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Topic: Mark of the Beast

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Buying & Selling Restrictions: If we ended up with mandates by the government that would restrict buying and selling, would you reassess your view of end times (Amillennialism)?

The New Vaccine: What do you think about the new vaccine?

Mark of the Beast: Could you clarify the order of the taking of the "Mark of the Beast" and wouldn't someone be sure of what evil they were supporting in the taking of the mark? [Revelation 13].
Three Views of Hell: Could you clarify your statement that the alternate two views of Hell have more scriptural support than the traditional "Eternal Torment View"? [Ephesians 1:10, Colossians 1:19-20, Philippians 2:10-11, Hebrews 9:27].

"Taken" and "Caught Up": Could you distinguish the difference between being "taken" and being "caught up" in scripture? [Matthew 24:37-42, Luke 17:34, Luke 17:27, Psalm 91:7-10, 2 Thessalonians 1-2].
Believers & Unbelievers Side-by-side at the Rapture: Will the believers and unbelievers (those with the "Mark of the Beast"), be side-by-side when Jesus comes? [Daniel 9, Matthew 24:27, Revelation 7:14].

Disagreement-Mark of the Beast: Caller warns Steve about his responsibility to teach truth, disagreeing with Steve's position on the Mark of the Beast.

COVID Vaccine & The Mark of the Beast: Do you think there is any parallel between the vaccine and the mark of the beast?

Vaccine and the Mark of the Beast: Do you think that the vaccine, since not taking it could prevent buying and selling, could be the mark of the beast?

Not Being Confused or Persuaded Wrongly: How do you not get pulled into alternate views of scripture when there are so many opposing and convincing preachers teaching variations within denominations? [Revelation 13].

Vaccine: What do you think about taking the vaccine, as I am afraid I might not be able to work if I don't take it?
Genesis Bible School: Are you familiar with Genesis Bible School out of Santa Rosa, California?
Government Interference with Church Gathering: What do you think about the government not allowing us to gather so that we can love on each other?

Mandatory Vaccines & The Mark of the Beast: What are your thoughts on mandatory vaccinations and its relationship to "The Mark of the Beast"?

Demon Possession & Drug Use: Comment on demons possession and drug use.
Mark of the Beast & the COVID Vaccine: Is the "mark of the beast" possibly the heavily promoted COVID vaccine?

Mark of the Beast: Could you explain the "mark of the beast"? [Revelation 13:16-18, Revelation 14:1, Deuteronomy 6:8].

COVID Vaccine & The Mark of the Beast: Do you see a connection between the "mark of the beast" and the new COVID vaccine? [Revelation].

COVID Vaccine & Mark of the Beast: Could the COVID vaccine be related to the mark of the beast - and would you get it?

Restrictions and Compliance: Would you talk about the current restrictions and our compliance to things that we think are actually harmful (mask wearing)? [Romans 13:1-7].
Vaccine, Chip, Mark of the Beast: What do you think about the proposed vaccine, the chip in it, and its relationship to the "mark of the beast"? [Revelation 13, Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2].

Regarding the "Mark of the Beast": Do you see a parallel between Arabic symbols and the "Mark of the Beast"? [Revelation 13:18, Revelation 14:1, Revelation 22:10, Daniel 12:4-9, Revelation 1:1-3].

Mark of the Beast Boycott: Caller disagrees about Steve Gregg's view of the "Mark of the Beast" and boycotting purchases. [Revelation 13:17].
Mark of the Beast (Masks & Vaccination): Caller comments that the word "mark" and "mask" are only one letter apart and vaccines leave a mark, thereby suggesting that both may be reflective of end times persecution.

The Chip & The Mark of the Beast: Why do so many think that the possibility of an implanted digital chip is "the mark of the beast"? [Revelation 13:15-17, Revelation 14:1].

Wearing a Mask-the Mark of the Beast: Is having to wear a mask the "mark of the beast"?

Mark of the Beast: Could you explain the spiritual, rather than literal, characteristics of "the Mark of the Beast" on one's forehead, in Revelation? [Revelation 13, Deuteronomy 6:8].

Pandemic Ramifications & Tyranny: Would you comment on the lock-down, the potential tracking, and forced vaccinations proposed relative to the pandemic?
Chip for Vaccinations, Mark of the Beast: Do you think that the rumored chip for vaccinations is potentially the "mark of the beast"?

Revelation & the Mark of the Beast: Would you help me sort out Revelation 13, particularly about the "mark of the beast"? [Revelation 10-13, 14:1, 2 Thessalonians 2].

Man of Lawlessness: Is the papacy the man of lawlessness? [2 Thessalonians 2:3-4].

Seventh Day Adventist View of Mark of the Beast: Caller disagrees that Steve's view that the Seventh Day Adventist view that the mark of the beast is in reference to those that choose to worship on Sunday is not biblical. [Daniel 7]
Seventh Day Adventist View of the Sabbath: Caller describes her reasons for believing that we must still keep the Sabbath as believers today.

Abraham Sacrifice of Isaac: Comment on Abraham's faith when told to sacrifice Isaac. [Hebrews 11:19].
Only 144,000 Saved: Why are there so few at the end, if only 144,000 are saved? [Revelation 7:1-8, 14:1-5, James 1:18, Ezekiel 9].

Mark of the Beast: If you take the mark of the beast, can you still be a Christian?
Making a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple: What are the considerations a believer should have about making a cake for a same-sex wedding?

Mark of the Beast: Do you think that the "mark of the beast" is literal and that it won't be on everyone in the world, but just on those in the Roman Empire? [Revelation 13:16-17, 14:1].

Number of the Beast: What do you think the verse about number of the Beast means? [Revelation 13:18].

Mark of the Beast (Microchip): What do you think about the recent microchips being inserted under the skin and it's relationship to the mark of the beast in Revelation? [Revelation 13:17-18, 14:1, Deuteronomy 6:8].

Mark of the Beast: Can you clarify the difference in verse 9 & 11 and the choice of the words "and" and "or" regarding taking the mark of the beast? [Revelation 14:9, 11].

Cain's Mark: Do you think that the mark that Cain received is relative to "the mark of the beast" in Revelation? [Genesis 4:11-16, Revelation 14:1].

Mark of the Beast: If everyone is forced to take "the mark of the beast", then how will there be anyone left that hasn't taken it? [Revelation 13].

Mark of the Beast: Could the "mark of the beast" really be referring to an image on a coin due to mistranslation?

The 2 Beasts: the 2 beasts of Revelation in Revelation 13, what did you say they represent? You say they are not a man, but then at the end at chapter you say that number of the Beast was Nero's name. How can that be? [Revelation 13]

Mark of the Beast: Will 666, mark of the beast, affect the entire world when it happens?

Microchips: Where does the belief come from about a computer chip in our hands? [Revelation 13]

False Prophet, Anti-Christ & the Mark of the Beast: What is the significance of the false prophet, the anti-Christ & the mark of the beast?

The Number 666: Is the Number 666 figurative or literal?

UN Becoming World Government: How would you relate Revelation to today, say the UN starting uniting the nations into one, & had to worship the person in charge of the UN, sort've like an anti-type of Nero?

RFID Chip & the Mark of The Beast: What do you think of these RFID chips & the Mark of the Beast?

Nero: You being a preterist, who was the beast supposed to have been? What was the Mark of the Beast?

The Beast of Revelation 13 & the Mark of the Beast What do you think the Mark of the Beast is? the beasts of Revelation 13 are referring to Rome & the America & the Mark of the Beast, the caller thinks, is a national Sunday Law

Fig Tree & Olive Tree: Were those the 2 trees in the Garden of Eden?
The number 666: The number of each part of the unholy Trinity makes it becomes 666
1000 Years is as a Day: What does Peter mean when he says, "1000 years is as a day, a day is as a 1000 years"?

Mark of the Beast: [Very convoluted talk by the caller about the Mark the Beast. I've now listened to it twice, & STILL don't know what to write down except to say it's something about the Mark of the Beast.]

Catholic Church: You just got done talking about "sacerdotal". So are you saying the Catholic is sacerdotal?
America in the Bible: Is America in the Bible? Are we going to be the one remaining Sovereign Nation, won't have to worry about taking the Mark of the Beast?

Jews Wearing the Gospel on the forehead & Hands & Mark of the Beast: The Jews wearing the gospel on their forehead & hands, is that any relation to Revelation 13 & the Mark of the Beast? [Exodus 12, Exodus 13, Exodus 13:9-13 & Deuteronomy 6, Revelation 13]

No Repentance after taking the Mark of the Beast: If you receive the mark of the beast, that's it, right, lights out?

Battle of major Bloodshed prophecy: When did that bloodshed take place? [Revelation 9:16, Revelation 14:20]
Building a 3rd Temple: Could a 3rd temple be built & animal sacrificial system start again?
Microchip: And even if we have to end up getting a chip in our hand or forehead, that's not really the Mark of the Beast, is it?

Lucifer & Satan: Is lucifer Satan?
Number of the Beast: Where do we get the number of the beast, 666?

Revelation & Mark of the Beast: I think Revelation is referring to things about today, everything is falling into place right now. [Revelation 13] (Editor's Note: Sort've hard to hear.)

End Times: Caller wants to talk about all this weird stuff or signs that make it seem appear that the end is really upon us.

Taking the Mark of the Beast Literally: Caller takes Mark of the Beast literally & wants to know what Steve Thinks about that idea. [Revelation 13:16-17]

1st & 2nd Resurrection: What exactly is this verse about the 2nd resurrection? What was the FIRST resurrection? [Revelation 20:5]
"Souls under the Altar": Is it possible the "souls under the altar" is coming to fruition in Revelation 20:5 & the second resurrection?
Calculating the number of the Beast: So the number of the beast was to be calculated during the time the book of Revelation was written?

Buying & Selling: Not being able to buy or sell is proof that you haven't taken upon you the Mark of the Beast.
Eternal Security: Do you think someone can actually lose their salvation once they have genuinely saved?

Mark of the Beast: You'd have to be a willing participant to get the Mark of the Beast, you couldn't be deceived into it, isn't that right? [Revelation 13:11-18]
Span between Adam (Noah) & Abraham: Is there something missing there between the Fall of Adam & Eve until Abraham of how men lost sight of God?

John & the Island of Patmos: When was John on the island of Patmos?
Mark of the Beast: I don't think the Mark of the Beast has ever happened yet, & I was wondering how you accounted for that part?

Microchips: So what if you were required to get a microchip? Would you get one?
Holy Spirit: How do you know if you really have the Holy Spirit or not? [Romans 5:5, Galatians 5:22, John 13:34-35]

Mark of the Beast: What is the Mark of the Beast & 666, & so on?

Buying & Selling: I'd like to clarify the what you were saying on yesterday's show involving the Mark of the Beast & not being able to buy or sell.

Mark of the Beast: Caller thinks the end of the world is actually happening now because there's so much talk about the 3rd Temple, but also wants to know what Steve think the Mark of the Beast is going to be? A microchip?
Man of Sin Dwelling in the Temple: What about Man of Sin that is going to be dwelling in the Temple? [2 Thessalonians 2]

Mark of the Beast: What does Steve think the Mark of the Beast is?

Mark of the Beast & Sunday Keeping: I need some Scripture to refute that anyone who does not keep the Sabbath will be receiving the Mark of the Beast & won't go to Heaven. [Colossians 2:16-17, Romans 14:5-6]

Two Witnesses & 666: Has Steve ever heard of 666 being the WWW? (World Wide Web)

The Number of the Beast: 666, is the number of man or the number of "a" man?

Nero Caesar: You say the name, "Caesar Nero" adds up to 666, but was that in Greek or Hebrew that you said it did that?

666 & the Mark of the Beast: What does 666 mean? What is the Mark of the Beast?
Arnold Murray & Shepherd's Chapel: Caller thinks the previous caller needs to listen to Arnold Murray from a ministry called Shepherd's Chapel.

Beast in Revelation 13: Is it possible that the Beast in Revelation 13 is our own evil flesh? [Revelation 13]
Getting Married w/ out a Piece of Paper: It says in the Bible that "For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh", so does that mean they don't need a minister or marriage license? [Matthew 19:5]

Last Days: Aren't all the Christians killed & then the Mark of the Beast comes into play? [Revelation 13]

The 2 Beasts of Revelation 13: Are the 2 Beasts in Revelation 13 still for the future? [Revelation 13]
Babylon: Is Babylon Jerusalem.....or Rome? [Revelation 14:8]

Pray for our Leadership of our Country: How do we pray for the leadership of our country when they are passing laws of abominations, yet will single out the righteous people?
Mark of the Beast: Is it true that once we accept the Mark of the Beast, that we are lost forever?

RFID Chips & the Mark of the Beast: The government is trying to implement the Mark of the Beast by making us have RFID chips. What do you think about that?

Oral Roberts & Kicking Adam in the Chins: Caller heard a guy say on the radio that when he gets to heaven he's going to have a debate with Oral Roberts & the caller heard another televangelist say that he's going to kick Adam in the chins for listening to Eve.
Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation: Is Jesus coming before or after the Tribulation?
Anti Christ, Mark of the Beast & His Number: What about the anti-Christ, the mark of the beast & 666?
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