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Topic: Creation (Creationism)

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"Seeing the Light": What does it mean when someone says, "I have seen the light"?
Let "Us" Create Man in "Our" image: What does the word "us" mean in the statement; "Let us create man in our image"? [Genesis 1:26].

Humans Created to be Unable to Sin Could God have created us unable to sin, and yet still given free-will?

Evolution: Since one can't live without any one of their organs, how to evolutionists explain the sudden development of them all at once?

Comment on Atheist Views: Caller comments on previous atheist caller and positions on evolution and abortion.

God's Foreknowledge: Shouldn't have God known in advance that Adam would need a helpmate, and that mankind would fail and He would need to send the flood?
Chuck Girard & Alisa Childers: Are you familiar with Alisa Childers, Chuck Girard's (Love Song) daughter?

Atheist's Position on Morals & Ethics: Atheist calls back about defending his position about how ethics and morality can exist and work without God?

Unusual View of Genesis 1 Account: What do you think of this view of Genesis that suggests that there are two separate Adams being created? [Genesis 1-2, Colossians 3:9, I John 3:2, I Corinthians 15].

Why Didn't God Create us Better?: Why didn't God create us with stronger desires to do good and more self-control?

New or Old Earth and the Age of Stars: Could you talk about the discrepancy between the estimated age of creation, earth and stars in the literal view of Genesis, vs a more symbolic view, and in contrast to those in science? [Genesis 1-11].

Michael Heizer & the Divine Council: Do you think that Michael Heizer may be leading folks to polytheism with his understanding of the verse in Genesis about the word "us" in the creation story referring to the "Divine Council"? [Genesis 1:26, Daniel 10:13-20].

God Created a Flawed World: If God is all powerful and wise, why did He create such a flawed creation, and create beings that did not have the self-control to do the right thing? [Deuteronomy 30:11].
God's Foreknowledge: If God has foreknowledge, why would He bother testing us, if He already knows the outcome?

Disagree that God has the Right to Our Lives: I disagree with your position that because God created us, He can do whatever He wants with us?
God Torturing Us: If God can't go against His character, than can He torture us?
God's Right to Tell Us What to Do, or Suffer Consequences: Does God have the right to make people do whatever He wants them to do, or make them suffer consequences?

The Gap Theory: Is there any evidence of a "gap theory" in scripture? [Genesis 1:1-2, Exodus 20].
Sanctification: Could you clarify if sanctification is progressive, or if it is imputed to you upon salvation? [I Peter1:15-16, I Thessalonians 5:23, Romans 8:1, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Romans 6:6].

A Buddhist Explains His Rejection of the Christian God: A Buddhist called explains why he can't accept the Christian God.
Why Would God Create the World with Such Suffering: Why did God just leave well enough alone instead of creating a world with terrible suffering?

Only Four People on Earth: If there were only four people on earth then who was Cain afraid of (and who did he marry)? [Genesis 5:3-4, Genesis 4:13-14].

God Created Bad Kids: How can God create people who will go bad and ultimately be doomed?

God's Activity before Creation: What was God up to before He created this universe?

Jesus the Beginning of Creation: Could you help me understand the meaning of the Greek word for "beginning" in this verse about Jesus being the "beginning of creation" in Revelation? [Revelation 3:14, John 1:1-3, Colossians 1:15-16].
Biblical Writers Use of Words & Language: Do you look at the way the Biblical authors use certain words in your study?

Regional Flood in Genesis: Does this verse indicate a regional flood, rather than a world-wide flood? [2 Peters 3:6].
How Much Did Jesus Know About God, the Father?: How much did Jesus know about God, the Father? If He did not know every thing, then how could He know about creation [Genesis, Matthew 19, Matthew 24, Luke 11].

Creation of Eve Contradiction: Could you help me sort what seems like a contradiction in the creation of Eve in Genesis? [ Genesis 1:7, Genesis 2].

Caller compliments Steve: Caller compliments Steve on his stellar ministry noting him as the best contextual teacher.
Pro-Choice: What do you think of the slogan, "Pro-Choice is Pro-Death".
Age of the Earth & Evolution: Could you talk about your views of the age of the earth and evolution, etc.?

William Lane Craig's View of Genesis as Allegory: Is William Lane Craig's view that Genesis is allegory, suggesting that Jesus got it wrong, acceptable? [Genesis 1-11, John 14:6].

Gap Theory and the Creation: Could you talk about the idea that the earth "became" void and its ramifications? [Genesis 1:1-2].

The Creation & Earth's Age in Genesis & the Disciples: Could you help me sort the age of the earth, creation, and the knowledge and task of the disciples? [Genesis 1:1-2, John 21:25].

God Created All, though He Knew it Would be Bad: Why would God make everything if He knew it was going to turn out so badly?

Animals Created from Dust of the Earth: Is it possible that God created the animals in the same way that Adam was created - out of the dust of the earth? [Genesis 2:18, Genesis 3].

Science Seen as Sorcery to Ancient Pagans: Do you think that scientific information introduced to ancient pagan societies would've been seen as sorcery, so that is why Genesis is told as it is? [Genesis 1, Genesis 5, Matthew 19:4].

God Singular to Multiple: If God was singular initially, why did He then create the multiplicity (as in, trinity) in the universe? [Genesis].

Animals & Plants Eternal Lives: Would plants and animals have lived forever as Adam and Eve would have, if they had not sinned? [John 3:16].

Why Did God Create the Evil Realm: If God is so good and all-powerful, why would He create a evil realm, its consequences, and competition for righteousness?

Creation of Adam & Eve: Could you clarify when Genesis talks about the creation of male & female, and later it again describes the creation of Eve? [Genesis 1-2]

Guilt and Past Sin: Caller comments for the sake of those struggling with guilt over past sin.
Animals Vegetarian Initially: Do you think that Genesis indicates that initially animals did not eat one another? [Genesis 1:30].

Ezekiel's Parable of the Women: Caller comments on Ezekiel 16 about the parable of Israel an unfaithful women. [Ezekiel 16].
Creation: Do you think that plants were reproducing before the sun and the moon were created?

Spitting Reptiles: Caller comments on spitting reptiles of some sort relative to the Bible and the previous caller.
Tree of Knowledge & Modern Gender Roles: Is there a parallel between the directives regarding the roles of men and women and Adam informing Eve to not eat of the tree? [I Timothy 2].

Humans Have Immortal Souls: I am doing a Bible Study by Max Anders, and he makes a statement that we have an immortal soul. Should I bring that into the study?. [I Timothy 6:16].
Fall of Man or Adam: When it is often referred to as the "Fall of Man", isn't it actually "The Fall of Adam"?

Word, the Logos-the Full Meaning: Would you talk about the use of "word", how it is used, and what it means in John 1? [John 1:1, Genesis 1:1, Psalm 33:6].

Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves: Would you clarify the directive to be wise (or cunning) as a serpent, but gentle as doves? It seems that characteristic is bad in the serpent. [Genesis 3, Matthew 10:16].
When the Serpent was Created: Was the serpent created as the same time as the rest of the animals in Genesis?

God Authored Evil: I understood that John MacArthur said that God is the author of evil, can you comment?

God's Intention in Creation: Can you clarify your position that God did not intend for this creation to be corrupted and people to fall? [Genesis].
God Omniscience Questioned in the Creation: If God is omniscient, why then would He go forward with the creation, knowing that it would be corrupted and He would have to wipe everyone out?
Sin in Heaven & No Free Will: Would it not follow that the only way there will be no sin is in heaven, is if our free will is taken from us?

Earth's Age: How old is the earth according to the Bible? [Genesis 1].

Adam, Cro-Magnon & Neanderthal Man: What about Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man and those that preceded Adam?
Doug Wilson-Calvinism Debate: What did you debate Doug Wilson about?

Garden of Eden: Do you think that scripture indicates that the Garden of Eden was a separate place, like in a bubble? [Genesis 3:1].

Races: Do you think there is more than one race?
Genesis Limited to Only This Galaxy: Do you think that the Genesis account refers to only our own galaxy? [Genesis 1].
Benny Hinn & Other Christian Figures: What do you think of Ernest Angley, Benny Hinn, and Jonathan Hansen?

Adam, Eve & Evolution: Where do I stand before God, if I don't think that Adam & Eve were the first two people, and I believe in evolution?

Creation Story About Only our Planet Earth: Do you think that Genesis is not really about the beginning of all things, but really about just our planet? [Genesis 1:1, 16].

Creation: Has water always existed, since the Bible doesn't say that God created it? [Genesis 1].
Married in Heaven: Do you think that it is possible that married couples will be one person in heaven? [Matthew 22:30].

Creation of Male & Female: In Genesis 1, did God create just the animals as male & female, but did not make people male & female until Genesis 2? [Genesis 1:26-27, I Timothy 2].

God Created All Good: When the Bible says that all created was good, how can that be, if Satan was there? [Genesis 1:12].

Creation Story in Genesis: May I get your feedback on my pastor not taking the story of creation literally? [Judges 9, Genesis 1].

Creation-Various Views: What are your thoughts on the different views of creation, including, progressive creationism, and theistic evolution? [Genesis 1-2].

Creation-Gap Theory Would you share your thoughts on the "Gap Theory?" [Genesis 1:1-2, Jeremiah 4:23, Exodus 20:11].

Mosquitoes? Ticks? Why?: Why would God create things like mosquitoes and ticks ... and dinosaurs? Was it because of the fall?

God Creator of Sin, Evil & Temptation: If God created everything, then did he also create evil, sin and temptation? [James 1, Deuteronomy 13:1-3].

Calvary Chapel Pastors: Were you at Calvary Chapel when Chuck Smith was there and did you know Skip Heitzig?
Void & Formless: Do you believe that the world was void and formless initially, or did it become void and formless before it was to be inhabited?

Adam, Eve & Lillith: Was there another woman in the beginning with Adam & Eve, named Lillith?

Evolution: Why are there still apes on the planet, if we evolved from apes?

Universe & Life on Other Planets: Why did God make the universe so big? Do you think there is life on other planets?

Dinosaurs: What about dinosaurs, Leviathan, and Behemoth? [Job 40:15-24, 41:1-34].

The Curse: Was the whole creation, or just the creatures, cursed? [Romans 8: 19-22, 2 Corinthians 5:17].

People Created Before Adam & Eve: Is it possible that there are unfallen men and women that were created before Adam and Eve? [Genesis 1, 2:5-7, 3:20].

The Firmament: The earth doesn't have a firmament, right?

Savior: Is God the Father my savior, or is He my Creator, & Jesus my Savior?

Origin of God: How did God come into existence? When did He begin? Who created God? How is God outside of time? The creation relative to the Law of Thermodynamics.
Earth's age: How old is the planet earth?

Global Flood & Fossil Records: Was there a global flood in Noah's day? Why do we not see fossil records from the animals that came off the Ark and migrated to various area? What do you say to someone having trouble believing in the Bible because of doubting the flood story?

Authorship of Genesis: Do you think that Adam could have possibly written Genesis or part of it?
Young Earth: Do you believe in a young earth, that it is only about 5-6,000 yrs. old?

Rapture of the Wicked: What about The Rapture and the possibility of the wicked going away first, rather than the righteous [I Timothy 5:6, Mathew 13:24f]? Raising of the dead will first be whom? [1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, 2 Thessalonians 1:8].
Day (literal or symbolic): Is the word for "day", literal or symbolic?

Adam & Eve: Were Adam & Eve the only people on the planet when they were created? Where did the children get their spouses? [Genesis 5:4]

Neanderthals: If Adam was the first human, who were the Neanderthals?

Spiritual World: Is the spiritual world just as real as the physical world?
The Firmament: What is the firmament in Genesis? [Genesis 1]

Choosing Good over Evil: God made everything good, so why didn't Adam (or Lucifer) choose good?

Satan raising people from the dead: Is there somewhere in the Bible that says Satan can raise the dead?
Creation Literal: A day in the account of Creation does not mean that it has to be a literal 24 period of time, does it?

Gap Theory: Are you familiar w/ the gap theory between Genesis 1:1 & 1:2, & what are your thoughts about it?

Gap Theory The caller discusses 3 heavens & the 3 earth age, called the Gap Theory, discussing the phrase, "was void" & "became void".

When God Created Light: Did God create light so that His other created beings could see all His handiwork?

Genesis & Dinosaurs: What do you say to somebody who asks about dinosaurs? [Genesis 1:20-24, Job 40:15-24, Job 41:1-34].

Repenting God Made Man: Someone was asking me about God grieving (repenting) for making man & trying to figure out what to say to him. [Genesis 6:6]

Human Bones in Africa: A friend of the caller visited the cradle of human kind, evolution, & so on, & wants to know Steve's thoughts.

Apologetics: What does apologetics mean?
Dispensationalism: What does Dispensationalism mean?
Second Earth Age: What does Arnold Murray mean by the second earth age?

Satan's Beginnings: Where did satan come from? What does the Scripture say about who or what he is? [Isiah 14, Ezekiel 28]

Creation of the Earth: Could not God have created an earth that was already aged (being in full maturity already)? Weren't Adam & Eve created as adults?

Young or Old Earth: I took an IQ test, & it had a question about the age of the earth & it gave me the choices of 6,000 years or 4.5 Billion years, & I picked the young age answer, & they said it was wrong, & as a result it gave me a lower IQ score for believing the Bible. So is it possible that it could be older than 6,000 years, since a form of the earth might've been here for a very long time before God actually started creating? [Genesis 1 & 2, Exodus 20:11]

God before Creation: What was God doing before creation? What's it going to be like in heaven? Resurrection in a different mode?

Destroying Satan: Why did God not just destroy Satan from the earliest stages? Why does He allow suffering, temptation, child abuse?

6 Literal Days: Are the 6 days of creation literal? Christians not able to challenge the scientific community by believing this

Old Earth Creationism: What would old earth creationists say about animals not dying before the Fall?

God before Creation: What was God doing before creation existed?

Sent a Book: I sent you a book about numerology, did you receive it?
Concept of Fairness: There's no real Fairness in Christianity, is it? It's either grace or condemnation, but there seems to be nothing in between.

Creation or New Covenant & Kingdom of God: Is this proof of Jesus as God or is it regarding the creation of the new covenant or new creation instead of the typical understanding the original creation of the world? [Colossians 1:16]
Literary Devices: Struggling with biblical proof of the deity of Christ, & have heard of literary devices found in the Bible.

No Longer on KKMC: I just heard that you're going off KKMC, the longest running show The Narrow Path has been on.
Male & Female: Why does it say that God created He Male & Female, before Eve was even made. What does that mean? [Genesis 1:27, Genesis 1, Genesis 2]

Technology: Is technology part of God's intended creation?

Origins of Satan: Why would God create Satan if He knew what chaos he would do on earth?

Firmament in the sky: Was there a canopy of water above the earth also? [Genesis 1:7]

Age of the Earth: What is the age of the earth, young or old? How does science determine the date of things & interpret the data?

Angels: Do angels have free will? How many angels did God create? If satan wasn't an angel, what was he?

Existing in the First Place: If God knows we won't live for Him or if He knows everything we are going to do, then why would we exist at all?

Created to go to Hell: "Why would God create a population that would go to hell?", how do you answer this question to a person who is becoming an unbeliever?

Evolution: What can you say about Evolution & Science relative to Christian traditions and beliefs? Did God use Evolution for creation?

Atheism: Is there any good scripture that refutes atheism? [Romans 1]

Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil: Why not know the knowledge of good and evil in the first place so God could've prevented all of this?
Fall & the rest of Creation: Why did all the rest of creation have to fall & be corrupted as a result as Adam & Eve's sin? [Gen 3:17, Romans 6:23]

Curse as a result of Adam & Eve's sin: Is there a curse as a result of adam's sin? [Genesis 3:17]
Learning about God: Is the best way to learn about God & become spiritual is to read about Him in the Bible? Read & read & read? [Romans 1, 2 Timothy 3:16]

Adam & Eve: Was there another set of humans besides Adam & Eve?

Literal Creation Week: I believe in the perfect, literal 6 day creation week.
NIV Corrupted: It says it way different in the KJV compared to the NIV about the Rider of the White Horse. [Revelation 6:2]

7 Literal Days: Does Genesis leave room for old earth, more than 24 hrs in a days, or is it 24 literal days?

Gap Theory: What do you think about the "Gap Theory"? A 2nd Earth Theory? [Genesis 1:1-2]

Suicide & Euthanasia: Would you consider pulling the plug from life-support as suicide?
Water during Creation: Was the earth covered w/ water from the beginning? 08 04 01 869

Dinosaurs: Were do the Dinosaurs fit into the Creation timeline?
Belief in Christ (John 3:16): Isn't it true that it doesn't really matter what religion/denomination we are, just as long as we start at John 3:16, we really that?

The Whole World Saved: God chose from the beginning those that were to be saved in Christ? Why couldn't God just save ALL of the world? [Ephesians 1:4-5]

Creation Science: Do you have any good resources as an alternative of Creation Science to what kids are taught in public school about Dinosaurs?

Woman before Eve: Was there a woman before Eve?

Sabbath: God blessed the Sabbath in the beginning of creation or in the garden of Eden, didn't He?

Light before Sun: where was the light coming from before the sun? [Genesis 1:3-5, Genesis 1:14-19]
God's Omnipresence: Is God everywhere?
Nephilim, Giants, Angels having sex w/ Women: Is that what Genesis 6 is saying, Angels having sex with women?

Divide the Water from the Water: Why does the Bible say that waters were separated from waters? [Genesis 1:6-7]
Destruction of the Flesh: Putting one out of the church & giving them over to satan, that his spirit might be saved, doesn't this sort've defend once saved, always saved? [1 Corinthians 5]

Destroying the Earth with Fire: God will destroy the earth w/ fire at Jesus' Second Coming, is that literal or symbolic?
Adam's Rib: Did God actually take Adam's rib to create Eve, or did He just use the DNA?

Human existence 6,000 years: How do we determine that from Adam & Eve that it's only been 6000 years?

Age of the Earth: Do you lean towards old earth or new earth theories? Do you think their are any gaps in the geneologies?

Dinosaurs: How do Dinosaurs fit in to everything?

Flat Earth: What does the bible say about the shape of the earth?

Job: Where in the timeline does Job fit in?
The Gap Theory: What can you tell me about the Gap Theory, & is it legitimate? [Genesis 1:1-2]

The Firmament: Is there any chance that the firmament was the earth itself? [Genesis 1:6]
Fountains of the Deep: Wasn't the Earth a lot different than before the Flood than after, wasn't it?

Made of the Seed of David: It says in Romans that Jesus was "made of the seed of David", but He wasn't created, was He?

Adam & Eve the Parents of the Human Race: Were Adam & Eve really the first humans according to Genesis?

God Creating Us: Why did God create us? why are we here?
Lucifer Becoming Satan: Jesus said He saw Satan fall down from heaven like lightening. [Luke 10:18]

God Creating the Devil: Why would God create a devil to tempt us, torment us, create havoc, when he's going to be held accountable in the end?

Disagreement or Unity Among Brethren: Can there be disagreement among believers & still be saved? What is the purpose of life, is it just to escape hell?
Purpose of Life: What is the purpose of life? Is it just to escape hell?

The Light Before the Sun: What is the light in the 3rd verse of Genesis since the sun wasn't made until the 4th day? [Genesis 1:3 & 16]

Meaning of Life: What is the meaning of life?

God Bringing Good & Bad: Does God create good & bad, create terrible things & cause them to happen? [Jeremiah 29:11-12]
Knowing God's Ways: We can't know God ways, is that true?

Creation Week: Was the Creation done in 6 literal days or was it just symbolic & can be much longer than that? Should we worry or can we know before the end of time if it is?

Adam with Eve during Fall: Were Adam & Eve together when Eve was deceived by the serpent?

Book on Evolution: Douglas Acts' book, "Undeniable", "", I highly recommend.

God Creating Evil: Why did God create evil? It seems to say that in Isaiah. [Isaiah 45:7]

More Suggestions of Good Evolution Books for Young Children: The grandfather asking for good books for his grandson, i have a godo one, a book by a dr walter brown, "In the Beginning - Compelling Evidence for Creation".

Good book to Rebut Evolution for a 12 year old: This caller also is recommending a book that a caller requested for his 12 yr old grandson about science (followup)

More Suggestions to Combat Evolution for a 12 year old: Also for the guy who wanted good books on science, but being in harmony w/ the Bible: Website,

Good Books on Evolution for a 12 year Old: (followup) Caller is responding to caller who wanted good on Evolution for a child: 1) The Bible & Science Made Easy by Mark Water 2) The Right Questions, Truth, Meaning & Public Debate by Phillip Johnson 3) Deliver Us From Evil: Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture by Ravi Zacharias 4) Evidence for Creation,Intelligent Answer for Open Minds by Tom DeRosa

Creation Week Literal Days: Were the actual creation days literal 24 hr days because what does it mean 1000 yrs is as a day, a day as a 1000 yrs? [Genesis 1, Genesis 2, 2 Peter 3:8, Psalm 90:4]

Evidential & Presuppositional Apologetics: What is the difference between evidential or presuppositional apologetics, especially regarding creationism.
Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31: Should the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31 actually be being taught to a young girl?

Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham: Have you ever heard of the ministry, "Answers in Genesis" & who Ken Ham & if you have, what do you think of them?

Cleaving to His Wife: Why is this verse placed where it is because Adam & Eve haven't even had children yet? [Genesis 2:24]

Adam & Eve Cursed: Were Adam & Eve cursed, or just the ground & the serpent? It was certainly more difficult for them, toiling the land & giving birth. [Genesis 3]

Update on the Surgery Caller just had: Caller gives an update to the surgery he just had.
Humans Only ones to Fall: Was mankind the only creature that fell under the curse?

Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs that are millions of years old?

Praying to Jesus verses the Father: Praying to Jesus - perhaps Jesus IS the Father? (followup)

Adam & Eve Sinning: Did God know that Adam or Eve were going to sin?

Age of the Earth: What is the age of the earth, a young earth or an old earth?

Anti-Christ Darwin: Could Darwin be considered an anti-Christ?
Mary Apparitions: Is it possible these Marian Apparitions are true? [1 John 4:1]

Man before Adam & Eve: Jimmy Swaggert suggested that man was made before Adam & Eve, what do you think?
Hacksaw Ridge Movie: Wondering if you saw the movie, "Hacksaw Ridge" & what you thought of it?

Light before the Sun in Creation: What was the light during creation if the sun was created until the 4th day? Should we take creation literally or non-literally?

Literal Creation Week: If the creation "week" was done in 6 literal days, why the sun & moon & the stars not until the 4th day? What was the "Light" before that? [Genesis 1-2]

Cain's Relationship with God: "I will be hidden from your presence", Cain said. So did Cain & God have a regular conversation with each other like God did with Adam & Eve? [Genesis 4:13-15]
Cain's Age when He slew Abel: So Cain & Abel were in their 100's when he killed Abel?
Seth: And how many children between Cain, Abel & Seth?

Animals Vegetarian before the Fall: If animals before the Fall were vegetarians, why the claws & teeth of the lions, for example?

"Let US Make Man": Why does God use plural in Genesis when He was about to create man? Was He talking to the angels? To the animals? [Genesis 1:26]

Creation & Dinosaurs: How does the timing of the Bible Creation & dinosaurs come in line with each other?

Origins of Satan: Where did Satan officially come from? He was up in Heaven during the book of Job. [John 12:31, Revelation 12:9-10]
Spiritual Wickedness in High Places: What is Ephesians talking about spiritual warfare & spiritual wickedness being up in heaven in the spiritual realm? [Ephesians 6:12]
Timing of Satan's Creation: Was the Serpent Satan? Was he created after Adam & Eve were created? When were the angels created?

Rap Music: Not all Rap Music is bad, according to the caller.
"...Make Man in OUR Image": Who is the "our" when God said, "Let us make man in our image"? [Genesis 1:26-27]

Age of the Earth & Dinosaurs: How can we harmonize the view of the young earth position & the fact that dinosaurs lived?

Age of the Earth: What is the Age of the Earth? Is it young Earth (6,000 yrs old) or an old earth (millions years old)?

Creationism & the Eye's complexity: Caller wanted to comment about the complications of the eye.
"The power of sin is the law": What does the phrase, "the power of sin is the law" mean? [1 Corinthians 15:56]

Creation & Free Will: Isn't it just a natural cause & effect that if God created creatures that had Free Will, that they'd go in the wrong direction?

Manifestation of the Sons of God: What does it mean, "the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God" in {Romans 8:19]? So does "manifestation of the sons of God" means He'll reveal Jesus to us?
The Woman of Revelation 12: They have a discussion about the woman of Revelation 12 that fled into the wilderness? [Revelation 12:6]

Evil: Does God actually create evil? I thought God was a God of love & good? [Isaiah 45:7]

God Manifesting Himself: Why does God hide Himself & make it hard to know who He is? [Romans 1:19-20, 16:25-26]

The Existence of the Devil & Evil: If Christ is all knowing, why did He create the Devil & evil?

Animal Immortality before the Fall: Did animal & plants die before the Fall? [Genesis 1:30]

Map to Heaven: The Bible is the only way to Heaven. cute comments by a 9 yr old who had called 2 days prior about God creating us.

God Creating Us: How long was God waiting in Heaven before He created us?

Satan a Fallen Angel or the Tempter: If Satan was created at the Tempter, we'd have to attribute evil to God because Satan would have no culpability? Why would God judge Satan? You couldn't really say Satan was evil then.

Light before Sun & Moon: There was light for the earth for 3 days before God made the Sun, so if He would've taken the sun away again after the 3rd day, would there still be light, what there was before God made the sun? [Genesis 1:3-5, 14-18]

W/ out Form & Void: What about the time that was w/ out form & void BEFORE He started creating? Could that have been billions of years? Between [Genesis] 1 & [Genesis 2]

Evolution: Can you be a true Christian & still be a true Evolutionist?

"Us" in Gensis (Trinity): Is the "Us" when God talk in possessive plura;, is it referring to the Trinity? [Genesis 1:26, 3:22]
Gays & Sex: Paul spoke on the subject of Homosexual sex, but the words he used in greek were ambiguous, so some gay sex was okay, homosexuals rationalize.
Creation Story in all Religions: The Creation story is in all the religions, so Genesis is not the first or original creation account (implying, so is it genuine?)

Fossil Record: There's Fossil Record that animals ate each other & had deformities before the Fall, so how can there Death & Disease before the Fall?

God Made the Heaven & the Earth: Call not a very good call. Maybe somebody else can make heads or tails out of it!

Creating a New Earth & Corrupted after the Tribulation: If Christ comes back, & it's all messed up, what's the point in coming here? & if He revises it, why a New Earth? (questions are a little convoluted)

Good & Evil People: Does God make some people Evil? [Romans 9:21-23]

Evolution: IF the government has no bone to pick in the issue, why is Evolution crammed down students throat every single semester from grade school through college? One semester should be enough!

Populate the Earth w/ People: Caller is concerned that is saying that Adam & Eve were not the first people on the earth because He created more people than just Adam & Eve. [Genesis 1:27]

A Day Representing 1,000 Years - Jeffery Bartell: 6 Days represent 6,000 years, & then Jesus comes at the beginning of the Millennium so we could "rest". What does Steve think of this idea?
KJV-Only Advocate: The caller is a KJV-Only Advocate but thinks you also have to pick the right year. Most say the 1611 is, but he contends the 1769 is the BEST year & translation.

Alcohol & Drugs: Can a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohols, & even do petty theft to support their habit, can they still be considered Christians?
Richard Dawkins: Can Steve explain some of what is wrong w/ Richard Dawkins reasoning?

Age of the Universe in Relation to Light: Did God create the Universe & the Earth in its full maturity?

Creation of God: Who created God?
Cessationists: Who are Cessationists?

Adam & Eve Eating Forbidden Fruit: How did Adam & Eve know it was a sin to eat the tree of knowledge of good & evil if they didn't have knowledge to know what was right or wrong? [gen 2:9]
Light before Sun & Moon: What was the Light for the 3 days before Sun & Moon were created? [Genesis 1:3]

Lifespan of Humans Before Flood: What is the most satisfactory explanation Steve knows of for people living so long before the Flood but suddenly shorter lives a while after the Flood?

Age of the Earth, Prehistoric Age: The Age of the Stars & other things don't seem to match up w/ the Creation Account, so how do we deal w/ that? [Genesis 1 & 2, Romans 1:19-20]

Different Races Created: Caller thinks the caller about Adam & different created beings is on to something, she agreeing w/ him & not Steve.
Creation being Millions of Years: She thinks there was a destruction of the "earth" before God created it again during the creation. She gives a litany of Bible references but they turn out to not be the ones she intended.
Disembodied Souls Before Creation: Caller also thinks there were disembodied souls before Creation.

Archeologist find - Book of Barnabas: Has Steve ever heard of them finding the book Barnabas?
Adam - Father of all Mankind: Are Adam & Eve really the first parents of the human race, or did God create humans before them, & THEN Adam? [Romans 5:12-21, Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2]

The Spiritual vs the Physical: What is the difference between the Spirit & the Physical? (A very convoluted question)

God a Creature: Caller is having confusion w/ it says God is a creature, & He's not a creature! [Colossians 1:15, Colossians 2:15]

"Groaneth & Travaileth in Pain": What does Paul mean by "...the whole creation groaneth & travaileth in pain…"? [Romans 8:22]

Muslim not believing Jesus is God: Caller has a friend who is a Muslim. They don't believe Jesus is God, but believe that he is the Son of God, & don't believe in the Holy Spirit. He also doesn't believe in 6 literal days because no light for 3 days before the Sun.

Creationism & Scientific Textbooks: Caller wants to discuss the call he heard about being able to take Genesis literally.

Genesis Being Taken Literally: What do we make of all naturalistic, scientific opinion, the radio metric, isotopes of long range dating if Genesis is to be taken literally?

Made in His image & became like us: It seems to say 2 different things about God creating us, that we were made in His image, but then that we became like Him. [Genesis 2 & 3]

Young Earth Creationism: They have a new teacher in a Christian school is a Theistic Evolutionist, & caller has been leering about old earth & just wondering why Steve doesn't believe it. "Days" has meaning different meanings, he's learned.

Calvinism: Would it be unjust for God to make a group of people who had no possibility of salvation, & throw them in hell? Isn't that the same think as you saying that God just created the devil to be a tempter & then God punish him for it? Isn't that the exact same thing?

Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist is a popular fellow of late, people wondering about him (a call was about him last month also).
Size of the Universe: Why did God make the universe so big? Are there possibly other planets like ours, other "experiments" God has out there?

God's Foreknowledge: No matter if God was able to control it or not, but it would seem cruel that God made us if He knew we were going to fail (Michael the Buddhist)

Alcohol & Drugs: Caller comments on previous call about drugs & alcohol.
Annihilationism: Comments about the first call regarding hell, but not universalism, but annihilationism.
Evolution for Creation: Can you combine both Creation & Evolution, God using Evolution for Creation?

Let There Be Light & the Sun: What was the Light for 3 days before the Sun was created? [Genesis 1:3-5, 14-19]
Christmas Trees: Is Jeremiah 10 talking about not having a Christmas Tree? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]

Replenishing the Earth: Why does it say "replenish" the earth? That implies that something was there before. That's true about Noah, but what about Adam? {Genesis 1:28, 9:1]

God Creating Humans: So God took a gamble by creating us, not knowing if we were going to not pass the test of not eating the forbidden fruit?

Grace over the Law: Are we still supposed to be absolutely obedient to Christ even though we are under grace, which Martin Luther believed we were under.
God being Unisex: So He made Adam unisex until God separated Eve out of him, & both were equal, until the curse, then man took headship, until the resurrection of Jesus.

The word, "Forever": Caller has a comment about the word, "forever".
2 Different Creations: Are there 2 different accounts since it seems to be saying different things about the creation story in {Genesis 1] & [Genesis 2]

God being Cryptic: Why was God so cryptic in the Bible instead of just spelling it out?

A couple of jokes are exchanged: Michael the Buddhist shares a joke & Steve shares one.
Karma: What does Steve think of Karma just being the hand of God?

Without excuse: The Bible says people are w/ out excuse because of nature itself, so what about people before Jesus?

Jesus dying for the Angels: Jesus died for us humans beings, of course, but what about the angels? Could they repent as a result of Him dying on the cross?

God Pleased & then Displeased: Why did God go from being so please of Creation to being grieved that He made creation, made man? [Genesis 1-2, 6]

Other Fallen Worlds: There's mention of worlds in the Bible, so are there other worlds, & are we the only Fallen world?

Creation or Evolution: Can you be a Christian & be an Evolutionist at the same time?

Not Peace but a sword: Doesn't it say that Jesus came to bring a sword & not peace? [Matthew 10:34]
Importance of Man: Just how important is man?

Male & Female God: We had some visitors the other day that claimed to be born-again Christians that said God was 2, male & female. [Isaiah 45:5, Genesis 1:26-27]
Chronological Order of Creation: Is my chronological order askew of creation? [Genesis 1-4]

Creation: What is Steve's view of creation, the young earth & old earth? They've found dinosaurs bones.

Adam & Eve First Humans: Were Adam & Eve were really the first 2 humans since you can't get all these races from 2 people of the same race?

People after the Flood: Was Noah & his family the only people that made it after the Flood? If it IS the case, why so many primitive people?
Mosquitos & Plagues: Did God create things like Mosquitos, Flies & plagues/diseases?
6,000 years being enough time: It just doesn't seem like 6,000 years is enough time for everything to have happened that happened, millions & millions of people being killed & so on?

Light before the Sun: How could there be light before Sun? [Genesis 1:3-5, 1:14-19]

Age of the Earth starting at the Flood: Perhaps the Jewish reckoning from the 2nd to last call started during the Flood?

Jewish & Gentile Reckoning of the Age of the Earth: Why the gap or difference of 200 years of the age of the earth between what the Jews think the age is & what most other people think?

Knowing Good & Evil: How can humans know good & God did? So there was evil before Adam & Eve sinned? [Genesis 3]
Sons of God, Nephilim: Who were the Sons of God who went to the daughters of the land? [Genesis 6:1-4]

God Creating Humans: Why did God make the human race? What is the point of making us?
God & Man: Why did God create us on a less level than Him, a lesser tier?
Flawed Humans: Why did God make us flawed? [Psalms 139:14]

Six literal Days: Isn't time Relative? So the 6 days of Creation doesn't have to be 24 literal days, does it? [Genesis 1-2]

Let Us make man in Our image: What is the "us" when God said, "Let us make man in our image"? [Genesis 1:26]

Gap Theory: Could what already existed in Genesis 1:1 have been a starting point from where God started, & so that's what it makes it's seem old? [Genesis 1:1-2, Exodus 20:11]

Old Earth New Earth: Do you think it's possible that Moses just wrote Genesis 1 as a teaching device or that it's poetry, that it's not really to be taken literal, such as literal days:

Age of the Earth: What do you think the Age of the Earth is?

Age of the Earth by the Speed of Light: Determining the Age of the Earth by the Speed of Light thoughts.
Romans: Dealing in Romans 11:25-26, would you deal w/ the meaning of these verses as different since the gospel hadn't been preached yet in all Israel, even though it had after we have read it?
Israel being saved: Why hasn't Israel been saved, according to Dispensationalists?

Wider Hope Theory: I was reading in your book on 3 views of hell, & you were talking about the Wide Hope Theory. Can you expound on it?
Evolution: Adam & Eve were fully grown mature adults when they created.

Evolution: Caller believes the evolution debate is really not that big of a deal, & does Steve think God used evolution as a means of creation? [Genesis 1]
Using Correct Terminology: The Bible needs to be a little more precise in the words it uses to indicate if God literally created in 7 days or it was a long process.
God Creating man from Dust: Man might've existed in a physical form but not a spiritual form.

Age of the Earth & Human existence: If the earth as old as a lot of people think it is, how come there's not more of a record of people being here beyond 10,000 years ago?

Bible throwing curve balls: I really believe in the fundamental essentials of Christianity, such as Jesus Christ &, the main & plain things, but then the Bible just throws weird things out there that we have to believe like literal creation, people burning in hell, & God creating Satan. Can you help me with the weird things that it seems to teach?

Age of the Earth, Dinosaurs & Man: If the earth is only 6,000 years old, & we supposedly lived alongside the Dinosaurs, how come they didn't devour us? When were they killed off, during the Flood?

2 Global Floods: There of course was Noah's Flood, but I heard from 2 preachers recently that there was a global flood before Noah's, somewhere at the very beginning of Genesis, but I can't find it. Can you tell me where it is? [Genesis 1:1-2, 6:1-9]

Evolutionists: How do go about giving a strong witness to, or get a conversation going w/, Evolutionists?

Heaven & Earth & Angels shouting for Joy: What does it mean that when God finished created the Heaven & the Earth, the Angels shouted for joy? [Genesis 1-2, Job 38:7]

Light before Sun: Followup to the question about Light before Sun, & caller wants Steve's take on it again, & then wants to give his own opinion.

Light before Sun: How could there be Light before the Sun was made? [Genesis 1:3-5, 1:15-18]
Old Testament closely resembling Hammurabi: Why is the OT so similar to Hammurabi?

Atheism: I'm trying to figure out how to deal w/ an enormous amount of Atheists or Agnostics.
Ken Ham - Bill Nye Debate: What were thoughts on the Ken Ham - Bill Nye debate?

Creation Week & the Angels: Were the Angels created at the same time the universe was created or were they created before God the Heavens & the Earth? Were the angels bored? was Satan & the demons originally angels?

Admiring God's Creation, but not Creator: Buddhist caller says that everything exists, no matter paradigm you live in, has merit of by its creation in itself. [Romans 1] (A lot of snap, crackling, pop going on here!)

A New perspective of Genesis 1: Caller was listening to a program that says the reason Genesis 1 is there is not to give a literal interpretation of Creation, but that there's only one God, & He is it. [Genesis 1]

Pre-historic Animals: In what part of the timeline would you place the prehistoric animals? Prior to man? During Adam's creation?
Drawings of Animals & People in Caves: What about all the drawing of animals & people in caves?

Be fruitful & Multiply: How can "be fruitful & multiply" apply to Adam & Eve? [Genesis 1:28]

Creation verses Evolution: One reason the Bible might not teach that creation was done by evolution is teach there were no such words as "millions" & "billions".
Seventh Day Adventism: What can you tell me about the Seventh Day Adventists? Are they mainstream theology or what? Are they a cult?

Facing the Judgment: Why a Judgment for Christians?
Creationism, Literal days or Billions of Years: How do we reconcile what the Bible seems to say about the Creation of the earth, 6 literal days & what science says, millions & millions of years?

Tattoos - Cuttings in your flesh: I understand about the no tattoos in this verse, but what about the cuttings of the skin? [Leviticus 19:28] (Static on call.)
Gap Theory: Have you ever heard of "Lucifer's Flood"? (It's regarding the "gap theory".) [Genesis 1:1-2]

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