2 Thessalonians 2]

Moses-Wholly Devoted: Did Moses wholly follow the Lord? [Numbers].
Moses Followed Jesus: Was the Lord that Moses followed the same as Jesus? [John 1:1].

Moses on Mt Sinai: How many times did Moses go up on the mountain, how long was he there, and who went with him? [Exodus].

Moses & Divorce: Didn't Moses indicate that one should give a written bill of divorce when putting away his wife? [Deuteronomy 24:1-4].
Defiling the Body (The Temple): What does it mean to defile the body (the temple)? [I Corinthians 6:19, 3:17].

Moses & Pharaoh: Was Moses lying to Pharaoh about his intention to return? Why didn't he just tell Pharaoh that he wasn't coming back? What about Moses's oratory skills?

Moses Authorship: How did Moses know what happened in the Garden of Eden, and other events, when he wrote about the events in Genesis?
Life Span in Old Testament: Why did Noah and other Old Testament characters have such a long life-span as compared to us today? [Psalm 90].

Moses' Genealogy: Why isn't there more information about Moses' family line? [Chronicles].

Moses: Was God was trying to kill Moses, or trying to kill Moses' son? [Exodus 4:24-26]

Moses & Elijah: How did the disciples know that Elijah and Moses were the people with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration? Was it revealed to them?

Egypt-post Exodus: If Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, who was left behind?

Moses & Zipporah: What was the conflict with Moses and Zipporah, and why was God trying to kill Moses? [Exodus 4].

Moses's Authorship: What do you think about Moses's authorship being called in question in 'documentary Hypothesis"?

King David: Was King David a Jew? Did he observe the Sabbath & the Passover? Did he ever reference Moses in any of his writings?

God Wants to Kill Moses: Why does God want to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24].
"The Blessing" in the Old Testament: Why was "the blessing" so important in the Old Testament?

Moses & Zipporah: The wife of Moses, Zipporah, cut off their son's foreskin & threw it at Moses' feet saying, "you're a bloody husband to me". What did all this mean? [Exodus 4:26].

John the Baptist being Elijah: Was John the Baptist Elijah? Was he an extension of the old covenant? [Malachi 4:5-6]
Transfiguration: Why was it Elijah & Moses in the Transfiguration as opposed to anyone else?

Balaam: Who was Balaam who King Balak of the Moabites tried to get to curse the Israelites? [Numbers 22]
Nicolaitans: Who were the Nicolaitans that Jesus didn't like so much in Revelation? [Revelation 2:6,15]

Body after Death: Does the body have value after death?
Michael the Archangel & Moses Body: Why the dispute w/ Michael the archangel w/ the devil over moses body? [Jude 9]
Satan Influencing Dreams: Can the devil influence our dreams?

Moses & Pharaoh: When moses spoke to Pharaoh, was he actually doing the speaking or was Aaron like God said he would do for him? [Exodus 4:14-17]

A Bloody husband to me: Why was Moses called a bloody husband by his wife? [Exodus 4:25-26]

Pharaoh's False Predictions: Pharaoh said that Moses would never see his face again, & that if he did, Moses was going to die. But they did see each other again. Were they just being macho?

Jacob Wrestling with God: How could Jacob wrestle w/ a Man for such a long time? How could he possibly win against God? [Genesis [32:24-30]
Seeing God: There seems to be a contradiction in Scripture here because it says that Jacob saw God face-to-face, yet when Moses encountered God, God told him no one can see Him & live. [Genesis 32:30, Exodus 33:20]

Priest before the Aaronic Priesthood: Were there priests earlier than Aaron, because who went up with Moses to the Mountain? Pre-trib, Last Day, Millennium, Amillennial view [1 Samuel 2:27]
Amillennialism: Pre-tribulation Rapture, Last Day, Millennium & the Amillennial view.

Pharaoh attempting to Kill Moses: (followup yesterday) Pharaoh wanting to kill Moses, why would that be? [Exodus 2:11-12] :

Moses going in Hiding: Why did Moses have to flee for killing somebody since he was in the royal family?

Moses & Aaron Entering the Promised Land: Why couldn't Moses & Aaron enter the promised land? Why didn't they make it themselves?

Contending over the Body of Moses: Why was Michael contending with Satan over the body of Moses? [Jude 1:9]

Lectures on Covenants: Do you have any lectures dealing w/ the covenants?
Different Kinds of Covenants: What can you tell me about the different kind of covenants right here & now?
Mosaic Law: People say that the Mosaic law reveal the character of God.

The Transfiguration: During the transfiguration, when Jesus was transfigured, did that represent the resurrected body, & why Moses & Elijah?

Jesus & Marriage, Moses & the Burning Bush: Discussion about when people asked Jesus about marriage. [Mark 8, Exodus 3:15-16]

Aaron & the Golden Calf: Aaron seemed to get leniency for the golden calf, what's up w/ that? [Exodus 32-34]

Dispute over the Body of Moses: Why did the devil want the body of Moses? [Jude 1:9]

Moses & Brother in Law: Brother in law wouldn't go w/ Moses, but I thought the cloud told them what to do? [numbers 10:29-31]

Lying & Deception: Of course i'd lie if it was going to save human life.
Moses: Have you ever heard that Moses was going rogue, not really doing what God said but doing it on his own?

Seeing God & Living to Tell about it: How come some people got to see God & live when it says that if you see Him die?
God "trying" to Kill Moses: Why did He "try" to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24-26]

Moses having Doubt: Was Moses doubting God's ability to give them plenty of meat? [Numbers 11:21-23]

PBS Special on Noah's Ark: I was watching a PBS special on the Flood & Noah's Ark, & they said that it happened Epic of Gilgamesh which was written way before Genesis, so Moses just got it from that. Is that true?

First Fruits into the Storehouse (Tithing): Involving tithing, who was responsible to bring the first fruits into the storehouse?
Giving over entire Check: Pastors say that people's first check of the month has to be given over to them. Is that true?
Mount of Transfiguration Experience: Was the Mount of Transfiguration a vision or an actual appearance of Elijah & Moses?

"I am that I am": (same person as first caller) "I am that I am", can Steve please explain that expression? [Isaiah 43:10, Isaiah 43:13, Isaiah 46:4] (The verse Steve Couldn't find doing a live show was Isaiah 43:13]

Bloody Husband to Me: What does it mean that Moses was a bloody husband to Zipporah & why did God "try" to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24]

Evidence of the 10 Plagues in Egypt: Is there any documentaries on the evidence that the 10 plagues actually happened in Egypt? ("Patterns of Evidence: Exodus" "Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy")

Moses & Mount Sinai "Lest they break through", God told Moses to go warn the people below less they break through. Breakthrough to where? the mountain to see God? [Exodus 19:21]

Burning Bush & the Flame: Is the Flame that was on TOP of the burning Bush symbolic of the Holy Spirit coming on the people at Pentecost in Acts 2? [Exodus 3:1-15, Acts 2:1-4]

Stoning: The Romans would not allow the Jews to carry out the death penalty?
Jesus & the Law of Moses: Were they trying to trap Jesus into saying they needed to keep the law of Moses when they brought the adulterous woman to Him? [John 8:1-11]

Lazarus & Abraham's Bosom: Where were they when they were dead? [Luke 16:19-31]
Transfiguration, Moses & Elijah: Where did Moses & Elijah come back from? How did the disciples recognize them?

God "trying" to kill Moses: what was happening w/ God trying to "kill" Moses in [Exodus 4:24]?

Hebrew Roots Movement: Doesn't Dispensationalism feed into the Hebrew Roots Movement?
New Testament Books Written after 70 AD: Were ANY books of the Bible written after 70 AD?
Old Testament Prophets: Steve believes that all the OT prophets wrote in a prophetic/symbolic/poetic language, but which ones wrote in the LEAST amount of poetic language?

Seeing God Contradictions: God told Moses he couldn't see Him face to face, but Jacob got to Him face to face? How come the contradictions? Did Jacob actually see God face to Face? [Exodus 33:18-20, Genesis 32:30]

Saved by Faith in OT & NT: Dennis the Millennialist is suggesting that the people of the OT sort've were saved by keeping of the law in the OT, is that true?...that they HAD to obey all the law, as well as living by faith.

The Transfiguration: What were the Apostles seeing when they saw Moses & Elijah? Were they in their glorified bodies, in their spirits?

God's Glory, God being around evil: Moses couldn't see God's face because of His glory, it says in some places that He can't be around evil, but Satan traveled up & down to Heaven.

God "tried" to kill Moses: What was happening in Exodus 4:24-25, why did God try to kill him, why was his wife Zipporah angry w/ him? [Exodus 4:24--25]

Aaron & Hur holding up Moses Arms: Is there a reason that Aaron & Hur were the ones that held Moses' arms up, were they the only ones qualified? [Exodus 17:12-14]

Michael the Archangel & Moses: What exactly was the dispute over Moses' body anyway? [Jude 9]

Adam & Eve to Mt Siani: How was life before the law was given to Moses? How did the people live from Adam to Moses w/out the 10 commandments?
Clean Slate in Marriage: What if I got married & divorced before I became a Christian? Is it like having a clean slate then? [1 Corinthians 7]

Fear of Moses parents & Moses: Why does it say in Hebrews that Moses' parents & Moses himself were not fearful when we know they actually were? [Hebrews 11:23, 27]
Abraham's body being "dead": It says in the Bible that when Abraham had Isaac, that his body was dead, yet he had more children AFTER Isaac? [Romans 4:16-22, Hebrews 11:11-19]

A Stiff-necked People: Can you explain these verses in Exodus to me? God wanted to destroy them, but Moses changed God's mind. [Exodus 32:9-14]

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