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Topic: Animals (Pets)

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Animals & Free Will: Why do you think that animals don't have free will and don't make choices?

Animals Killed for Adam & Eve: When God gave animal skins to Adam & Eve, does that actually mean, animals were killed, or could it just mean the clothes made from their hair without killing them? [Genesis 3:21]

Theme Song for The Narrow Path: Would you tell me about your theme song ("Like Arrows" Do by Jon Marr-available at the website)?
Animals in Heaven: Will there be animals in heaven? [Isaiah 11:6, Isaiah 65:25].

Animals in Heaven: What do you think about animals in heaven?

Animals Had to Die as Substitute: Do you think that the animals took a substitutionary role when Adam and Eve sinned? [Exodus 24:14].

Animals & Pets After the Rapture: What will happen to animals after the rapture? Do they have souls? [I Timothy 6:16].
Animal Souls: Do animals or pets have souls? [John 3:16].

Healthy Diet Spiritually Beneficial: Have you looked at the correlation between scripture and eating a good diet, specifically not eating meat? [Proverbs 12:10, Genesis 9:3, Matthew 15:11].

DNA Alteration Ramifications: If your DNA can be altered by vaccines, then at what point could we become irredeemable? Did not Jesus die for human, not animals?
Soul & Spirits of Humans & Animals: Isn't the spirit what separates us from the animals? [Ecclesiastes 3:21].

Pets with Everlasting Life: What happens to our pets when they die? [Eccesiastes 3:21, Genesis 1:30, I Timothy 6:16, Ephesians 1:10].

Giving to Animal Care Rather Than a Church: Am I wrong to give money to organizations that care for pets rather than to the church? [2 Peter 3:9].

Animals Created from Dust of the Earth: Is it possible that God created the animals in the same way that Adam was created - out of the dust of the earth? [Genesis 2:18, Genesis 3].

Animals in Heaven: If it is true that God found great pleasure in every living thing, do animals go to heaven?

Animals & Plants Eternal Lives: Would plants and animals have lived forever as Adam and Eve would have, if they had not sinned? [John 3:16].

Guilt and Past Sin: Caller comments for the sake of those struggling with guilt over past sin.
Animals Vegetarian Initially: Do you think that Genesis indicates that initially animals did not eat one another? [Genesis 1:30].

Animals & Pets in Heaven: Will our pets be in heaven be there with us?

Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves: Would you clarify the directive to be wise (or cunning) as a serpent, but gentle as doves? It seems that characteristic is bad in the serpent. [Genesis 3, Matthew 10:16].
When the Serpent was Created: Was the serpent created as the same time as the rest of the animals in Genesis?

Unicorns in the Bible: Could you tell me what the Hebrew word translated as unicorn for the animal is that is being referred to in the Bible as a unicorn?
King James Only Response: What would you suggest as being the best source for responding to the King James Only group?

Noah's Ark: Is it conceivable that the animals on Noah's ark were just babies, and not really full grown?
7th Day Adventists: Would you tell me about the 7th Day Adventists and if they are Christians? [Romans 14].

Animal Souls & Heaven: What does the Bible say about animal's souls, and is there a possibility they will be in heaven? [I Timothy 6:16].

Animals & Pets in Heaven: Caller shares her encouraging story of her pet.

Animal Spirits: Does scripture indicate that animals also have spirits? [I Corinthians 15].

Mosquitoes? Ticks? Why?: Why would God create things like mosquitoes and ticks ... and dinosaurs? Was it because of the fall?

Jacob, Laban & The Spotted Sheep: Would you talk about when Jacob (Israel) made a deal with Laban about the spotted sheep, particularly in regard to the brew he created to control the spots on sheep? [Genesis 30:25-43, 31:10].

Animal Rights & Environment: How does one resolve their disagreement with many mainstream Christian political issues like animal rights and the environment? [Psalm 115:16, Matthew 10:31, Proverbs 12:10].

Animals in Heaven: Doesn't the verse that "the lion will lie down with the lamb" prove that there will be animals in heaven? [Isaiah 11, 65].

Animals on the Ark: How could it be true that Noah got every single animal on to the ark? [

Evolution: Why are there still apes on the planet, if we evolved from apes?

Pets in Heaven: Will there be animals and pets in heaven?

Dogs in Church: What do you think about people bringing their dogs to church (not service dogs)?

Animal Sacrifices: Who was the first to practice sacrificing animals? [Genesis 3:21 & 4:4].

Birds in scripture: Birds in the Bible sometimes implies they are evil, but will they be in heaven? [Matthew 10:29, Matthew 13:31-32, Daniel 4:12, Ezekiel 31:6, 17:1, Mark 4:15, Luke 8:11-12].

Old Testament Sacrifices: Any particular symbolism relative to the sex and type of animals used for the sacrificial offerings? [2 Corinthians 6:14, Acts 10:28, Deuteronomy 22:10, I Peter 1:19, Romans 12:1].

Animal sacrifice: On the Day of Atonement, what kind of animal did the High Priest slaughter? [Leviticus 16]. How do we understand the symbolism of "Lamb of God"? Do all the animals have distinct meanings in the sacrificial rites?

Exodus: During the exodus, the people were limited to manna and quail, why didn’t they eat their livestock and not just sacrifice it?

Tithing & Animals during the Exodus: How were the Israelites able to tithe in the wilderness, & how were they able to keep their livestock healthy?

King Saul: Did Saul go to heaven?
Demons in the Pigs: What happened to the demons after they went into the pigs? Did they die? [Mark 5:10-20]

Animals in Heaven: Why would God make animals if He wouldn't have them got to heaven?

Where the Eagles are Gathered: Why are the parallels in Matthew 24, Luke 17 & 21. about "where the eagles gather" so different? [Matthew 24:28, Luke 17:37, Job 39:30].

Lion & the Lamb: Will "the lion will laying down with the lamb" apply to a future millennium or heaven? [Isaiah 11].

Old Earth Creationism: What would old earth creationists say about animals not dying before the Fall?

Benefits for caring for Animals: Is there any heavenly benefits to caring for animals & strays? [Proverbs 12:10]

Animals in Heaven: Do animal souls go to heaven?
Second Chance after Death: Is there another chance to be saved after physical death? [Hebrews 9:27] 1064
AA Celebrate Recovery: What about 12-step programs?

Unicorns in the Bible: What does the word "unicorn" mean in the Bible?

Dinosaurs: Were do the Dinosaurs fit into the Creation timeline?
Belief in Christ (John 3:16): Isn't it true that it doesn't really matter what religion/denomination we are, just as long as we start at John 3:16, we really that?

Cremation: Is it wrong to be cremated?
Heaven for Pets: Are pets going to be in heaven or is there a heaven for pets?

The Dog Whisperer/Dr. Dolittle: Do you think that people can really communicate w/ animals?

Pictures of Dragons: Is having a drawing of a dragon in your house bad since Satan is depicted as a dragon?

Pets in Heaven: Is there any evidence in the bible that animals, our pets, are going to be in heaven?

Pets Going to Heaven: Do pets going to heaven? Is there any evidence in the Bible that they do?

Eating Meat, Killing Animals: Aren't you killing animals when you eat meat so shouldn't we all become vegetarians?

Euthanasia of Pets: How do you feel about the euthanasia of animals & pets?

Animals Vegetarian before the Fall: If animals before the Fall were vegetarians, why the claws & teeth of the lions, for example?

Unicorns in the Bible: Where it says in Numbers about the trength of the unicorns, it seems like they've actually discovered unicorns, validating the Bible even more. [Numbers 23:22, Numbers 24:8]
Christograms such as Fish: Is there any type of taboo of making our own Christogram, like the fish?

Sea Cow (Manity): what is a sea cow? (A Manity) [Exodus 35:21-23]

Animals sinning: Animals don't sin, do they?

Calculation problems w/ Noah's Ark: It just seems like an impossibility all the logistics involving all the animals in Noah's ark. How would it be possible? All the food, all the clean up. [Genesis 6]

Chronicles of Narnia: What do you think of the C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, fantasy & fiction, verses reality, especially since they have witches in them & such?
Leviathan: How literal should we take Leviathan?

Animal Immortality before the Fall: Did animal & plants die before the Fall? [Genesis 1:30]

Balaam's Donkey: Does Steve think God just opened the mouth of the donkey & his OWN thoughts came out, or was it God speaking, sort've using the donkey as a ventriloquist? [Numbers 22:28]
Witch of Endor & Samuel speaking to Saul: Could that be the exact same situation, not really Samuel speaking? [1 Samuel 1:15-28]

The Millennial Reign: Will it be governed by the Mosaic Law or by the Law of non-aggression? How would Jesus reign on David's Throne? what about wild animals eating straw, mingling w/ the Lamb & the children? Where can I learn more about this?

Mythical Unicorn: Were there really Unicorns? Or, does the bible passage mean something different?

Animals in Heaven: Animals in Heaven.
Steve is very dedicated: Steve being dedicated to his Ministry.
Red letter Edition - Don C. Harris: Is Steve familiar w/ Don Harris or the ministry of Red Letter Edition?

Cock shall not crow before: Jesus told Peter the cock would not crow before Peter denied Him 3 times, so was that a man or a rooster crowing? [luke 22:34]

Pets in Heaven: Dogs incessantly barking in heaven, so it wouldn't be heaven, having to hear them!

Pets going Heaven: Do pets go to heaven? But what about Ecclesiastes 3:21? If they do go to heaven, what do they do to do there, get there? [Ecclesiastes 3:21]

Races: How is possible for all these races to come from a single family of the same race? Caller thinks it's possible God created people of different races after the Flood, or during the Tower of Babel.
Kangaroos & Dingos: How did the Kangaroos & Dingos get separated from all the other animals?
Ron Wyatt: Caller feels Ron Wyatt discovered from pretty important, amazing, discoveries, such as Noah's Ark, Moses' Mountain.

Being saved before the Cross: How were people saved before Jesus died? [Hebrews 11, Romans 4]
Diet in Heaven (New Earth): What kind of food are we going to eat on the other side of the glory?
Bugs in Heaven: Are there going to be bugs in Heaven?

Carcasses & Eagles Gathering: What did Jesus mean by, "Where the carcasses are the Eagles will gather"? [Matthew 24:28]

Disagreement: Caller disagrees that Steve only has a radio face!
Animals/Pets: Do animals/pets go to heaven? Will there be animals there?

Cock Crowing: Caller calls regarding a previous call about Roosters crowing to remind Steve that there was chickens even in Jesus' day because He mentions about hens protecting her young. [Matthew 23:37]

Roosters Crowing during Jesus' times: Were there really Roosters crowing during the time of Peter's betrayal of Jesus?

Giants & Grasshoppers: People do use those type of expressions, hyperbole, of Grasshoppers, even if someone is only a foot shorter, so you were right in what you told a recent caller about giants.

Computer literacy Programs: Libraries give lessons on how to use a computer.
Skin of the animal required blood of animal: Even the animal skins that Adam & Eve got from God, that required blood from the animal.

Pets in the Bible: What does the Bible say about pets being in heaven?

Jacob & the Spotted Animals: What was the story about Jacob & the spotted animals about? [Genesis 30:25 - 31:16]

A Serpent Speaking: How come Eve wasn't shocked that a Serpent was talking to her?

Pre-historic Animals: In what part of the timeline would you place the prehistoric animals? Prior to man? During Adam's creation?
Drawings of Animals & People in Caves: What about all the drawing of animals & people in caves?

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