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Topic: Eternal Security

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Justification, Salvation & Sanctification: Do not justification, salvation and sanctification happen at different times, therefore disproving "eternal security"? [I Corinthians 6:11, Romans 4:19-22, Romans 5:5, Genesis 15:6, I John 3:27].

Eternal Security & Dispensationalism: Caller calls in support of more traditional views over Eternal Security and Dispensationalism. [Hebrews 4:2, Hebrews 4:6-11, Job 14:12, Hebrews 5:9, Proverbs 25:26, John 17:3].

"Once Saved, Always Saved" or "Eternal Security": If once saved, are we always saved, or can one fall into sin and eventually apostatize? [I Timothy 4:1, James 3:2].

Saved to the "Uttermost" & Eternal Security: Could you comment on this phrase; saving us "to the uttermost", and any relationship to "Once Saved, Always Saved"? [Hebrew 7:25, Matthew 1:21].
Evil Spirits or Demons: Could you expand on the concept of "demons"? [Matthew 9:33].

Abortion, Repentance & Eternal Security: If I had two abortions in my past, and even today, I think I would do the same thing, so does that indicate that I can lose my salvation? [Luke 8].

Abortion, Eternal Security & Repentance: Though I repented of my past, If I would have another abortion, under the same circumstances, I was in before, would lose my salvation?

Eternal Security: Once saved, am I eternally secure, or am always saved, if once saved? Caller compares through his analogy of following Christ to remaining tied to one's anchor in a storm when boating. [I John 5:11, I Timothy 4:1].

Once Saved, Always Saved: Is the doctrine, "Once Saved, Always Saved" a true doctrine? [2 Peter 2:20-22, Hebrews 2:1-4, Hebrews 3:7-4:10, Hebrew 6:4-6, Hebrew 10:26-31, I Corinthians 9:24-27, Colossians 1:23, John 15:1-6].

Sealing and Eternal Security: Could you talk about the "sealing" in regard to "eternal security" and how one could possibly leave Christ? [Ephesians 4:30, Ephesians 1:13, Revelation 7:3-4, Hebrews 3:12, Galatians 5:4-6, John 18:9].

Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?: Did you say that true Christians can lose their salvation?
Salvation & Sanctification: What role does God have in salvation and sanctification? If we have a part in it, doesn't it take away the glory that is His alone?
God's Sovereignty & Control Over One's Salvation: Could you help me understand God "works all things" relative to one's salvation? [Ephesians 4:1, Philippians 1:6, I John 2:19, John 17:12, I Timothy 4:1, Hebrews 3:1, Hebrews 3:12].

Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security): Is the phrase, "Once saved, always saved", actually in the Bible?

Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security): If someone was once a believer, but does gets caught up in sin and does terrible things, can he be regenerated again, or does he lose his salvation? [John 15, I John 5:11-12, Romans 11:22, I Corinthians 9:27].

Once Saved, Always Saved: Could you support with scripture that idea that one can lose their salvation? [Revelation 22:19, Revelation 3:5, John 15:6, Romans 11:22].

Taken Out of the "Book of Life": How can one be taken out of "The Book of Life"? [Revelation 22:19, I John 3:1-5].

Eternal Security or Once Saved, Always Saved: What is your take on Romans 8 in regard to our ability to walk away from our own salvation? [Romans 8:18-39, Jude 21, I Timothy 4:1-5, I John 2:19].
Carnality & Following Jesus: Do you think that there are more teachers promoting the idea that one can't be a carnal Christian, but must take up their cross and follow Him? [Luke 9:23, I Corinthians 3:1].

God's Sovereignty Defined: What does it mean to you to say that God is sovereign?
Fallen Away-Once Partaken of Heavenly Gift: Does God's sovereignty relate to the verse in Hebrews about one who has received the heavenly gift, but has fallen away not being able to return? [Hebrew 6:4].

From God's Child to Broken Branch: How does a person go from being a child of God to one that is a branch broken off? [Romans 11:17-24, John 15:1-6].
Led By the Spirit & Attached to the Olive Tree: Do we have to be led by the spirit in order to not be broken off from God?

Eternal Security or Lost Faith: How do you reconcile the promise of eternal life in scripture to your view that one can lose that faith? [John 5:24, Genesis 3:23, Revelation 22:3, John 3:36, John 6:38, Galatians 5:6].

Sinners Will or Will Not Inherit the Kingdom of God: Did you mean that no one can inherit the Kingdom of God if they fall into sin? [I Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21].

Eternal Security: Do you have lectures available on the topic of "Once Saved, Always Saved"?
Judgment Because of Abortion: Do you think that we are suffering judgment because of our sinfulness and supporting abortion? [2 Kings 21].

Evidence of God for the Unbeliever: How can we convince others of God's existence, if we can't do it intellectually, and if the Holy Spirit isn't in them? [I Corinthians 12:3, Romans 11:22, Hebrews 3:2-12, I Timothy 4:1, 2 Corinthians 13:5].

Hyper-Grace: Would you describe Hyper-Grace? [Romans 10:9, Titus 1:16, John 1:12].
Calminian: What is a Calminian?
Steve Gregg - an Arminian Are you, Steve Gregg, an Arminian? And would you define Arminianism:

Grace Alone (Eternal Security): A caller (Bullingerite), claims that almost everyone in ministry is teaching a perverted gospel and that we are saved by grace alone. [I Corinthians 15:3, Galatians 1:7-8].

Eternal Security: Regarding losing ones' salvation, I can't understand how one can lose their salvation (life) if they have experienced spiritual resurrection? [John 15, I John 5:11-12, Romans 11:22].

Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security): Would you talk about "once saved, always saved" (eternal security)? There are several arguments about being sealed, born and unborn, and bride of Christ or betrothed? [Ephesians 1:13, Revelation 7:3, Luke 15:11-32, 2 Corinthians 11:2, Romans 7, Revelation 19:6-9, John 15:6].

Eternal Security (Once Saved, Always Saved): How do you counter these common proof texts for eternal security: 1. It is a free gift, 2. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit, 3. You are adopted. [Romans 11:29, Romans 8:9, Ephesians 1:13, I John 4:13, I John 5:11, John 15:6, Luke 15:11-32].

Separated from the Love of Christ: Could it be that Paul is really referring to us being separated from the love of Christ in us, rather than for us from without (His love for us}? [Romans 8:35-39, 11:22].

Eternal Security: Do you believe in "eternal security" if someone was really saved at one time? [Matthew 7:23].

Coronavirus: What do you think about the Coronavirus and its ramifications?
Can One Lose Their Salvation: Do you think someone can lose their salvation? [2 Thessalonians 2, Hebrews 3:1, 12, I John 5:11, Luke 15].

Faith - a Gift of God: Is faith a gift of God? Can you clarify the concept "once saved, always saved"? [Ephesians 2:8, Matthew 13:3, Romans 5:2].

Kept in Christ (Eternal Security): When Peter denied Jesus, Jesus prayed that Peter's faith would not fail, so does that not mean that he would be kept in the faith? [Luke 22:32, I Corinthians 10:13, Isaiah 65, Matthew 23:37].
Health up to God: Doesn't God actually determine how healthy he wants us to be?

Eternal Security & False Teachers: If you take this verse to the logical conclusion, does this not substantiate "eternal security"? [I John 2:19, Matthew 7:21-23]

Eternal Security & Faith: Concerning "eternal security" - do these verses in I Peter 1:3-5 indicate that it is God who keeps us in Him, rather than us and our faith doing it? Is the inheritance now or in the future? [I Peter 1:3-5, 2 Peter 1:10, Romans 5:2, 11:16,22, Ephesians 2:8-9, I Timothy 4:1, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Matthew 25:31, Luke 8].

Conditional Eternal Security: Would you comment on "conditional eternal security"-particularly in light of John 10? [John 10:1-42, Romans 5:2, Hebrews 3:12, I Timothy 4:1].

Bob George & Eternal Security: What do you think about what Bob George teachings regarding eternal security and repentance? [I John 1:7,9, 2:12 John 3:19, Matthew 7:24-27, I Corinthians 6:20, 7:23, Luke 13:3,5, Romans 6:10].

Impossible to Renew to Repentance: Would you talk about Christians falling away and whether than can be restored to faith? [Hebrews 6:1-6, 3:12, Matthew 19:24, James 5:20].

Sins Forgiven-Past, Present & Future: Does the fact that Jesus died for all our sins past, present, and future, mean we are automatically eternally secure? [I John 1:7,9].

Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth: What is the meaning and application of "weeping and gnashing of teeth" in the story of the Centurian, and its relevance to one's eternal security in salvation? [Matthew 8:5-13, Exodus 19:5-6, Luke 17:20-21, Matthew 12:28].

Nothing Can Separate us From Christ: What does Romans 8:38 mean? Does it mean that you can sin, and still be in Christ? [Romans 8:38, 11:22].

Eternal Security: Why do you not bring up these verses when you are talking about "eternal security"? [John 10:27-30, John 15:6, I John 4:4, I John 5:12, John 17:12, Matthew 7:21-23, I John 2:19, I Timothy 4:1, Hebrews 3:12].

Eternal security: Do you believe in eternal security? [Luke 8, John 15:6, Romans 11:22, Colossians 1:22-23, Revelation 3:5, I Timothy 4].

Once Saved, Always Saved: Can you give me a little background to when the idea of "Once Saved, Always Saved" first came into mainstream Christianity?

Arminian View of Unrepentant Sin: Is it actually an Arminian view that if a person fails to repent for a sin before they die, they lose their salvation and are consigned to hell?

Sheep & Goats Parable: Regarding the parable of the sheep and the goats-were the goats Christians? [Matthew 25:44, Matthew 7].
Eternal Security: Can someone lose their salvation?

Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you mean when you say that one can lose their salvation? [I Timothy 4:1, John 15:6, 1 Corinthians 15-2, Hebrews 3:12].

Once Saved, Always Saved: How does one lose one's salvation? How are you able to leave Jesus Christ?

Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you think of someone who claims that they once went to hell in a near death experience, but had believed "once saved, always saved", so he thought he was safe. Should I get baptized in the Baptist church, even if they believe in "once saved, always saved"?

Once Saved, Always Saved: If you are once saved, can you fall away? If you fall away, can you come back? [Hebrews 3:12]

Once Saved, Always Saved: Is it dangerous to stay in a church that believes the extremes of either position; one cannot lose their salvation vs one can never lose their salvation?

Once Saved, Always Saved: Can we lose our Salvation? Is there not eternal security? [John 17:12, John 6].

Once Saved, Always Saved?: Are we born sinners? Once saved, always saved? What is the significance to remaining attached to the vine? [Hebrews 3:12, John 15:6, Romans 11:22, Luke 8:13].

Sealed by the Holy Spirit: So if we are sealed w/ the Holy Spirit, we shouldn't be able to lose our salvation, should we? {Ephesians 4:30]

Once Saved, Always Saved: How can we can lose our salvation if we are sealed with the Holy Spirit?

Once Saved, Always Saved: When we are born again we are a new creature, so can we lose our salvation? If we lose it, do we become an old creation again? [2 Corinthians 5:17].

Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you think of the possibility that we can lose our salvation, because scripture indicates that the Lord can dump us out of His hand? [John 17-18:9, Revelation 3:16, Isaiah 53, Matthew 24:10, I Peter 1:5].

Saved but through Fire: So people who endorse Eternal Security & Once Saved Always Saved, they use 1 Corinthians in support of it. What do you say about it? [1 Corinthians 3:11-15]

Eternal Security: Can you lose your salvation?
Giving to the Narrow Path Ministry: Can I give to your ministry instead of my church?

Eternal Security: Eternal Security, Once Saved Always Saved Discussion,

Can't Lose your Salvation: Eternal security, once saved always saved discussion, nothing can separate from the love of God (opposed to ALWAYS saved) [Romans 8:35-39, Proverbs 2:6]

Being Born Again: If someone who is born again they can not sin, is that right? God doesn't change, so once someone has accepted Jesus, it's unchangeable, so someone can't loses their salvation, right? [1 John 3:9]

Losing your Faith: Just repent, start obeying Jesus again, if you find yourself start falling away.
Acapella Music: Caller thinks it's Church History that the church didn't use musical instruments for the first few centuries, but it was just for singing & making melody in their hearts.

Born Again....& Again: You can't be born again & again & again & again, so you shouldn't really be able to lose your Salvation.

"I Never Knew You": Doesn't what Jesus tells the miracle workers at the Judgment that He NEVER knew them prove that you can't really lose your salvation since He didn't say I knew you at one time, but now I don't? He said He NEVER knew them! [Matthew 7:23]

Eternal Security: How come you didn't use a couple examples in the Bible in refuting the Once Saved, Always Saved Doctrine, especially the Prodigal son story? [Luke 15:11-32]
All Sins Covered by Atonement: Are all our sins, for all eternity, covered by the atonement? Charles Stanley holds the view that one cannot lose their salvation.

Eternal Security: Once saved, always saved, glorified & sanctified in God

Losing Faith: Even if you do walk away from God, you could still being pursued by God/

Losing One's Salvation: Can you lose your salvation in Christ?

Sealed with the Holy Spirit: It says in Ephesians 1:13 that once you have been sealed with the Holy Spirit, doesn't that make you permanently sealed? [Ephesians 1:13]

Losing our Salvation: So convoluted, Why did God give us a precarious paradigm to lose our salvation since we are so carnally imperfect?

Eternal Security: I heard you say yesterday that you don't believe once saved, always saved. I don't think that is accurate. Can you explain with Scripture why you don't think so?

Women in Church Leadership Can women be put in church leadership, pastors, elders, teachers?
Once Saved Always Saved: Can you lose your salvation?

0ne Sin Too Many: If it's possible to lose your salvation, just how many sins does it take to do so?

Once saved, Always Saved: Once Saved, always saved is not biblical, but you recommended Dave Ramsey once, & he's a firm believer in that.

Harmonize Not Snatching from Hand & Apostacy: How do you harmonize the passage that says, "no one can snatch you out of his hand" with that in Hebrews which warns against apostacy? [John 10:29, Hebrews 6:4-6]

Once Saved, Always Saved: What is Steve's position on once saved, always saved?

Losing Salvation: How does being born again correlate with losing our salvation?

Nothing Can Separate Us: You say, "once saved, always saved" is not biblical, but it says nothing can separate us from God, no one can snatch us out of His hand. [Romans 8:35-39, John 10:28-30]

Make your Election Sure: "Make your calling & election sure", can you lose your salvation? [2 Peter 1:10]

Once Saved, Always being Saved: Can a Christian lose their salvation once they are saved, & if they can, how can they?

Pivoting from Once Saved, Always Saved to not: I think I've changed my view about "once saved, always saved" as a result of your teaching.
Witnessing to JW's Jehovah's Witnesses occasionally use "theocratic tact" to witness & a whole bunch of other wrong tactics.

Can't Lose Your Salvation: I don't believe you can REALLY lose your salvation, it's eternal & everlasting. Judas, the caller thinks, is a good example of not being a true follower of Christ. [John 17:12]

Calvinism & Eternal Security: A calvinist caller calls to debate a little bit about eternal security, defining the sovereignty of God, defining free will, free choice.

God Not Losing Anything: I don't believe in once saved always saved, but there seems to be conflict when Jesus says He won't lose anything that are His.
John the Baptist & Rewards in Heaven: If there was none greater than John the Baptist, yet he was least in the kingdom of God, so how our are rewards going to work?

Calvinism, Arminianism & Eternal Security: I want to talk about Calvinism vs Arminianism & once saved, always saved, or not saved.

Denying Jesus Is God: Is denying that Jesus is God the spirit of anti-Christ?
Losing one's Salvation: Can one lost their salvation denying Jesus is God?

Blotted out of the Book of Life: Can someone really lose their salvation, be blotted out of the book of life?

Eternal Security: Once saved always saved pretty much diminishes the whole point of following Jesus, being a Christian. You can just say a Sinner's Prayer & remain in sin because of supposed grace.
Demons or Extra-Terrestrial: Caller thought he was a Christian, but wants to know if he's being afflicted from demons or aliens.

Context of Scripture & Cherry Picking: What can you say about people saying you are are just saying take the Bible in Context so they can skillfully cherry pick from the Bible, but not really taking it in context? Exegesis over proof-texting.
Once Saved, Always Saved: So you say people can lose their salvation? What about people who go through a rough period of time, & go out & perform willful sin? Are they lost during that period of time?

Eternal Security: Can you lose your salvation?

None of Them are Lost: I'm teaching on once saved always saved, so what do you say about this verse? [John 17:12]

Lectures about Calvinism about Once Saved Always Saved: You were talking about Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved, & you referred them to some lectures on your website. Can you tell me the name of that lecture again?

Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved: When did "once saved, always saved", eternal security, first arrive on the scene? Did you say recently?

Once Saved, Always Saved: I tend to believe that once you are saved, you're always saved, but how can you tell if someone was ever saved or not? [John 10:28] (followup)

Once a Christian, Always a Christian: I truly believe in "once saved, always saved", eternal security!

Once saved, Always Saved & Calvinism: What is Hebrews 10:26-27 talking about, how do Calvinists deal w/ this scripture & what is the proper way to interpret it? Basically how to Calvinists deal with the whole book of Hebrews?! [Hebrews 10:26-27]

Eternal Security: eternal security, once saved always saved,

Eternal Security: Why do you think people are so obsessed w/ eternal security, once saved always saved, & not feeling saved if going through trials

Eternal Security: Eternal security, once saved always saved, & so a person who commits suicide who was saved will be in heaven?

Eternal Security: Can you really lose your salvation? Isn't it once saved, always saved?

Verses Against Once Saved ALWAYS Saved (Eternal Security): What are your favorite verses to use that there is no "once saved, always saved"? [John 3:16, Matthew 13:1-9, Luke 8:6-8, john 15:1-6, Romans 11:22, James 5:19-20]

Once Saved, Always Saved: In the Parable about the tree & the branches & not bearing fruit, it says that someone can fall away & have to re-repent, but i'd like to think my mentally challenged son is saved. [Matthew 7:19]

Eternal Security: Can you or can you not lose your salvation?

Exegesis of Scripture & Proper Bible Study: Can you tell me about proper biblical exegesis of Scripture? How do you begin studying the Bible?
Eternal Security & the Prodigal Son: Do you believe in once saved, always saved? What about the Prodigal Son? [Luke 11:11-32]

Eternal Security: What must one believe to have certainty of eternal life that couldn't be lost for any reason?

Eternal Security & Habitual Sin: Am I still saved if I continual fall in the same habitual sin?

Buying & Selling: Not being able to buy or sell is proof that you haven't taken upon you the Mark of the Beast.
Eternal Security: Do you think someone can actually lose their salvation once they have genuinely saved?

Eternal Security: Some people believe in conditional security & some believe in once saved, always saved. What does Steve believe & what scripture evidence does he use?

Salvation Assurance: Extravagant (Hyper) Grace teaches that once we have Jesus we never have to repent again. What does Steve think about this?

Falling Away: Can you Fall Away? Are [Hebrews 10:25, 6:4-6] referring to the caller?

Joseph Prince - Grace Message: Caller wondering about the Radical Grace Message that Joseph Prince teaches, Grace, Faith & Works.
Losing One's Salvation: Caller would like Steve to talk about the possibility of losing one's salvation."

Eternal Security: Caller wants to point out that passages about Eternal Security stand out by themselves, "proving" it, that you don't need other scripture to prove it.

Eternal Security: People could become complacent w/ that doctrine, but caller has been studying the Bible in that prism, & don't you get credit by not believing it?

Eternal Security: What about verses [John 10:28, 6:37] that seem to endorse eternal security?

Turning away from Righteousness: Seems to be saying that those who were once righteous & turn away, their righteousness will no longer be remembered. [Ezekiel 3:20, 18:24]

Eternal Security: Once Saved, Always Saved, went to Calvinism for awhile, but have been learning in Revelation about overcoming, conquering, fighting the good fight.

Illumination of Light: Once you are illuminated by the Light, why would you want to go back to darkness, Michael the Buddhist says Rusty seems to be saying?

Loss of Salvation: Can a person come back to faith after they have apostatized? (Hebrews 6:4-6]

Once Saved Always Saved refuted: You can lose your salvation… contrast to the 2nd to last call before this one. [Proverbs 3:1-7]

Eternal Security: Jesus' sheep follow Him, He gives them eternal life, they shall never perish, is very clear to the caller [John 10:27-28].

Branches Bearing Fruit: Are there 3 different groups of Christians, Christians who bear fruit, Christians who don't, & Christians who break off, is that right? [john 15:1-5]
Falling Away (for Buddhism): If Steve were to fall for Buddhism, does that means that he fell from grace? 20 2, 2, 1025

Apostasy (vs Eternal Security): Caller has a friend who at one point really loved Jesus w/ her whole heart, mind & soul, but has completely turned against it.

Eternal Security: Caller has been listening to J. Vernon McGee about falling away, & wants Steve's thoughts. [Hebrews 6:4-6]

Eternal Security: Caller absolutely believes in Eternal Security. (Healthy Discussion)

Eternal Security: What is meant by Eternal Security? What about someone who appears saved but dies in grave sin? [John 10:28, 1 Corinthians 4:5]

Perseverance of the Saints: Caller disagrees w/ Steve's stance of not having Eternal Security, not being once saved always saved & they have a long discussion about it.

Once Saved Always Saved: Caller trying to figure out what is right, once saved always saved or not, especially in light of [Matthew 7:21-23].

Free Will/Eternal Security: Aren't we sealed by the Holy Spirit, so how can we lose our salvation?

Eternal Security: I don't believe you can really lose your salvation because once you start drinking from the living water, you will "never thirst" again. Doesn't that mean you'd never be leaving Christ, never thirst again? [John 4:14]

Salvation Transaction: To some people Salvation is like a Transaction, that once you cash in, you are set for life, for eternal life.
Salvation via other Religions: There's a lot of Religions that seem to have the same idea/experiences as what happens in Christianity, so is it possible that God just uses them to get people to come to Him?

Rewards - Prizes: Most people think that the rewards you receive is your faithfulness while we were down here on earth. Do you agree with that? [1 Corinthians 9:4, Philippians 3:7-11]
Eternal Security: God won't leave you once you belong to Him, isn't that right?

Once Saved, Always Saved: Once Saved, Always Saved just isn't right!
Faith & Works: We aren't saved by works, but it isn't all just faith either!
Judaism: Should I do any Jewish practices as a Christian since I was born/raised a Jew?

Kingdom of God: Can we get kicked out of it once we belong to it or not? If we don't forgive others, Jesus said He won't forgive us. What does that mean?

Eternal Security: Like Steve, caller doesn't believe in Once Saved, Always Saved, & wanted to comment about that.
Time & Annihilationism: Since there is no "time" in the spiritual world, doesn't it make sense that God is just going to poof the bad people out of existence?

Suicide: Is it possible for a person to be forgiven who commits suicide?

Perseverance of the Saints: Either you can lose you salvation, or their are people who seemed saved but never were, but it can't be both, the caller believes. He believes in eternal security, once saved, always saved.

Eternal Security & Dispensationalism: Where do you get the idea that all Dispensationalists believe in "once saved, always saved"?
License to Sin: No one in any denomination really says that you have a license to sin as much as you want even though they believe in once saved always saved.
Once Saved, Always Saved & Calvinism: Is once saved, always saved a Calvinist position or is it a doctrine unto itself? Is it an actual doctrinal position of church creeds?

Eternal Security - Once Saved, Always Saved: What is the position on Eternal Security? Can you lose you salvation or not?

Trinity & Sound Doctrine: Believing Sound Doctrine is important such as the Trinity, but it isn't dependent upon salvation. [2 Peter 3:15-16]
Perseverance of the saints: Caller believes once-saved-always-saved, eternal security, once we belong to Christ, otherwise he thinks it's a salvation by works.
Intercessory Prayer: Doesn't it say somewhere like in Romans that Jesus is always making intercessory prayer for us so we are always abiding in Him? [Romans 8:26-27]

Disowning Christ or Remaining Faithful: Christ might not deny us even though we deny Him, so we can't really lose our salvation, can we? [2 Timothy 2:11-13]

Lord's Supper - Communion - Breaking Bread: How often are we supposed to take the Lord's Supper? [1 Corinthians 11:26]
Election - Predestination: Can you explain your thoughts about Election &/or Predestination?
Eternal Security: So you think people can lose their salvation?

Calvinism & Arminianism: Even though a fellow Christian brother believes in one point of the Calvinism, but not the rest, that does not necessitate that he is a Calvinsit. Is that possible?
Assurance of Salvation: How do you KNOW that you are saved? [James 2:19]

Dispensationalism: In your lectures do you have a SPECIFIC place you learn about Dispensationalism? Do they teach more than just eschatology? Is once saved always saved pretty much Dispensational?

Falling Away: How many times can you Fall Away & still be able to come back? [Hebrews 6:4-6, Hebrews 10:26]

Book of Hebrews-Unbeliever or Believer: Is the Book of Hebrews for the Believer or for the Unbeliever? [Hebrews 8-10, Hebrews 3:1]
Things Can't Separate us from God: Caller thinks that NOTHING can separate us from God of outside of elements, nothing except ourselves. [Romans 8:38-39]

Once Saved, Always Saved: Why is the Bible so ambiguous about whether someone has eternal security once they become saved?

Simon the Sorcerer trying to Buy the Holy Spirit: What can we learn from Simon the Sorcerer's experience? He was apparently saved at one time, but then was not.

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